Professional Shower Door Install & Repair Services

When you need an upgraded shower door or repairs on your existing one, trust our team. Mr. Handyman of Bloomfield/Birmingham, MI, offers shower door installation and repair services across Bloomfield and Birmingham, MI. Our service professionals perform installation and repair services for framed and frameless shower doors. We know the best ways to enhance your shower door and boost its lifespan. We can also help you choose an upgraded version for a new look. Contact us today to learn more about our shower door services.  

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Benefits of Installing Shower Doors

A shower door seems to have the simple job of opening and closing while you shower. Shower doors can provide multiple benefits, including the following:   

  • Shower doors allow more light to flow in your bathroom. 
  • A shower door helps contain warm temperatures while inside the shower. 
  • A shower door offers a boost of privacy. 
  • You can choose from multiple decorative shower doors that meet the style of your bathroom.  

Frameless Shower Door InstallationServices  

Many of our customers love the look of a frameless shower door. Our service professionals provide the perfect fit with thick, heavy glass. Frameless shower doors don’t have metal between the door and the panels. We provide multiple hardware and glass options to meet your style preferences.   

New Shower Door Installation vs. Repair  

Whether you want a new shower door for aesthetics, or you need simple repairs, we can help you through the process. Our team will assess your shower door damage to determine if it can be repaired or replaced. We typically recommend a shower door installation for the following reasons:  

  • You want to change the style of the overall bathroom. 
  • Your shower door cannot be safely repaired. 
  • You need to boost the safety of your current shower door. 
  • You have had multiple repairs on the existing shower door.  

High-Quality Shower Door Repairs  

Scratches and cracks can be a problem on your shower door. Though they are small, tiny cracks can affect the structure and function of the shower door. Our service professionals perform efficient shower door repairs to restore your shower door to optimal condition. Some of the most common shower door repairs we perform include the following:  

  • Dragging Shower Door – When your shower door will not close because it drags, we typically need to adjust or realign it. 
  • Scratches – Our service professionals will fill in locations on your shower door with scratches or marks.  
  • Shower Door Won’t Close – If your shower door won’t stay closed, we check the latches, handles, and hinges for loose screws. 
  • Leaky Door You may notice your shower door leaking if it has loose seals, so we will reapply them.   

Professional Shower Door Installation vs. DIY  

Our service professionals are extensively trained to safely and effectively install shower doors.  

Glass shower installation services should only be performed by a trained professional who knows the best ways to prevent leaks. If you make a slight error, you risk gummy caulking or a leaking glass door. A chip or crack in the glass can cause it to shatter. Let us help you with all your shower door installation needs.  

Why Choose Mr. Handyman of Bloomfield/Birmingham?  

Mr. Handyman of Bloomfield/Birmingham is happy to repair or install your shower door. We help you with all your home improvement needs. We can help you fully renovate your bathroom or install a new shower door. We service Bloomfield/Birmingham, Macomb, Washington, and Harrison Township. Our service professionals can come to your home to offer an estimate on our shower door repair services. We always assess the issue and offer upfront pricing. You can count on our team of service professionals.  

Schedule Shower Door Repairs & Installation Today  

Mr. Handyman of Bloomfield/Birmingham finds fast and effective solutions for your home improvement projects. When you need a new shower door, you can trust our team to correctly install it. We know the best ways to approach home improvement projects throughout your house. Whether you have a framed or frameless shower door, we can service it. Let us help your bathroom look and feel its best with the right type of shower door. Contact us today to schedule shower door installation and repair services.   

Mr. Handyman of Bloomfield/Birmingham proudly serves Bloomfield, Birmingham, Clinton Township, Fraser, Harrison Township, Macomb, Mount Clemens, New Baltimore, Ray, Sterling Heights, Utica, and Washington. 

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