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Looking for a reputable handyman in Doylestown to repair or replace your windows? Trust Mr. Handyman of Blue Bell and Doylestown. We can repair all kinds of window issues or replace the window for you. 

As people like you, we understand window issues are an urgent matter. So, you can trust our experienced craftsmen to show up on time and repair your windows quickly. For your peace of mind, we back our services with a one-year warranty.

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6 Common Window Issues & Our Repair Solutions

Windows play a crucial role in maintaining the comfort, aesthetics, and energy efficiency of your home. However, they can experience issues over time that might compromise their functionality and appearance. 

Here are just six common window problems we can help fix:

  • Drafts & Air Leaks. Drafts caused by gaps in window frames, damaged weatherstripping, or poor sealing can result in energy loss and discomfort. We can replace weatherstripping or seal any gaps.
  • Condensation Between Glass Panes. Condensation or fog in double-pane windows is often caused by a broken seal. We can identify the cause and repair the window for you.
  • Window Won’t Open or Close Properly. Difficult-to-operate windows can result from track, hinge, or hardware issues, including misalignment. Our craftsmen will inspect hardware, lubricate tracks and hinges, and realign frames as needed.
  • Cracked or Broken Glass. Accidents, weather, or impacts can lead to cracked glass, compromising security and aesthetics. We'll take accurate measurements and fitting for a new pane, restoring your window's integrity.
  • Rotting or Decaying Window Frames. Wooden window frames can rot with exposure to moisture and harsh weather. We'll assess the damage, remove the rotted sections, and replace them with durable, treated wood.
  • Window Locks and Latches. Faulty or broken window locks and latches can jeopardize your home's security. We can repair and replace these components as needed.

With over 30 years of experience, count on us to handle your service with ease. Book your Doylestown window repair service online or call us today.

We Warranty Our Window Repairs

We’re confident in our skill and ability to fix your window. But for your peace of mind, we’ll back your window repair with a one-year warranty. If something wasn’t done right, let us know within a year of your service. Per our Neighborly Done Right Promise™, we’ll make it right.

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