Want to Save Money and Boost Curb Appeal? You Need Fairfield Exterior Trim Repair

A gloved hand holding a paintbrush as a handyman repaints the outer trim around a window after completing trim repairs.
Are you interested in finding ways to improve the appearance and value of your property in Fairfield, CT, while at the same time reducing the energy costs on your monthly utility bills? It comes as a surprise to some homeowners that both those goals can be accomplished with expert Fairfield exterior trim repair by an experienced handyman.

Exterior trim is displayed on some of the key parts of the outside of your house, including around windows and doors and along the edges of your roof eaves. It's often overlooked, so homeowners sometimes don't realize how much it has deteriorated—but once it's repaired or replaced, the difference in your overall curb appeal is like night and day. But it's not all about appearances. Exterior trim also has a critical role to play in protecting your home against problems such as moisture incursion and heat transfer that can end up costing you big time.

Want to know more about the benefits of exterior trim repair from a qualified, local Fairfield handyman? This guide covers some need-to-know information for homeowners from the team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Upper Fairfield County. We have decades of combined experience in repair and improvement trades, and you can depend on us for reliable workmanship and customer care that goes above and beyond.

What is Exterior Trim?

There is sometimes disagreement about precisely which components fall under the category of exterior trim, but in general, it refers to the elements that trim your house to make it look finished and disguise the joints where two different materials meet or to close off the ends of structures such as your roof. Improving appearance is part of the reason for exterior trim, but it also blocks moisture and heat transfer and prevents pest infestations. Of course, it can't do any of that effect when it has deteriorated or suffered sudden damage, which is why Fairfield exterior trim repair is such an important part of maintaining your home. These elements of a home are often made out of wood, but PVC, aluminum, and composite are also pretty common. The main types are:

  • Exterior Window Trim: This consists of the exterior part of window frames, including exterior window sills and drip caps that sit over a frame to redirect water.
  • Exterior Door Trim: The outside of a door frame, including jambs, sill, and drip cap. It may also include the frame of a window set into your door.
  • Fascia Boards: These longboards cover the ends of roof eaves at the lowest point, running parallel to the outside walls, and they are typically where rain gutters are attached.
  • Rake Boards: Similar to fascia boards, these boards cover the ends of roof eaves where a gabled roof rises up to a slanted peak.
  • Soffit Boards: The underside of roof eaves are covered with soffit boards—you'll see them if you stand next to an outside wall and look straight up. They are ventilated with holes or slats to allow for air circulation in an attic space.
  • Decorative Elements: Some styles of houses, such as Victorian, have far more elaborate exterior features such as corbels, scalloped gables, spindles, and shutters.

What Are the Signs That Fairfield Exterior Trim Repair is Needed?

All homeowners, whether they know it or not, are locked into an eternal battle against moisture damage. A small amount of water where it shouldn't be can cause some big problems that make your home a lot less comfortable, safe, and efficient for you and your family. The outer shell of your building is on the front defense line, guarding your house against water seepage, which is why most of the major symptoms of damage relate back to excess moisture levels. Here are some of the top signs that indicate you need professional Fairfield trim repair services.

Rotting Wood

When it comes to wood trim, the most common (and also most aggravating) problem is wood rot, a type of decay that only afflicts timber with a raised moisture content level of 20% or higher. Wooden elements on the outside of your house are constantly being exposed to rainwater and snowmelt, so it's prone to decay because of elevated moisture content. That's why wood outdoors is likely to rot within a few years, but timber that remains perfectly dry indoors can be virtually unchanged for decades.

Timber that has been affected by wood rot can't be returned to its former condition. Minor spots of rot can be dealt with by scraping out rotted parts and smoothing out surfaces with epoxy wood filler, but generally, the best course of action for Fairfield exterior trim repair is to remove affected timber entirely and install a wood replacement. At Mr. Handyman of Upper Fairfield County, we recommended AZEK trim. It's made from an engineered vinyl polymer that is rot-resistant, durable, and long-lasting. It doesn't need to be painted for protective purposes, but it can be painted any color to match your existing trim or siding.

Peeling Paint

One of the earlier warning signs of impending water damage is peeling paint or flaking solid stains on wooden elements. Paint and the sealant that should be applied over the top of it are important to block out water and give timber extra protection, but it will degrade over time and need refinishing every couple of years. When moisture starts to seep into the wood, timber swells up and pushes on paint from underneath, causing it to blister, crack and peel away in strips. Of course, that just leaves the material underneath exposed to further moisture. Our team of Fairfield exterior trim repair experts will strip off the remnants and apply a fresh coat of paint, then follow it up with sealant to keep it looking good for longer.

