Hanging pictures, removing paint, installing shelves – a power drill is a necessary tool everyone needs in their toolbox. Whether you want to drive screws, drill holes or remove paint, learn what a power drill is and how to use one in this video from Mr. Handyman:

What Is a Power Drill Used For?

You’re probably familiar with the common uses of a power drill, such as driving screws or drilling holes into different materials. But there are also many other great uses for power drills, such as:

  • Using a cup brush with wire bristles to remove loose paint
  • Using a scrubber attachment to clean grout
  • Using a foam head attachment and special abrasives to polish foggy headlights
  • Using a drywall bit to countersink drywall screws to the perfect depth
  • And more!

Your Local Handyman Experts

A power drill is an inexpensive and valuable tool to have around the household. But when it comes time to use a power drill to build a deck or an entertainment center, maybe you should consult the experts. For home repair, installation or maintenance projects give Mr. Handyman a call or request service online.