Screen Door Repair: What Fairfield County Homeowners Want to Know

Handyman performing screen door repairs.
When warm weather hits and it gets uncomfortably hot and stuffy in Fairfield County, there's nothing quite like the relief of throwing the door open to let a cool breeze rush through the house. If you have a screened entryway in good condition, you don't have to worry about uninvited guests such as flies, wasps, and of course mosquitoes, nature's most obnoxious insect.

But when you're in need of screen door repair because you've got a big rip in the mesh or it doesn't close properly, there's no protection against bugs — and nothing to stop your dog, cat, or even toddler from slipping outside and going for a jaunt around your neighborhood.

Professional screen repairs or replacement service from the pros at Mr. Handyman of Upper Fairfield County will get your entryway back in perfect shape, so you can sit back and enjoy fresh breezes without mosquitoes whining in your ear.

What's the Difference Between a Screen Door and a Storm Door?

These terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but they do differ. A screen door is exactly what you'd expect: a door with a screen in it. A storm door, on the other hand, contains a glass panel that can slide open and may or may not include a screen. Storm entries offer greater protection from the elements with an option to let in fresh air, and can help to keep your home energy efficient by adding a layer over top of your actual exterior entry. Storm doors also sometimes feature a locking handle for added security.

What are the Signs I Need Screen Door Repair?

Entries with mesh panels are made sturdy because they need to withstand a constant, year-round battering from the elements, but of course, they aren't invincible — over time they will suffer normal wear and tear and need screen door repair or replacement. Here are some signs to be aware of:

Holes or Rips in Mesh

Damaged screen meshes, such as rips and holes, are obviously a bad thing because the whole point of that mesh is to keep insects out and a hole is like a big flashing sign welcoming them into your house. The good news is that you likely don't need to replace your entire door if only the mesh is damaged. Your handyman can take out the old mesh and insert a new panel into the frame, then tighten it and rehang the unit. Those same solutions are also available for screen porch repairs.

Difficulty Opening and Closing

Do you have to shove and pull to get your entryway open and shut? That can happen for a number of reasons: your house may have settled over time and warped the jamb, or the door itself could be bent out of shape. It could also be that the door wasn't installed correctly in the first place. This problem will usually require your handyman to replace the unit entirely, and they may need to repair the jamb as well.

Loose or Squeaky Hinges

Screeeeeeeech... this is an annoying problem, but it's usually a pretty simple fix. It may just be a matter of tightening up the screws that are holding the hinges onto the jamb, or lubricating them to get rid of squeaking. If the hinges are corroded with rust or broken, your handyman may be able to replace just the hinges and keep the rest of the unit.

Doesn't Latch Properly

If your screen door doesn't latch properly and even a gust of wind can blow it open, it could be a broken latch or a misaligned jamb. While repair may be possible, replacement is probably the more cost-effective option for this problem.

Do I Need Screen Door Repair or Replacement?

That really depends on the extent of the damage. If you only need a minor repair, it makes sense to just get it fixed up and move on, but if you need major repair work or multiple different repairs, replacement will likely be less expensive and you'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you've got a new, secure storm door in place.

Does Screen Repair Tape Work?

Breathable screen repair tape is a bit like duct tape, but the tape itself is mesh so you can apply it to a hole or rip in your door's mesh and patch it up without compromising airflow. Whether a screen repair tape fix will be successful depends partially on the brand and how strong the adhesive is, but ultimately it's a temporary solution that will likely need to be reapplied again and again until you finally just get the mesh replaced altogether.

What Size Mesh Keeps Out Mosquitoes?

Since protection from bugs is why the mesh is there, it makes perfect sense that you want to make sure you've got an anti-mosquito insect screen that will keep the little bloodsuckers at bay. Adult mosquitoes range in size from about a tenth of an inch to a quarter of an inch, and the standard mesh is 18×16. That means there are 18 strands per inch in one direction and 16 strands per inch in the other direction, so the gaps are far too small for mosquitoes to squeeze through. If you're concerned about their tiny cousins, no-see-ums (also called biting gnats or midges), 20×20 mesh is a better choice. If you notice a lot of insects are getting in and you're not sure how you may need window repair or replacement.

Pro Tip: Pet Owners Should Consider Heavy-Duty Mesh

If you have a dainty little cat or dog who wouldn't dream of trying to escape, a standard mesh is all you need. But if you have a more determined pet who is likely to go crashing through a screen like the Kool-Aid man when they see a squirrel, it pays to invest in a heavier-duty fiberglass “pet” option that will keep them safely contained no matter what tasty treats they spot outside.

How Long Does it Take to Install a Screen Door?

It's difficult to say exactly because there are a lot of factors at play that can influence the length of time it takes. If we're talking about a straight-forward installation of a pre-hung storm or screen door by an experienced handyman professional, it'll likely take a few hours from start to finish. However, it is possible that it could take longer than that if the jamb needs to be repaired or there are other issues that need to be addressed. Replacing just the mesh will likely take a bit longer, because the door needs to be removed and the mesh replaced, and then the door needs to be rehung.

How Much Does Screen Door Repair Cost?

It's understandable that you want to know right now how much you'll need to budget for, but like the time estimate, it's difficult to offer an accurate cost estimate without knowing more about what your particular project requires. If you give us a call and explain the problem, we may be able to give you a rough estimate of what you can expect cost-wise, but we'll likely need our handyman to see it in person for a firm quote.

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