Cracks and Gaps

This is one type of damage that can't always be blamed on excess moisture—though it certainly doesn't help. Harsh weather patterns such as severe storms sometimes rip strips right off a house, leaving a gap where the material underneath is exposed. Some materials such as vinyl can crack during big temperature swings because they contract in the cold and expand in the heat. Or, there can sometimes be issues with warping that cause the material to pull away from the house and leave a gap. In some cases, Fairfield exterior trim repair may be as simple as refastening strips securely, but if the damage is serious, replacing the affected parts will be a better option.

Interior Water Damage

Once water gets inside your walls through damaged or decayed exterior trim, it doesn't stop there. It continues to move through your house, leaving a trail of destruction. Interior damage from excess water might be one of the most noticeable and serious signs of trouble. Find out more with our guide to interior trim repair in Fairfield County, CT. Interior damage that indicates you need Fairfield exterior trim repair includes:

  • Softened, crumbling drywall
  • Brown water stains on walls and ceilings
  • Mildewed carpet or rotting hardwood floor boards
  • Visible moisture underneath windows or around doors
  • Excessive condensation on the inside of window panes

If you notice the problems listed above, they could be related to something other than exterior trim repairs, such as a hidden plumbing leak or a leaking roof. Regardless of where it's coming from, the source needs to be uncovered and stopped before the damage gets even worse.

Can Exterior Trim Repair in Fairfield, CT Save You Money?

You may be wondering how exactly a little strip of material around your windows or on your eaves could possibly save you a noticeable amount of money. There are actually four ways that can help keep your money in your bank account where it belongs by having an experienced handyman take care of trim repair in Fairfield, CT.

Increase Energy Savings

The coverings on the outside of your house, including the siding and exterior trim, need to be in great condition to prevent heat transfer and keep your house energy efficient. Heat transfer is the natural process in which thermal energy tries to move from a warmer area to a cooler place. It changes the temperature inside your house, which means your heating and cooling systems have to operate more frequently and for longer periods of time, increasing their fuel usage, which is, of course, reflected in your energy costs. When your exterior trim is in rough shape or missing altogether, it increases the rate of heat transfer all year round, and your HVAC system ends up costing a lot more to operate than it would otherwise. It also accelerates the wear and tear damage on your HVAC components, causing them to need repair or replacement sooner. Your Fairfield handyman can combat those costly effects with Fairfield exterior trim repair, along with some caulk to make sure everything is sealed up tight.

Prevent Water Damage

We mentioned water damage above a time or two, so you may already know all about how it can wreak havoc on your house inside and out. Excessive moisture can be incredibly destructive to a house and can also create conditions that make it uncomfortable and unsafe for the members of your household. Needless to say, water damage mitigation can end up being an expensive, time-consuming hassle. Anyone who has dealt with it in the past will tell you it's well worth avoiding. The cost of having Fairfield exterior trim repair and maintenance handled by an experienced professional is far less than the cost of coping with serious water damage, so you can save money by preventing moisture incursion in the first place.

Avoid Replacement

Fairfield exterior trim repair and maintenance tasks can sometimes seem unimportant or unrewarding, but the truth is that regular maintenance is far less costly than replacing it altogether. That's the case for most parts of your house, but it does apply to trim in particular. Delaying exterior trim repair could cost you big bucks, as the cost to fix exterior trim that’s seriously damaged could be twice as much as what it would have been to simply complete routine maintenance.

Don't have the time or ability to climb a ladder and maintain trim? No problem—your Fairfield handyman can be scheduled to provide annual maintenance services such as painting and caulking and the occasional repair, so you can rest assured that you won't have to deal with a big repair bill in the future.

Raise Property Value

Are you planning to sell your Fairfield home in the next couple of years? If you are looking for ways to increase the value of your property and make it more appealing to prospective home buyers, Fairfield exterior trim repair services are well worth considering. Trim that is in great shape indicates to a potential buyer that the house has been well-maintained and they won't find any costly surprises after moving in. On the other hand, if they arrive to view the property and the first thing they see is rotted, deteriorated, or missing trim, it's a huge red flag waving them away before they even make it through the front door.

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