Newtown CT has a population of 28,000 and offers an overall rural feel to residents and visitors. It’s a family and children-friendly place with convenient access to museums, theaters, farms and parks, providing plenty of indoor and outdoor activities, so that you don’t have to think of home maintenance or repairs, especially when you can get them done easily with help from a Newtown handyman.

Most residents own their homes, but when you’re busy spending time with the family on the weekend, you’d rather put the maintenance chores to the side and think about it later. Or, you need someone you can trust to provide Newtown handyman services.

Fortunately, you can rely on your Newtown handyman at Mr. Handyman of Upper Fairfield County to tackle every item on your to-do list, so that you can continue to enjoy your life and your home. We thrive on being your convenient one-call solution for a wide range of handiwork; we eliminate the hassle of dealing with multiple companies because our service professionals have the years of hands-on experience needed to take care of every area of your property efficiently.

We are proud to serve Fairfield County as a locally-owned and operated company. Whether you’re working or busy planning a family vacation, rely on your local Newtown handyman, who has passed all the background checks and drug screens, to deliver high standards of workmanship and customer care that exceeds expectations.

Property Maintenance Services in Newtown, CT

Newtown property owners are busy people, whether they are full-time professional workers or business owners; it’s hard to be all that and a building manager at the same time. Taking care of maintenance chores can take up your time if you have other top priorities. But the longer you wait to replace that drywall panel on the ceiling, the more issues will arise. Not everything in our homes stays perfect, and we aren’t always aware of foundation cracks or peeling paint. What appears to be a cosmetic issue could signify something more serious. Your expert Newtown handyman has the tools and expertise to find out for you.

One of our goals at Mr. Handyman of Upper Fairfield County is to build a professional relationship with our clients, in which we trust each other and show integrity. You may have had a bad experience in the past, dealing with an inefficient contractor or handyman. Newtown, CT homeowners have the right to feel comfortable having someone working on their house. We are firmly committed to providing high-quality service and safe experiences for every client, so you can trust us to get the job done right. Rely on us to arrive promptly in our uniforms and clearly marked van. We take the time to thoroughly examine your requested projects and answer any questions you may have to ensure our work will meet your expectations.

Learn about some of the maintenance services that we provide to Newtown:


Have you ever heard that a myriad of choices can paralyze our ability to make decisions? Even if you know what you want, you might not be an aficionado in that area. This can make finding the right floor system for your home a headache.

It’s always a good idea to calculate your budget first and write down what you want from a new floor installation. Do you wish to install something durable, safe and cost-effective? Each flooring system serves a different purpose. Family homes must have flooring suitable for high-traffic areas where kids run and jump or spill their drinks, while smaller apartments with fewer people have different requirements for high-quality, affordable flooring.

Our professional team has helped with flooring installation for many Newtown homeowners and throughout nearby communities—from hardwood to tile, and vinyl to laminate. The main factor to keep in mind is the room or area. For example, your bathroom would benefit more from tile flooring, whereas your bedroom or home office would be more flexible for other floor types. Each type has its own unique characteristics and can handle more traffic and impact than others, while also providing different aesthetic benefits.

Consider the benefits of:

  • Solid wood vs. engineered wood
  • Vinyl vs. laminate
  • Natural stone vs. granite
  • Tile vs. carpet

Choosing the right flooring type matters! Do you have high-traffic areas? Does someone in the family walk like an elephant or do you have kids that jump up and down? Feel free to gather all your questions for your local handyman. Newtown, CT homeowners will be surprised about the pros and cons of the different floor types.


Do you need a new door because your anxious dog scratched the life out of it? You can pay attention to your pooch soon! But first, you’ll want to get started on a new door installation.

Your doors protect you from severe weather, intruders and pests, not to mention give you privacy and support your insulation system. People often take their front door for granted, whether it’s made of wood, metal or PVC. Whenever people lose their tempers and forcefully shut the door behind them, it can affect the door itself as well as the frame and nearby walls. Although they have a lifespan between 20 to 40 years, your casing and other nearby trim areas are still prone to cracks or gaps when damaged. If your door has suffered from wear and tear and the finish looks worn, you should inspect it for wood rot or other signs of damage.

Installations require certain expertise, where precision and thinking outside the box are crucial. We recommend DIY professionals who strictly follow manufacturers' instructions to inspect all the materials provided. Unfortunately, manufacturers rarely give buyers enough screws or good-quality ones. If in doubt, replace them with stainless steel, along with extra ones. If you’re concerned about getting installation right, consider calling a pro. Your local Newtown handyman will ensure a hassle-free installation process, using high-quality material that ensures safety and longevity.

Door replacement

Newtown Door Installation For the Little Ones

We provide baby proofing services that prevent falling risks and unattended access to places where children shouldn’t be or things they shouldn’t touch. Children are always active and curious before they take their first steps. Installing an automatic door closer to your basement door will keep them safe, along with installing electrical outlet covers, safety gates and furniture straps.

