A jigsaw is a handy tool to have around the house when you need to make twisting, curving or intricate cuts in wood and even metal. Learn how to safely use a jigsaw in this video from the experts at Mr. Handyman:

What Is a Jigsaw Used For?

A jigsaw isn’t a commonly used tool, but when you need one, they’re invaluable. For flooring projects, they help you cut curved flooring planks around vent registers, round cuts around pipes and more. Need to cut a piece of wood in a circle or an intricate pattern? There are few power tools besides the jigsaw better suited for this task.

Even though jigsaws are great at making curved cuts, they can also be used to make straight cuts, miter cuts and bevel cuts.

Your Local Handyman Experts

Jigsaws are not the type of tool you use all the time. If you’re balking at buying a jigsaw to complete your project, we can help. Mr. Handyman has years of experience and all the necessary tools to complete all kinds of home installation, maintenance and repair projects. Give us a call today or request service online.