10 Signs Your Home Needs Fairfield Room Painting Services

When you walk into a home or commercial building in Fairfield, CT, the paint on the walls is probably not the first thing you notice—unless it's in bad shape. If it's peeling off walls, covered in cracks and chips, stained, faded or suffering from other problems, it's not just noticeable. It lowers the tone of the entire building and can make everything else seem old and run-down as well. Fairfield room painting services can restore your home or businesses to beautiful condition and help you avoid bigger problems like spreading damage.

Or, maybe your paint is in perfect condition—but you still can't stand the sight of it. You may have loved that color five or ten years ago, but now it's just not “you,” and you really want it gone. That's totally fair! Trends and tastes come and go in Fairfield County, and your wall color can do the same. A fresh coat of paint can really change the way you feel about a room and make it a lot more enjoyable for your whole household.

But how do you know when it's time for Fairfield room painting? This guide covers ten signs that indicate your room is ready for a professional paint project. If you've made the call and are ready for fresh walls in one of your rooms, or your interior trim needs new paint, call the team of Fairfield handyman service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Upper Fairfield County. We're certain you'll be pleased with our results!

1. Peeling and Flaking

This is one of the most noticeable issues that is a definite indication you need professional Fairfield room painting. There's a lot of reasons why your finish might be peeling or flaking off your wall or trim. It could be that your surface is old, or that it has been damaged by extreme temperatures. It may be the result of coating being improperly applied in the first place, or applied to a grimy surface. It's also a possible sign of moisture incursion, because excessive moisture can cause your drywall to swell and put pressure on the paint from behind until it starts to come loose.

2. Cracking or Crazing

When a surface is covered in a web of fine cracks, it's called “crazing.” This can happen with very old paint or glaze, but more often than not, it is related to a faulty application where the liquid was too thin or was applied in very thin layers. If the cracks are larger and set in a lumpy, uneven texture, the surface color was applied too thickly or not given adequate time to dry between coats. Room painting might sound simple, but it does require a practiced hand and the proper equipment to do it correctly, which is why it's a job best left to your local Fairfield handyman.

3. Water Damage

Issues such as brown water stains, softened drywall, gummy surfaces and mold or mildew growth are all related to excess moisture on or behind walls. Sometimes it's caused by a lack of ventilation—in a poorly ventilated bathroom, for example, steam from the shower condenses on all surfaces, including the walls, and can cause some big problems. That's why satin or semi-gloss finishes are best in a bathroom or any other room that is prone to moisture exposure. But water damage can also be caused by more notorious issues such as a leaking roof or hidden plumbing leak. If you suspect that could be the case, it needs to be checked out and corrected right away—before even more damage occurs.

4. Faded Colors

Nothing in Fairfield lasts forever, and your wall colors are no exception. Older paint that was manufactured a long time ago is more prone to fading than modern versions with fade-resistant additives, but even newer versions will eventually start to lose color. Fading is more likely to develop on patches that are frequently exposed to the sun in Fairfield, but it also happens because of poor quality paint or chemical reactions with environmental factors like smoke. You spent all that time picking out the perfect color, so it's a shame to have it looking less than ideal, especially since fading is almost always patchy and uneven.

5. Scuffs, Chips or Marks

Scuffs and chips are unsightly cosmetic problems typically resulting from impact damage. Marks can be made by accidental contact between furniture and your wall, or might be the intentional work of children who are attracted to a giant, blank “canvas” formed by your drywall. If you can't remove them easily with a damp cloth, they should be covered over. If the surface is faded or discolored at all, it makes sense to have your handyman do your whole room. Otherwise, the covered patch won't be the exact same color as the rest of your wall that has suffered wear and tear over time, even if your finish came from the same can.

6. Interior Trim is Damaged

When interior trim elements such as crown molding, baseboards, wainscoting, wall paneling, door jambs and window frames have taken damage, the finish is usually the first sign of trouble. Whether it's caused by excess moisture, your building settling over time or other factors, it needs to be repaired or replaced—and painted—to keep your property looking and functioning at its best. Want more information? Check out our guide to trim repair and installation in Fairfield County, CT. Our multi-skilled handyman team will take care of trim repair and painting at the same time as your other projects.

