Skip These DIY Home Repairs & Trust Our Ann Arbor Handymen Instead

As a homeowner, you're probably aware of the power of DIY home repair and the sense of accomplishment they can bring. However, for certain complicated home repairs and maintenance tasks, it is better to seek the assistance of a professional – like one of our Ann Arbor handymen.

Should You Do It Yourself or Hire a Professional for Home Repair?

Hiring a professional who can guarantee quality work and avoid potentially expensive mistakes is often worth the extra money. This is because some jobs call for specialized skills, tools, and knowledge. If you attempt such jobs without these essential components, you might end up with worse problems than what you began with.

At Mr. Handyman of Ann Arbor, Saline and Chelsea, we believe that it’s important for homeowners to understand the risks associated with certain DIY projects and when it’s best to leave them to the experts. Here's what home repairs you should avoid and leave to the professionals:

Deck Repair

While squeezing in DIY deck repair before the summer may sound like a good idea, it's important to understand why major repairs and replacements should be done by professionals. Taking on a deck repair project on your own could lead to several issues, including:

  • Injuries or damage to property due to incorrect repair, incorrect tools, and poor safety.
  • Water damage and rot from improper sealing techniques and poor materials.
  • Warped boards from materials that aren't properly cut or nailed down.
  • Inaccurate measurements can cause a deck to look bad or make things dangerous.

If these reasons aren't enough, botching a deck repair can also reduce the resale value of your home. At that point, fixing the damage becomes more expensive than calling a professional in the first place. Rather than running the risk, get the help of a trusted contractor who specializes in deck repair and maintenance, like our handymen.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling is not a job to be taken lightly. Professional help is often needed to ensure the project goes smoothly and yields satisfactory results. Here are some of the common problems DIYers run into when trying to complete a bathroom remodel:

  • Costly mistakes, such as choosing the wrong fixtures or needing more repairs.
  • Not properly planning for plumbing, electrical, or ventilation, leading to additional costs
  • Poor installation of tile, sinks, and other materials due to lack of knowledge.
  • A longer remodeling process due to novice mistakes and lack of experience.

Rather than take on a bathroom remodel yourself, it's best to let the professionals handle it to avoid these mistakes and more! If you're considering a bathroom remodel, check out our blog, answering common questions about planning a remodel!

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel can be a great way to update the look and feel of your home and even add some additional storage, but it is important to understand the possible dangers before tackling a project on your own. Here are some potential risks associated with DIY kitchen remodels:

  • Injuries or even house fires due to incorrect electrical work.
  • Structural issues due to walls or cabinets being removed without proper planning.
  • Poor installation of countertops and cabinets, which can be difficult for even experienced DIYers.

Taking on a kitchen remodel without the proper knowledge can be dangerous and costly. A professional should always handle gas lines, electrical elements, and kitchen appliance installation to ensure any home remodel is done properly.

Window or Door Replacement

Just like other components of your home, windows, and doors don't last forever. As such, window and door replacement projects should always be left to the professionals. Trying to take on a window or door replacement without help can be unsafe and create many different problems for your household, including:

  • Loosing close to 30% of your home's energy through poorly sealed windows and doors.
  • Bodily injury from an unsecured door or unsafe installation of a hard-to-reach window.
  • Additional costs and repairs due to improper measurements, installation, and materials.

The integrity of your home’s exterior doors and windows are important. Whether you need a simple repair or a full replacement, leaving the job to a professional is best. They will have the right tools and knowledge to ensure quality services and your home's energy use isn’t all for naught.

Lighting Fixture Installation

Lighting makes all the difference in how our homes look and how we feel when in them! But before you go upgrading, replacing, or repairing your interior or exterior lighting fixtures, it's important to understand the risks of a DIY project, including:

  • Electrical fires from short circuits caused by incorrect wiring or connections.
  • Damage to walls, ceilings, and lighting fixtures due to incorrect mounting.
  • Injuries from working with ladders or electrical components without safety precautions.
  • Future electrical problems due to misdiagnosis and unlicensed repairs.

While you may not need to track down an electrician for simple jobs like this, lighting fixture repair and installation should always be left to the professionals. Our team of qualified handymen are certified to handle any installations or upgrades of lighting fixtures in and around your Ann Arbor home!

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