Whether you call it an exterior shield or a knight’s plate armor, your house siding battles against the elements every day because it’s designed to do that. This way, your home’s interior insulation system is backed and protected from the outside world. Perhaps these functions don’t cross your mind when you look at other people’s properties because your mind is geared toward aesthetics, landscaping and garage sizes. That’s where curb appeal plays a huge role in determining your property’s overall look and functionality.

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Siding repair

When done with interior spring cleaning, a lot of property owners move on to their outdoor living space and include maintenance tasks, such as power washing their deck and reassuring them their fence gate isn’t squeaking or rusty. If you look at your seasonal maintenance checklist, does it happen to include siding repair? Arlington, TX homeowners may have it under the pressure-cleaning category, but this requires caution.

Allow your dependable Arlington handyman at Mr. Handyman of Arlington, Mansfield and Grapevine to assist you with a detailed inspection service to ensure your siding is in decent condition. There are various reasons why it could be impacted by faults on your other systems like rain gutters or soffits. By hiring an expert Arlington siding repair specialist, you’ll get the peace of mind that all cracks and holes are fixed and interiors fully checked and inspected.

Types of Siding We Repair

There is a wide variety of siding types to meet your needs and handle the Texan climate. However, there are also types that are not suitable for our climate, but we will get to that later.


It’s very common for Arlington homes to have fiber cement for siding. Not only is it the most cost-effective option, but also one of the best types suited for all kinds of climates, humid included. Fiber cement is made of water, wood pulp, and Portland cement and allows you to be very versatile in terms of designs. You can choose to have either a wood or brick appearance and even choose different styles, from smooth to lap to panel. While still more cost-effective and durable than other types, fiber cement has a high upfront cost and requires intensive labor.

It’s not as high maintenance as some people might think, although it will benefit from annual maintenance. Getting frequent inspection services will certainly save you money on siding repairs. Arlington TX property owners likely have no basements due to expansive, shifting clay soils, so at least you won’t need to worry about home settlements that cause foundation cracks. However, your worst enemies are harsh weather conditions that include heavy rainfall, hail, and snow.

Hardie board fiber cement siding is the world-leading winner in the realm of home construction. Feel free to contact your Arlington siding repair technician for more information.


It’s possible to mistake stucco materials for the same fiber cement because it also contains Portland cement in its mix. However, stucco is made with water, sand, and lime. In modern days, building technicians started adding polymers and other binding agents to enhance their resilience and durability. If well-installed, you can expect it to last you for over 50 years with a decent warranty.

Stucco siding is preferred by people who like a slick and smooth outward appearance. The installation process is more complex than others because you can choose your preferred level of protection, which is defined by the stucco finish system (or the number of coatings).

  • Finish 1: Lath and foam board finish
  • Finish 2: Stronger stucco mix with two layers of coating
  • Finish 3: Stucco mix includes glass fibers and other chemical additives. Layers include reinforced paper, gauge stucco wire and a base layer.

All three provide you with a highly durable system that requires barely any maintenance. It’s also fire-resistant and backs your home’s insulation. One downside is that stucco is prone to surface cracks if soil movement is intense. Since Northern Texas has a great variety of soil types (from Blackland clay to sandy loam), it’s worth getting a specialist to analyze the soil in your area before you opt for stucco siding. Although our Arlington siding repair technician is familiar with stucco repair, you’ll have to keep in mind that stucco siding damage is more complex than replacing other types of siding panels.


Many Arlington homeowners love the good old European-style masonry system.

Of course, this is the most expensive option for home building, from material sourcing and costs to labor. Brick assembly requires highly skilled technicians who know exactly how to create the perfect texture for mortar and how to evenly lay the system out. You may find full-brick homes, but some prefer to do half and use fiber cement on the rest.

On the other hand, some properties have brick veneer instead, which means that those structures weren’t laid by hand; rather, they were pre-assembled in factories and held together in either wood or steel frames. Good quality brick veneer would at least have one layer of real brick, whereas lower qualities are made of non-structural cement materials.

One of the first things your Arlington siding repair professional will do is check the surface sealant on your brick system. Although highly durable and weather-resistant, brick and mortar require sealing every three years to prevent moisture penetration.


We have alluded to this. There are two siding types that are popular throughout the US but not suitable for all climates. Depending on where you are in Texas, you will still find them, and you’re probably aware of how much maintenance they need to stay in good condition.

