When you consider how frequently your bathroom is used every single day, it's surprising how many homeowners throughout the country really don't like their bathrooms—or even downright hate them. But this space is a critically important part of your house that you can't avoid using, so it should be more than just a dingy little room that you can't wait to leave. If you're struggling to get by with a malfunctioning, ugly or outdated bathroom, it's time to consider calling a reliable Arlington handyman service company for a dream bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX.

If you've never planned a major bath remodeling project—or even if you have completed an Arlington bathroom remodel—it can feel like a big challenge. It's pretty normal to sit down to start the planning process and find yourself daydreaming away while you stare at a blank piece of paper. Or, you might sit down at the computer and get lost scrolling through thousands of inspirational images. We can help you get the bathroom space you've always wanted with planning advice, tips and, of course, expert Arlington bathroom remodel services.

A newly completed bathroom remodel with new cabinets and a glass shower enclosure with a built-in bench.

Eager to get started? So are we! Count on your local handyman professional to transform your room with expert workmanship and excellent customer service. The multi-skilled team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Arlington, Mansfield and Grapevine have the training, skill and experience to get the job done right when you request service for a bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX. We can also save you time, money and stress by handling multiple smaller home repair or maintenance tasks in a single appointment to help you get everything crossed off your to-do list quickly and effectively for your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX.

Contact our customer care team to start the process for your Arlington bathroom remodel, or read more below about how we can help you complete your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX.

Our Trustworthy Arlington Bathroom Remodel Services

From tiling the floor and walls to lighting installation, there are a lot of steps that go into the ideal bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX. There are a lot of necessary tasks that fall across a wide range of trades and specializations. However, hiring and managing multiple independent general contractors is almost more of a hassle than just doing your Arlington bathroom remodel project by yourself. You need a convenient, one-call solution to reach a whole team of multi-skilled, experienced professionals who can take care of the project from floor to ceiling, and that's precisely what you get when you call our handyman service professionals for your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX.

The services you need for your Arlington bathroom remodel will, of course, vary depending on what you need and want to be done. During the initial design consultation, our handyman professional will note down your specific needs and assess the existing bathroom. Next, we will take the time to chat with you about budgeting and timeline.

Some of the topics of interest may include the following:

  • Drywall repair and drywall installation
  • Floor, wall and shower tile installation
  • Flooring installation
  • Bath remodeling
  • Shower remodel
  • Interior painting
  • Trim installation and repair
  • Tile repair
  • Toilet installation
  • Sink installation
  • Vanity and mirror installation
  • Cabinetry installation
  • Lighting and fan installation
  • Bathroom window repair and installation
  • Installing accessibility features such as grab bars and walk-in tubs
  • Installing finishing touches such as the toilet paper holder and towel rack
  • And more!

You can rest assured that our remodeling team can get every single point done! Whether it's a guest bathroom or master bathroom remodel, contact our team today to see how we can improve your home with services for a bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX.

Your Trusted Property Repair And Remodeling Company—Mr. Handyman

Whether you’re seeking services for your Arlington bathroom remodel, drywall repairs, door replacement and installation, or deck repair, you can count on the team of experts at Mr. Handyman of Arlington, Mansfield and Grapevine to provide a stress-free experience for your improvement service. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, you can rely on our expertise and experience in the home improvement industry.

Our skilled craftsmen are dedicated to delivering high-quality workmanship and exceptional customer service for every project, big or small. With our Neighborly Done Right Promise, you’ll have peace of mind knowing we’re committed to your complete customer satisfaction with our workmanship guarantee.

Don’t just take our word for it: check out these detailed reviews from satisfied customers praising our work and services.

FAQs About Bathroom Remodel in Arlington, TX

How much does it cost for a bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX?

When it's time to budget for your Arlington bathroom remodel, homeowners often want to know what the average cost is for a bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX. We'll tell you: the national average amount that people spend upgrading their bathrooms in the United States is about $12,000, with a typical range of about $6,600 to $17,600. However, knowing that isn't really going to help you set your own budget because they're just averages that don't take your particular house, Arlington bathroom remodeling needs, wants, and finances into account before deciding on a price range for your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX.

If you're worried about staying under budget for your bathroom remodeling project, remember that you don't necessarily need to strip the entire room down to the subfloor and change absolutely everything during your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX. Smaller changes or focusing on one particular area of the room can still net you the transformative results you're looking for while staying within your desired price range. For example, a new vanity, replacing old shower walls or a fresh installation of tile on the walls or floor can go a long way toward making the whole room look brand-new for less during your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX.

Do You Have Tips on Planning a Bathroom Remodel in Arlington, TX?

Before you can get the ball rolling, you need to make a plan for what you want from your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX. Planning can feel overwhelming if you're not sure where to start or what you need to do to make sure everything is included and avoid typical renovation headaches involved in any major remodeling project, such as a bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX.

Here are a few expert tips that will help the planning phase of your Arlington bathroom remodel go smoothly.

1. Think about current and future needs

It's very common to get distracted by those perfectly airbrushed bathroom remodeling photos and forget to focus on what your family really wants and needs—both currently and a few years down the road—from your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX. You need to take care you don't get caught up on expensive trends that will fade away in a few years and leave your room looking dated and out of style.

Our families have a way of changing and growing over time, and you're not likely to get an annual bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX. That's why it can really pay off to spend some time thinking about features that you may not require right this minute, but that will be very beneficial for your household in a couple of years, when planning a bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX.

