Professional Gutter Cleaning & Repair

When your home’s gutters get filled with debris or won’t work correctly, let our service professionals handle it. Mr. Handyman of Bloomfield/Birmingham offers gutter cleaning and repair services for homeowners across Bloomfield and Birmingham, MI. Ignoring your gutter issues can cause damage to your gutter system from twigs, leaves, and debris. A damaged or clogged gutter system won’t correctly redirect water, damaging your drywall, roof, foundation, basement, soffits, and fascia. Contact us today to get an estimate on our professional gutter cleaning and repair services. 

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Expert Gutter Installation

When you need new gutters, our team offers professional gutter installation services. We can install a new gutter system to redirect water from your roof adequately. During your gutter installation, can inspect the surrounding areas to determine if there are any areas of concern. 

Comprehensive Gutter Services 

Mr. Handyman of Bloomfield/Birmingham ensures your gutters stay in optimal health with expert gutter services. We offer comprehensive gutter services, including: 

  • Gutter & Downspout Cleaning – Downspouts and gutters should be cleared twice yearly. Routine gutter cleaning can help reduce the risk of water damage and avoid potential runoff issues.  
  • Gutter Repair & Maintenance – We perform all types of gutter repairs, including tightening downspouts, securing loose gutters, and re-pitching sagging gutters. Our service professionals will inspect your gutters to determine if they need additional caulking or new hangers for a secure fit.  
  • Gutter Replacement & Installation – Most gutters last about 20 years. If you need a gutter replacement, we can install new rain gutters that work with your home.  

Signs You Need Gutter Repairs 

Gutters should do their job of safely channeling water away from your foundation and roof. Some of the most common signs gutters need repair services include the following: 

  • Uneven Gutters – If your gutters are sagging and uneven, water cannot drain towards the downspouts and will pool in the gutter’s center. 
  • Mildew – Mold growth or water stains under the eaves indicate the gutters are not doing their job. 
  • Pooling Water – When water pools around your foundation, it can lead to foundation cracks and mold growth. 
  • Hardware on the GroundGutters cannot perform their job when they lose their hanging hardware when it becomes loose. 

Tips for Gutters Maintenance   

We understand that most homeowners don’t think much about their gutter system. We rely on our gutters to safely carry water away from our homes. If your gutter has an issue, it’s important to reach out to our professionals. We offer tips for routine gutter maintenance to help boost the lifespan of your gutter systems. We can install gutter guards to help your gutters stay in excellent health without worrying about cleaning them all the time. Our tips for gutter maintenance include the following:  

  • Use work gloves, a putty knife, and a ladder when handling gutters. 
  • Test your gutters with a garden hose after cleaning them. 
  • Take note of the areas in the gutter system that are most likely to get clogged with debris. 
  • Do not use gutters to hang items or to support your body weight.  

How Often Should I Get a Gutter Cleaning Service? 

We recommend gutter cleaning services before and after fall. Debris can build up in your gutters throughout the year. We clean the debris for a clear path for rainfall. If you have a significant amount of trees around the property, we recommend more frequent gutter cleaning. 

Trust Mr. Handyman of Bloomfield/Birmingham  

Our service professionals are trained in the best ways to handle home improvement projects. We can safely clean and repair your gutter system. We’ll help you understand how your gutters work and offer tips to help prevent future issues. We know the most effective ways to take care of your home. We can offer estimates for our gutter repairs. Our team always offers upfront pricing without any hidden fees. You can trust us with your home improvement needs.   

Schedule Gutter Cleaning & Service Today  

Mr. Handyman of Bloomfield/Birmingham offers complete home improvement solutions in Bloomfield, Birmingham, Macomb, Washington, and Harrison Township. We walk you through our gutter repair process and efficiently clean your gutters. Our service professionals can help you with all your home improvement projects. We help boost the look and feel of your home with our handyman services. When you need gutter cleaning and services, trust our team. Contact us today to request an estimate on our gutter services and cleaning today.  

Mr. Handyman of Bloomfield/Birmingham proudly serves Bloomfield, Birmingham, Clinton Township, Fraser, Harrison Township, Macomb, Mount Clemens, New Baltimore, Ray, Sterling Heights, Utica, and Washington. 

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