Lanham, MD is a lively and growing little family town with 11,000 residents. It has reputable schools that encourage young families to settle, as well as popular parks and trails that allow busy people to wind down after a long week at work. Economically, Lanham’s housing market is becoming competitive, plus, tech and software companies are on the rise, making it one of the fastest-growing communities in Maryland. Whether you’re a recent arrival or a long-time resident, it’s always important to have access to professional Lanham handyman services.

A busy lifestyle involves living and working in residential and commercial properties that require ongoing maintenance services to stay intact. Many people already have an endless list of things to do, whether it’s working to make ends meet or spending quality time with their family. The last thing you want is to think about repairs and other discouraging jobs around your property, but you know they need to be done.

This is where your local Lanham handyman comes in. Our expert team at Mr. Handyman of Anne Arundel and PG County serves the Lanham community and nearby areas, and we’re happy to help cross out any maintenance service tasks on your to-do list to save you time. Whether you’re working or busy planning a camping trip with your family, you can rely on us for any home improvement needs or property maintenance. As your one-call Lanham handyman team with many years of experience, we always deliver high standards of workmanship that exceed expectations.

Property Maintenance Services in Lanham, MD

Suppose you are a property owner with a list of maintenance chores that you don’t have time for. You are certainly not alone if you have a business to run or conferences to attend. Unfortunately, any neglected task will haunt you in the form of little warning signs, like creaky window shutters that wake your kids up in the middle of the night. Or maybe your family has been complaining about cold drafts in the house. That could be linked to deteriorating attic insulation or unsecured windows and doors. You don’t need to feel guilty about neglected tasks because one person can only get so much done. If you’re overwhelmed, you can get Lanham Handyman services to relieve the pressure.

Our uniformed technicians always arrive in a clearly marked van, showing our company logo, because we want our clients to feel safe and confident when they take advantage of our popular maintenance services, such as:


We know that homeowners dread gutter cleaning. While some dislike cleaning grimy gutters, others aren’t keen on climbing tall ladders. Not everyone is aware that they need well-inspected ladders before they use them. If your ladder has been in the garage for many months, you might miss a bent step or corroded spreaders and rails. We recommend taking your ladder for a safety inspection if you decide to clean your gutters by yourself. Alternatively, your certified Lanham handyman is properly equipped to safely clean your gutters and clear your downspouts..

We will also inspect your gutter’s shape during cleaning, check on the original installation, and examine your gutter’s age to let you know if you should take any additional measures to enhance protection. Timely repairs from a skilled handyman help prevent potential leaks that could damage your siding, drywall, or basement floor. Unexpected mishaps can lead to structural damage and costly repairs.

Hiring a professional handyman for gutter cleaning can save you from lots of problems in the future. Therefore, we recommend Lanham gutter cleaning at least once a year to prevent debris from settling. Installing gutter guards could also help protect your soffit and fascia while ensuring that stormwater always flows away from your home.


Fences are safety barriers that mark your home’s territory and help kids and pets stay safe within an outdoor space. Whether your fence is made of wood, vinyl, PVC, or aluminum, we provide a wide range of services to help with maintenance and repairs, including repainting or restaining, fixing wood rot, and repairing broken boards and hinges. We also install fence gates to guard your home’s front and back.

Well-maintained fences can increase your home’s overall value, and regular maintenance will help control small damage from spreading. In addition to routine repairs, you can also take advantage of other Lanham handyman services to keep your fence looking beautiful. If your fence is just dirty, you may want to ask us about pressure washing services that could recover your fence's original shine.


Do you need someone to refinish your deck after a long wet season? Lanham gets a significant amount of rainfall in a year, making decks susceptible to weather damage. Of course, it depends on the materials used to build the deck and the finishing sealant used to protect the boards.

When you hire a local Lanham handyman, they will inspect your deck’s overall health and give you some preventative maintenance tips to extend your deck’s lifespan. In severe cases, you might have wood rot that nobody noticed. It will need to be removed and possibly replaced before you reseal it. Mistakes like failing to find wood rot are easy to make without a wood rot or deck repair expert.


Mr. Handyman is proud to be Lanham’s most versatile team and we approach all types of maintenance jobs with a positive can-do attitude. We always thrive to offer exquisite workmanship for your home maintenance needs and have the skill to repair and maintain many areas of your home, including:

Windows, Doors, and Frames

Whether they have gone through general wear and tear or show signs of rotting wood, your handyman in Lanham has the tools and expertise to fix everything. We fix and install interior and exterior doors and also specialize in framing and molding around windows, repairing window sills, and fixing any damaged space between your frame and wall. Some repairs may also involve oiling hardware and caulking around frames.

Deck Staining and Trim Painting Service

Staining requires a lot of patience and attention to detail. It’s a tiresome and time-consuming task for home and business owners, not to mention some people don’t enjoy being surrounded by primer and paint odor. We will keep you from being exposed to any unpleasant fumes during our quality staining and painting services. Whether it’s for your deck, porch, patio, trim, or another part of your home you can trust your local Lanham handyman to get it done fast and efficiently.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

All Lanham homeowners should know that clogged dryer vents could lead to serious consequences because excessive lint and debris obstructing the vent could cause fires. Some early telltale signs include slow drying, clothes feeling extra hot and even burning smells. Regular buildup removal will promote proper airflow, but experts also recommend you clean your dryer ducts at least twice a year to avoid the risk of dryer duct fires.