If your pet sitter lets you down at the last minute, having a pet door could give you peace of mind. Whether you have a screened-in porch or a solid wood door, our dedicated technicians at Mr. Handyman of Upper Fairfield County can help you with the desired pet door installation. We can install a flexible pet flap or an electronic and automatic flap that works with an ultrasonic pet collar. You have to love some new technology!

Newtown Handyman Repair Services

We are proud to provide our expertise to residential and commercial properties, where you will always find areas that you could optimize, such as tightening hinges or replacing old screws. When you have paint bubbles or unusual cracks in the wall, you need your Newtown handyman to run a detailed analysis to check for structural damage. We offer fast repairs and preventative measures to ensure no further damage is made.

It’s easy to overlook gradual wear until unexpected damage occurs and calls for major repairs or replacement. If you pay attention to the telltale signs early, you can avoid serious complications. Living and working spaces need to be safe and comfortable for families or employees. When there are ongoing issues with your property, they’ll only get worse if you delay repairs.

Rather than wait to get repairs done, count on your local Newtown handyman to do their magic. You can take advantage of a wide range of popular services, such as:


Most Newtown homes contain tile in bathrooms and the kitchen. The reason is simple! Not only is tile cost-effective, but also durable, versatile, and protective, and it comes in various colors, shapes, sizes, textures and materials. A well-maintained tile system can last for a long time, but tile floors will eventually show signs of wear, especially in a high-traffic area. Shower tiles won’t stay in perfect shape forever either. There will come a day you will have to remove old grout or tile to prevent any damage from worsening.

One common issue is cracked grout, which is easy to fix but requires us to remove the old grout first. Over 90 percent of tile installers use cement-based grout, as it is easiest and most reliable. It's porous, after all, requiring a proper sealant for protection. A specialist’s favorite is epoxy grout, which is superior to its cement-based counterpart. Bathroom remodeling pros have praised it for its durability and resistance to stains, cracks and chemicals. Since epoxy dries faster, tile installation or repair requires precision and expertise.

If you have a small crack in your tile, it’s safe to use epoxy grout to fix it. However, in the event of a large crack, we recommend removing the broken tile and saving the grout for later when you regrout. If you’re worried about damaging other tile pieces while using a hammer and chisel, count on your local handyman. Newtown CT residents can rest easy when they use their handyman for a hassle-free repair.

Shower tile


The way we see things is that nothing can ever be safe enough for Newtown property owners, so we’ll always have more up our sleeves to ensure enhanced safety and comfort with a wide range of repair services.

Staircase Repairs

Do you have squeaky stairs, loose treads or an unsteady newel post and handrails? Staircase anatomy can be very complex because each part has a unique name, from balusters to bullnoses to risers. The most important thing to know is that all those parts of your staircase need to be safe for use at all times. Your local handyman has the skills to inspect your stairs, making sure they follow safety regulations and building codes, and fix any issues that may appear.

Drywall Repair

Small patch jobs are easy until you have to deal with a six-inch hole in the wall. Have you used drywall replacement panels and wood strips before? If you don’t like dealing with messy compound products or are unsure how to carefully tape seams with mesh tape, ask your local handyman. Newtown CT residents can get some much-deserved downtime while we get the job done.

Siding Repair

Many people don’t often check their siding unless they notice something wrong or suspect water damage. Depending on the material you have, such as vinyl, fiber cement, wood or aluminum, siding can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance services. But you also need to consider the influence of weather damage, which is not always in your control. One of the best ways to protect your siding is through regular gutter cleaning and professional repairs from a local Newtown handyman.

Newtown Handyman Services for Commercial Spaces

Newtown business owners with commercial spaces need reliable handyman services to keep their properties in shape and safe for guests and employees.

As the boss, you’re already busy keeping your business in check. The last thing you need is the peeling paint on your shop’s exterior or employees worrying about door handles. Perhaps you own a little retail shop that needs sturdy shelves and storing racks.

Some of our most requested commercial work include:

  • Furniture assembly
  • Automatic door installation
  • Motion detectors and smoke detector installation
  • Property repairs and maintenance

Hands-Free Door or Antibacterial Door Knob Installation

Hands-free devices are ideal for commercial and public buildings, helping you provide easy access for employees and customers. These doors operate via optical or motion sensors, enabling a secure and energy-efficient system. Not all retail shops are suited for automatic doors, but germs can spread quickly in places where door handles are frequently used. Another solution your handyman can help with is adding a layer of antimicrobial protection to protect your employees and customers.

Do You Need Professional Handyman Service in Newtown, CT?

Whether you’re in Newtown or a nearby community, such as New CanaanDarienStamford or another part of the Fairfield County area, our team of skilled handyman professionals at Mr. Handyman of Upper Fairfield County is the smart option for expert home repairs and many other outstanding Newtown handyman services.

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