For example, if you may be welcoming a family member with reduced mobility issues into your home, it makes sense to consider adding accessibility modifications such as a shower seat or grab bars that will make it much easier for those with disabilities to maintain independence in the bathroom. Or, maybe you plan to have children in the near future—if that's the case, you probably want to avoid shower conversion and keep your bathtub. It's a big challenge to bathe a toddler in a shower, so most young families need a bathtub. Thinking about and accounting for these things will help you ensure a long-lasting and functional bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX.

2. Figure out your design aesthetic

For many people, working out a design aesthetic for their Arlington bathroom remodel is the most difficult part. Naturally, you want something that complements the overall style and appearance of your house, but you also need to consider what qualities you want to prioritize when it comes to choosing finishing materials, such as tiles and countertops, for your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX.

Here are some design option questions to ponder when starting any kind of bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX:

  • What design style would best suit my home? (For example: minimalist, rustic, elegant, old-fashioned, modern, Bohemian, etc.)
  • How do I want to use color? (Don't know how to design a color scheme? One trick that can get you started is the 60-30-10 scheme for your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX. That means a primary color will be used on around 60% of your room, 30% will be a complementary secondary color, and the 10% that is left over will be a contrasting accent color.)
  • Am I willing to do more maintenance for a beautiful luxury material like natural stone, or do I prefer lower maintenance, more cost-effective choices like ceramic? (There's no right or wrong answer, but identifying your key priorities can make choosing the right material a lot easier for your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX.)

By considering these things, you can make the entire process smoother when choosing materials, design elements, and even layout options for your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX.

3. Make sure to include lighting and ventilation

Homeowners often ask our handyman team if anything is missing from the rough draft of their Arlington bathroom remodel plan they came up with—and it's not that unusual for us to find that lighting and ventilation have been forgotten in the excitement of choosing the more fun design elements such as tile for your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX. That being said, lighting and ventilation are actually very important for the function and longevity of your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX.

Maybe your room already has sufficient light fixtures, but if you find yourself squinting while you're applying makeup, or just guessing at whether you missed any patches while shaving your legs in the shower, you definitely need a lighting upgrade in your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX. You may not be able to have a ceiling fixture right over your shower, but it should be near enough that it casts ample light in there. It's also critical to have adequate ventilation to prevent moisture damage, such as wood rot. If you have a window that you can open while you're in the shower (and you're willing to open it every single time you use the shower), you may be able to get away without it, but if not, you'll need a bathroom fan to vent steam outdoors. These things, while not as glamorous as picking out new bathroom fixtures, are important aspects of any bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX.

4. Don't forget to add a little luxury

Finally, make sure you add in a bit of luxury or an amenity that you've always wanted into your Arlington bathroom remodel. It could be something big like a claw foot tub or marble countertops, but it doesn't necessarily have to be very costly to give you a taste of a luxury experience.

Small additions such as a one-touch faucet, heated towel rack or seated vanity for cosmetic application could be the ideal way to make your new room feel relaxing and rejuvenating following your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX. Including that little something that your heart desires will make you feel a lot more satisfied with your Arlington bathroom remodel project when it is all said and done.

Should I change the layout of my space during my bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX?

Whether to change the layout during your Arlington bathroom remodel really depends on a few key factors. There are two good reasons why you may want to consider keeping your floor plan as-is:

  • There are only a few standard bathroom layouts that have been designed to maximize space in a small room with a lot of large fixtures and built-in cabinets, and you're going to be considerably limited by the shape and square footage of the room, so it may not be feasible to change up the floor plan and still have enough space to move around. For example, if you've got a long, narrow rectangle, the sink and vanity are likely closest to the door, followed by the toilet, and the shower and/or bathtub is at the end, furthest from the door. There's really not much you can do to switch that up during your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX.
  • It's pretty much always going to be more expensive to move a fixture such as a toilet to a new location rather than just placing a new toilet where the old one used to be, so if budget is a concern, and you have a layout you are okay with, it makes sense to stick with your current floor plan during your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX.

However, if what you have just isn't working, and it does need to be changed, make sure to maximize space for foot traffic and avoid odd angles as much as possible during your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX. Keeping your bathroom clean is a big enough chore without adding more work with a poorly thought-out floor plan. Consider sketching out your thoughts from the top down—it doesn't have to be an artistic masterpiece, but just seeing it in front of you on paper can really help when it comes to identifying potential trouble spots. It will also help give your contractors a clear idea of what you have in mind for your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX.

Do you clean up the mess after a bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX?

Renovation projects like a bathroom or kitchen remodel are typically quite messy, with plenty of drywall dust and sawdust flying around. Someone is going to need to take care of the clean-up once all the work is done, and hopefully, that person will not be you. That's one of the perks of working with our reliable handyman team—we always make sure to clean up after ourselves when a project is finished so all you need to do is relax and enjoy your Arlington bathroom remodel.

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The biggest reason to call the team of service providers at Mr. Handyman for your Arlington bathroom remodel is to get total peace of mind knowing your project will be handled by an expert handyman team, tailored to the unique needs of your household. We will show up promptly for your scheduled appointment and take the time to thoroughly investigate the project, answering any questions you may have about our Arlington bathroom remodeling process before we get started. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, and we will take the steps necessary to ensure the final reveal of your finished bathroom renovation project is everything you hoped it would be when you request our services for your bathroom remodel in Arlington, TX.

Pick up the phone and contact us today to speak with our friendly customer service representatives, and schedule a convenient appointment time, or to find out more about our trusted handyman services in Arlington and nearby areas such as Haltom City, Las Colinas and North Richland Hills.

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