Lanham Handyman Services for Commercial Spaces

Lanham has a growing commercial industry, which means that many business owners with commercial spaces need reliable handyman services to keep their properties in shape and safe for employees, whether they are primarily desk-bound or on their feet. We help you ensure that every workplace, whether a corporate office, restaurant, or another commercial institution, is comfortable, safe, and convenient for visitors to enjoy and workers to execute their jobs efficiently.

Do you already have a never-ending checklist to keep your business up and running? The last thing you need is peeling paint or cracked concrete on your building’s exterior that scares away customers. Do you have employees who worry about broken door handles? There may be many little warning signs that indicate you need commercial Lanham handyman services.

Some of our most requested commercial work includes:


Public buildings’ doors frequently suffer from wear and tear, which is why many people rely on their commercial handyman in Lanham for door installation or repair. You can get help with everything from basic entries to automatic door installation and other hands-free doors that help both your employees and visitors. We ensure your doors are secure and energy-efficient, whether they are installed with motion sensors or standard hinges.


We can also install dimmers, timers, and motion detectors to add greater hands-free convenience for commercial properties. These devices increase comfort, improve energy efficiency and enhance safety by reducing the spread of germs.

Lanham Handyman Repair Services

We are happy to provide excellent handiwork for repairs in both residential and commercial properties, where there are many specific areas that could show signs of aging or wear and tear. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, your Lanham handyman can conduct a thorough analysis to check for any structural issues that require repairs. Depending on the severity, you may only need basic preventative measures to help maintain anything that merely requires a few touch-ups, rather than major repairs or replacement.

Drastic weather damage and gradual wear don’t always call for immediate action until unexpected repairs seek your attention. If you deal with them soon enough, you will face fewer problems. Residential and commercial spaces need to be safe and comfortable, whether for your lifestyle or work habit. A squeaky swing door is a nuisance, and a damaged subfloor is a safety hazard that should be fixed. Your local Lanham handyman could make all that stop right away—before any damages worsen—by providing repair services like these:


Drywall panels are made of a soft sulfate mineral called gypsum, which is non-combustible and lighter than other wall materials. It became popular in the mid-20th century because it’s flexible and durable, which enables an easy installation process requiring less labor. It’s the most cost-effective option for property owners in Lanham and many other areas—but it’s also vulnerable to many sources of damage.

Do you have dents or little holes in your wall staring back at you? Drywall repair and installation are common in homes and commercial environments. We provide a range of services for drywall repair in Lanham, from small patching jobs to major drywall repairs and replacements. Minor cracks may be annoying, but before you apply compound over them, it’s also worth letting a handyman inspect those cracks or holes first in case they’re related to foundational damage or other serious issues.

The average drywall thickness is 1/2 inch, with 5/8 inch being the thickest. While durable and fire-resistant, most types of drywall are especially vulnerable to water damage. Some kinds like cement boards and green boards have water-resistant waxed surfaces, and homeowners use those varieties behind tile installations in bathrooms, but they can still suffer water damage if you ever have a leak in those walls.

Important: Cracked tile and grout will also cause leaks and damage existing drywall panels. Their waterproofing surfaces won’t hold and mold could grow behind the walls if you don’t replace them. Our reliable Lanham handyman technicians can inspect the walls behind your tiles and offer tile repairs to manage leaks.


Since the industrial revolution, modern tiling systems have given many homes a new perspective for home improvements and decorations. Tiles serve numerous functions for walls, backsplashes, and floors. The installation process may seem easy and fun at first until you get down to the nitty-gritty of planning, measuring, and cutting. Then, there’s the messy grout.

A cracked tile might cause some panic, but you’ll be surprised when you learn about repair options. Endless questions will go through your head, like, “Is grouting really necessary?” or “Do I need to install backer boards first?” While the short answer to both is “Yes”, there is much more to tiling preparation than you think. The easiest option for tile jobs is usually to call a local Lanham handyman.

Whether you need tile repair in your kitchen or tile installation in your bathroom, our Lanham handyman experts will complete every step. Most importantly, they will ask you for your preference, because we offer installation for many different types, such as ceramic, porcelain, and granite. From shower tiles to your kitchen floor—you tell us what you need to be done.

Home Remodeling Service

Are you planning a little home remodeling project? We recommend our customers set a manageable timeline and realistic budget for projects like a kitchen remodel or basement remodel. This is never a one-person job, but the good news is that you won’t need to make a list of contractors (carpenters, electricians, and other specialists) because your versatile, insured Lanham handyman team can handle all that.

These are some remodeling projects we regularly complete for our Lanham clients:

  • Kitchen: Do you need new countertops, cupboards, and cabinets? Typically, before installing anything new, we inspect your drywall to ensure it's in good shape too.
  • Bathroom: There is no bathroom task too difficult for us. Moreover, we will clean up our mess, whether it's a new tub or toilet installation, new tiles or walls, we want you to enjoy the final product.
  • Basic Carpentry Services: We will install mantels above fireplaces, new cabinets, or other types of carpentry wherever you prefer to help enhance a focal point or improve your home’s storage.

Need A Trustworthy Lanham Handyman for Residential and Commercial Maintenance?

Whether you need home repairs or improvement services or just need someone to inspect your commercial property, your skilled team at Mr. Handyman of Anne Arundel and PG County will take care of any chores that take up too much of your time. Our priority is your safety and comfort, which is why you can trust us to get the job done right without leaving any mess behind. We are a locally owned and operated business, happily serving Lanham, nearby communities like Hyattsville and Greenbelt, and even other nearby areas like Bowie.

Give us a call to chat with our passionate customer service reps about what we can do to make your home more comfortable.