In this video from Mr. Handyman, we show you how to measure voltage from a 120-volt outlet in your house to see if it has power. Multimeters help you avoid electrical shock, troubleshoot electrical problems and more!

What Is a Multimeter

A multimeter is a handheld battery-powered tool used to troubleshoot electrical issues. The name says it all: a multimeter can measure voltage, resistance, continuity, amperage, ohms and more! The hardest part is knowing how to set up the tool for what you want to measure.

Your Local Handyman Experts

Troubleshooting electrical problems in your house can be dangerous. Mr. Handyman can take care of basic electrical tasks in your house such as replacing bad outlets, installing ceiling fans and more. Avoid electric shock or a fire hazard and give Mr. Handyman a call or request service online.

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