Mr. Handyman of Bloomfield Birmingham Installs Vanity Mirrors

Mr. Handyman of Bloomfield Birmingham provides services for installing a bathroom vanity mirror in Michigan. We have curated a satisfactory experience by training professionals with customer-focused care for years. We aim to ensure your home’s interior is decorated and designed to fit your preferences and aesthetics. You deserve to comfortably live in your space, no matter the room or area of the house. If you need assistance choosing the best mirror option for your bathrooms, let us know, and we’d be happy to help you! There are plenty of options, including hanging methods and more. Contact us today for scheduling around Bloomfield, Birmingham, Macomb, Washington, and Harrison Township.  

Mr. Handyman greeting customer before doing vanity bathroom mirror install.

Enhance Your Bathroom with Vanity Mirror Installation 

When you add a new mirror or vanity to your bathroom, you’ll be amazed at how it can transform your space. Whether your bathroom is smaller or larger, this addition can impact the room’s overall feel. You can choose mirrors to accent other decorations to enhance aesthetics and the mood. Our professionals are trained to install any vanity so we can serve you best for an optimal experience! Certain products can be hefty and delicate to handle, so it’s crucial to hire a reliable expert to do the job. You can count on your service being done right the first time with us.  

What Types of Mirrors Can We Install?  

There are several types of mirrors on the market to install a bathroom mirror. Whether you like a frame or prefer an acrylic option to limit the risk of shattering, we can help you choose the right fit for your home. Here are the following types to consider:  

  • Frameless Floating Mirrors – Frameless mirrors are the perfect option for a minimalistic look in your bathroom. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your preferences.  
  • Framed Mirrors – Framed mirrors also come in many sizes, shapes, and colors for the aesthetics of your home’s interior. A professional can usually add a frame for a complete look if you have a frameless mirror.  
  • Mirrored Medicine Cabinet – Mirrored medicine cabinets are an all-in-one option if you need storage space while using a mirror to get ready each day.  
  • Tinted Mirrors – Tinted mirrors come in various options like gray or bronze to add a little flare to your space.  
  • Acrylic Mirrors – These mirrors are a great shatterproof option, as they are made out of lightweight plastic that is resistant to cracking or breaking.  

What Types of Mirror Mounts Do We Use for Installation?  

The type of mirror mount depends on the size and weight of the mirror being installed. When you choose us for service, we will walk you through our process of assessing your walls for the right option for mounting and initial installation. Smaller mirrors generally require nails, hangers, or picture wire for a successful look. Some lightweight products may even be installed with caulk or glue. Larger and heavier mirrors typically take brackets, wall anchors, or bolts for installation.  

Why Should You Choose Us for Service?  

We are committed to providing you with customer-focused care to ensure you receive positive service. If you’re looking for a team of trustworthy handyman professionals to help around your home, we are here to help. When you think your home could benefit from an upgraded look to your bathrooms and additional interior areas, we can help you choose the perfect mirror to install. Consider the following reasons why you should choose us for installing a bathroom vanity mirror:  

  • Each of our technicians is fully insured and has an average of 10 years of experience. 
  • We arrive on time to perform the job efficiently and successfully.  
  • We are reliable and locally owned. 

Let Us Help You with Your Bathroom Mirror Installation 

Mr. Handyman of Bloomfield Birmingham is committed to providing optimal results for your mirror or vanity installation. We value creating a space that fits your style and needs. Whether you need more storage space or a better option to get ready for each day, there are many options to choose from to enhance the use of your bathrooms. No mirror is too big or complicated for us to install! Contact us today to schedule your service around Bloomfield, Birmingham, Macomb, Washington, and Harrison Township.  

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