Protect Your Home From Water Damage & Infestations

Clogged gutters can put your home at risk of water damage and pest infestations, compromising the integrity of your soffits, fascia, and siding. Fortunately, Mr. Handyman of Bloomfield/Birmingham offers reliable and insured fascia, soffit, and siding repair services to homeowners in the Macomb, MI area. Our team specializes in repairing all types of siding, including aluminum, vinyl, composite, and wood shingles. We can assess the damage, identify the cause, and provide lasting repairs to prevent future problems. Don't wait until it's too late. Learn more about our soffit and fascia repair services and get in touch with us today to request service with our experienced handymen and safeguard your home against the elements and unwanted visitors.

Mr. Handyman discussing soffit & fascia repair with customer.

Comprehensive Siding Repair Solutions

At Mr. Handyman of Bloomfield/Birmingham, we offer complete repair services for all types of siding. Our professionals use high-quality materials and techniques to fix dings, dents, holes, and rot. We can also remove and replace rotten wood, seal, caulk, and paint damaged siding, and repair under-sheathing, shingles, drip edges, and more. Protect your home's exterior by scheduling an appointment with us today.

FAQs About Soffit, Fascia, and Siding Repair 

What are soffits?  

Your home’s soffit is the material that is installed underneath your fascia, between the home’s exterior and the fascia. It often forms part of the home’s eaves and gutter system, helps circulate air within the attic, and acts as structural support and as part of the home’s drainage solution.  

Do all properties need soffits?  

No, not all homes need soffits. They are used to finish or cover explicit areas of overhanging eaves. If your eaves or rafters do not extend past the edges of your home, you do not need soffits.  

What is fascia?  

Fascia is the horizontal boards installed at the end of your home’s rafters and along the eave area. They protect your home’s exterior from moisture, pests, rodents, and insects and protect the ventilation for your attic. 

What materials are used for soffits and fascia?  

There are many different materials used to make soffits and fascia. Today's most common materials are wood, composite wood, MDF, vinyl, aluminum, and metal.  

What is siding?  

Your home’s exterior siding is a protective material installed on all of the exterior walls of your home. It protects the interior of your home from water damage, mold and mildew, the elements, wind, pests and rodents, animals, dust, and more. Installing exterior siding can improve your home's comfort and energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs. 

How do I know if I need soffit, fascia, or siding repair?  

You should contact our home improvement professionals for soffit, fascia, or siding repair if you notice any obvious damage, degradation, or discoloration of any of the exterior elements of your home. You might also call us for repair after a heavy storm if you plan on selling your home or planning a home renovation or remodel or if your home has suffered from major water, fire, or storm damage. 

Do I need to hire a soffit and fascia repair contractor?  

You should hire a professional to install soffits, fascia, and siding or repair or replace any exterior elements of your home. These jobs require specialized tools, equipment, and knowledge. Hiring one of our professionals will ensure the job is done correctly and according to building codes and other requirements. We will also ensure it is done safely and that the beauty and value of your home are preserved. 

When should I replace my soffits, fascia, or siding?  

You should replace your soffits, fascia, or siding if they are so damaged that they are beyond repair. They can become damaged by weather, extreme heat or cold, the elements, pests or animals, mold or mildew, and impact. You may also want to replace your soffits, fascia, or siding if they are discolored, stained, peeling, cracking, or leaking. 

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Mr. Handyman of Bloomfield/Birmingham offers comprehensive repair services for all your home's needs, from siding and soffit to gutters and more. Our team can order the necessary materials, provide expert repairs, and even offer landscaping and window cleaning services to enhance your home's curb appeal. Don't wait until your home suffers from further damage. Contact us today to request service and protect your home against the elements.

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