7. Color is Outdated or Unattractive

Styles and personal tastes tend to change over the years for all Fairfield property owners, so a paint color that you absolutely adored a few years ago might not be what would work best for you or your family members now. Or, maybe you never really had the opportunity to choose the color before and the walls are exactly the same as when you moved in. Refinishing a key space like a bedroom or living room can have a huge positive impact on your overall design aesthetic and make your home feel a lot more “now” as opposed to “then.” Don't want to undergo a huge project right now? Consider having your handyman add an accent wall for a pop of color that can brighten up the whole room.

8. DIY Job Needs Fixing

If you (or someone else in your household) took a crack at changing the wall color and it didn't pan out quite how you planned, that's understandable. It looks easy—just put the paint on the wall—but there is skill and technique involved that can make it difficult for beginners to get it just right. Whatever went wrong with your initial attempt at Fairfield room painting, our skilled handyman team will fix it up and get your room looking perfect, just as you envisioned it before you picked up the brush or roller.

9. Want to Increase Property Value in Fairfield County

If you are thinking of selling your Fairfield property in the near future and you want to find ways to increase the property value prior to sale, take a look at the walls in some of your most prominent rooms. If you have one that's looking a little worse for wear, Fairfield room painting service is a quick and cost-effective way to brighten up the room and give it a more appealing look for potential home buyers. It can be even more critically important if you have a room that is a particularly dark, bright or unusual color. By changing it to a more neutral shade such as white, beige or gray, you can help prospective buyers in Fairfield imagine themselves living there and start to picture their own belongings in the house.

10. It's Been Too Long

If it's been quite a while since you last hired a professional for Fairfield room painting, it's probably time. Sometimes you don't even realize how badly a room needs a fresh coat until you see the results afterward. Exactly how long a room can go before it needs service depends on the type of room. Walls in a hallway, for example, are much more likely to be touched than walls in a living room or dining room. In fact, some people make it a habit to trail their fingers along the wall in a hallway without even realizing they're doing it, leaving behind dirt and oil that mars your paint. That's why a hallway or an area like a children's bedroom or playroom where the wall is touched more than usual should be painted every two to three years. If your room is prone to splashes of water or other substances like food, such as a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, it will likely need a refresh every three to four years. Rooms where your walls are not often touched or exposed to moisture can probably go for about five to seven years before they need service.

What Type is Best for Fairfield Room Painting?

For interior walls in Fairfield, you are going to want to choose a flat, eggshell or satin finish. They don't reflect light, but can give the wall an attractive luster. Avoid gloss or semi-gloss finishes that will make the surface shiny—that may sound intriguing, but it doesn't look right and will highlight every tiny imperfection in your drywall. If you need interior trim refinishing for elements such as door jambs, baseboards and window frames, however, semi-gloss or even full gloss is a great choice to add just the perfect touch of shine combined with a durable surface finish.

What Color Scheme Should I Choose?

That's entirely up to you! Most paint stores in Fairfield County will custom-mix any color you can think of, so you can choose to perfectly coordinate with another room by bringing in a small paint chip for them to match, or you may want to match something else like the color in a favorite painting or the shade of the throw pillows on your sofa. Keep in mind that dark colors can make a room look smaller, and sometimes a color is a lot darker than what you were picturing once you've got it up on the wall. It doesn't hurt to get a few paint samples and paint a few large swatches that you can hold up to the wall to help you envision how the finished result is going to look.

How Do I Prepare for Room Painting in Fairfield, CT?

Depending on the current condition of the walls and what's in the room, there may be quite a bit of preparation involved before the actual room painting can begin. One of the benefits of hiring a multi-skilled handyman is that we can take care of a lot of that prep work for you. We will handle all Fairfield room painting preparation, such as:

  • Getting furniture out of the way and covering it with drop cloths

  • Covering the floor to protect it from paint splatters

  • Removing or covering light switch and electrical outlet plates

  • Removing lighting fixtures or ceiling fans if the ceiling is part of the room painting

  • Removing old wallpaper or peeling paint shreds

  • Patching small or large holes in drywall

  • Applying a finishing skim coat to drywall

  • Cleaning the walls before applying the first coat

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