  • Wood: Take cedar siding as an example. Cedar is highly desired for deck and fence making because it’s naturally moisture-resistant. But using it as an exterior wall comes with a huge risk because you’ll have to regularly maintain it, so it doesn’t fall victim to termites, wood rot, and warping. The idea of sanding down your wood siding from top to bottom might also deter you. Although Arlington’s humidity levels fluctuate between 50-70 percent, it’s still considered high and risky for any wood materials to ever meet their shelf life.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl siding repair in Arlington, TX is a frequency for your Mr. Handyman team. Vinyl surfaces can easily harbor mildew and algae, which poses a health risk. They’re also prone to cracking, warping, and buckling in hot, humid climates, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. Over the years, vinyl has been made more efficient with a rigid foam core that provides better insulation, but unfortunately, it does not protect well against moisture and is highly susceptible to mold.
  • Steel: Steel has become a popular choice for siding in other parts of the country due to its elegance and easy installation process. But Arlington’s high humidity level leaves steel siding susceptible to rust as well as dents from hail storms. They also don’t help with energy efficiency.

Signs You Need Siding Repair in Arlington, TX


Shifting soil, the elements, and foreign objects are the culprits. As soon as you spot these signs of damage, call your local handyman for siding repair. Arlington, TX technicians will thoroughly inspect the interior and ensure no interior moisture damage is at play. The sooner you call for siding repair near me, the better you’ll be protected from the next rain period.


Do you find yourself turning up the furnace because heated air seems to be rising up faster? Or do you think your air conditioner is to blame for the bad indoor air quality? Besides old attic insulation, it’s likely that you have inefficient or damaged siding that has compromised your home’s insulation system, triggering your HVAC to cycle. To manage your energy cost, hire our dependable Arlington siding repair technician to inspect your entire wall outside.


Even if you don’t have wooden materials for your current siding, it’s likely that your sheathing is made of plywood. If excess moisture has accumulated on the interior and soaked its way through to your sheathing, it can rot and compromise your house’s structural integrity.


Are planks bulging outward or cupping inward? Warping is common when it’s extremely hot and materials are exposed to direct sun. Bulging occurs when moisture has seeped underneath.

Siding Repair: Arlington, TX FAQs


We admit that these two terms are used interchangeably. However, there is one major difference: the way the siding application occurs on the house. Siding is directly installed onto the plywood sheathing or foam board, whereas a cladding system is applied indirectly onto a set of wood strips that are applied against the sheathing. That small space between cladding and sheathing is designed to create a ventilated drainage plane that allows water and moisture to drain. It’s also known as the rain screen system where air travels through to promote ventilation, whereas your siding is designed to block off all sorts of moisture and air.


We care about customer satisfaction and, therefore, only provide transparent upfront estimates, which are only possible after a detailed inspection and consultation. Feel free to give us a call to describe your situation, and we might be able to give you a price range. When hiring our expert team for siding repair, Arlington, TX homeowners will rest easy knowing that our experienced professionals know how to handle extensive damage and are also familiar with detecting poor siding installation. Once our technicians know the exact issue and repair methods required, we’ll be able to give you the pricing details without any hidden costs or additional fees.


When we advised against wood and vinyl, we didn’t mean that you should not entirely disregard them if they are of high preference. We do have experts in vinyl siding and are up-to-date with high-quality materials used these days. If you live in a shaded area, vinyl shouldn’t be a problem. Likewise, if you care to sand and reseal your wood yearly. They are still high-quality siding materials.


Issues like hairline cracks or small holes that you detect early can easily be repaired, but it depends on what you use and on which material. For example, small cracks and imperfections on vinyl require high-quality caulk, and hairline cracks and holes on fiber cement require patching compound, sanding, and painting.

If the damage appears to be larger, and you believe that a skilled professional needs to thoroughly inspect it, we are your team!


In this case, we’d like to start from the top of your house because the key is to maintain a healthy exterior drainage system, which starts from your rain gutters. Rainwater that collects in your gutters is directed toward your downspout outlets and the elbow runoffs dispose of all that water to keep your home’s exterior and foundation as dry as possible. In the event of clogged gutters, water can spill onto your roofline and cause moisture damage inside your attic. Watermarks on your siding are signs of leaky gutters that are damaged in the sections. Gutter repair services will ensure your exterior drainage is running smoothly without compromising the health of your house siding.

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When you need siding repairs near me, look no further than at Mr. Handyman of Arlington, Mansfield, and Grapevine! Our expert Arlington siding repair technicians take their time to inspect and diagnose siding properly, so you know exactly what the problem is and which repair option will bring you long-term results!

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