Imagine a picture frame; each corner has an angled 45-degree cut where the other piece of wood is joined. This is a simple miter joint – and a miter saw is the perfect tool to make this type of cut.

Whether you’re cross cutting rough-sawn pine or making the perfect miter joint on the bedroom door trim, a miter saw is a necessary tool for clean and accurate angled cuts.

Learn more about miter saws and how to use this handy tool in this video from Mr. Handyman:

What's a Compound Miter Saw?

There are two types of miter saws: sliding and compound.

Sliding miter saws have the blade on a set of rails that allows it to slide forward to cut wide material.

Compound miter saws are better for cutting thicker materials. Beyond miter cuts, both types of saws can also make bevel cuts. Compound saws are less expensive and are practical for most DIY projects.

Your Local Handyman Experts

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