“Skill saw” and “circular saw” are the same handheld power tool used to cut wood. This electric-powered saw’s small size and light weight make it a versatile and portable tool that every handyman and handywoman needs in their toolbox.

Learn how to use a skill saw / circular saw and what you can do with it in the video below:

Handheld Circular Saws

Shopping for your first skill / circular saw can be overwhelming. For most DIY projects around the house, a battery-operated saw with a 7 ¼-inch blade is perfect.

Use these tips before you make a purchase:


Skill saws come with different blade diameters. Saws with large blade diameters (more than 10 inches) are best for cutting large pieces of wood such as in timber frame construction. When replacing blades, always make sure the blade is the correct diameter for the saw and the arbor hole (hole in the middle of the blade) will match up on your saw.


You can purchase different types of blades to cut different materials such as wood, metal or even stone. Within these categories, there are different blade types. For general purpose kiln-dried wood cutting and carpentry, a wood-cutting blade with 24 teeth is perfect.


Battery operated saws are portable, while corded versions provide consistent on-demand power. For the average homeowner, a battery-operated version is best.


Are you hesitant about purchasing a skill saw, or worried about operating it safely? Allow our experts to help. No matter what stage of the project you’re in, we’ll make sure it’s finished on time and on budget. Give Mr. Handyman a call or request service online.