A table saw is a stable, flat platform from which a spinning saw blade on a vertical axis protrudes to cut wood. The user carefully moves wood over the table and into the saw blade to make long, straight and accurate cuts. Table saws can cut wood with the grain (ripping) and against the grain (cross cutting). This makes table saws a perfect tool for just about every wood carpentry project around the house.

In this video from Mr. Handyman, we show you how to use a table saw:

What Is Table Saw Miter Sled?

A miter sled holds wood at certain angles on a table saw. Since the fence on a table saw sits parallel to the blade, without a miter sled it’s impossible to make clean and accurate angled cuts or cross cuts. If you don’t have a miter saw, purchase a table saw with this feature to make your table saw even more versatile.

Table Saw Tips

With years of experience behind our saws, we’ve developed a few helpful tips to make sure you get clean, safe and accurate cuts.

  • A feather board acts as a third hand and helps you make accurate cuts more quickly by gently guiding boards into the blade.
  • Buff an old or well-worn metal table saw top with wood paste wax to help boards glide across the surface.
  • You can’t always have a helping hand when you need it. Table saw rollers help capture long boards when they leave the table, which allows you to keep cutting.
  • Always use a push stick when your hands are anywhere near the spinning blade!
  • Don’t trust a new table saw’s fence ruler. Always double-check your measurements with a tape measure before cutting until you’re certain it’s accurate.

Your Local Handyman Experts

Table saws aren’t just expensive; they take up a lot of space when they’re not in use. If you’d rather have someone else bring the tools and expertise, call your local Mr. Handyman. Whatever the project is, we’ll keep it on time and on budget and deliver a professional result. Give us a call or request service online.