Do you ever go to your bathroom and feel that it no longer provides you with the comfort it once did? Perhaps the bath and shower combo has become a nuisance, and stepping in and out of the tub is simply not safe for an elderly family member. Or the exhaust fan hasn’t been working properly in a while, causing a high level of steam after every hot shower. Other people complain about the lack of storage space, or there is too much space, and you don’t know how to effectively utilize it. This sounds like a job for our Burleson bathroom remodeling team!

At Mr. Handyman of Burleson, Midlothian and E Cleburne, we are professionals in home improvement projects. When you hire our expert Burleson handyman team, they will go above and beyond to meet your expectations. Our top priority is to ensure that you feel safe and comfortable in your very own home. 

Want to learn more about bathroom remodeling? Burleson TX residents are invited to give us a call at (817) 587-9887 to speak with our experienced team. Schedule a convenient appointment with one of our local pros, or keep on reading to find out more about this exceptional handyman service! Soon you’ll be pampering yourself in your dream bathroom.

What Does Burleson Bathroom Remodeling Include?

At Mr. Handyman, we take your Burleson bathroom remodeling project seriously. A remodel is more than simply replacing your floor tiles, toilet, and other plumbing fixtures. The goal is to improve the functionality, so you’ll get more out of your sacred space. But before the project starts, there is a list of preparations. When you hire our Burleson handyman professionals, we guarantee you will move on a lot faster with your remodeling project.

Consultation, Inspection, and Planning

Suppose you already have a clear idea of what you want. In that case, we recommend that you make a detailed list and perhaps even create a drawing should you want anything moved around. The goal of the consultation service is for our Burleson bathroom remodelers to understand your pain points. They will share relevant suggestions to help create a better environment and look at functions you want to improve. While we are there, we’ll document any existing conditions and make a detailed floor plan of what you want changed. During the consultation, we’ll also chat about your budget and answer any questions you may have regarding the timeline, quality materials, suppliers, and more.

We understand that Burleson bathroom remodeling is a huge project for a homeowner. You want to make it right and ensure every small detail is taken care of. The consultation and planning process could take a few weeks to complete. We want to make sure you agree with the final design and that all concerns have been addressed. 

Once all is confirmed, including material delivery, we will move forward with the building permit application.

Popular List of a Burleson Bathroom Remodel

From plumbing fixture upgrades to a complete revamp, our Burleson bathroom remodeling services are comprehensive. In case you’re still researching and hunting for ideas, here are some of the wide range of upgrades we complete for our customers:

  • Tub-to-shower conversion
  • Walk-in bathtub installation
  • New tile installation (flooring, shower walls)
  • Beautiful bathroom vanity installation (i.e., double vanity)
  • Marble countertops, granite countertops
  • Floating cabinets
  • Shelving units
  • Mirror cabinets and niches 
  • Improved light fixtures
  • New exhaust fan installation
  • New sink installation
  • Shower heads
  • Guest bath remodel
  • Limited mobility modifications (i.e., grab bar installations, shower seats)

Besides providing you with the highest quality products, rest assured that you’ll get excellent service from start to finish. We understand the stress and headache that come with this type of project. So we want to make sure your bathroom transformation goes as smoothly as possible. With our high commitment to excellence, expect your Burleson bathroom remodeling to provide a jaw-dropping view!

Why Mr. Handyman Is Your Best Choice For Burleson Bathroom Remodeling

Mr. Handyman has been serving local communities since the 1990s, delivering excellent workmanship that always guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. There is a reason why we have become one of North America’s top-rated home services franchises. Every location is a locally owned and operated business that is solely dedicated to the needs of its local customers. What makes us stand out from the competition is that we put our customers first. Our goal is to build strong relationships through transparency and clear communication. Our customers also get the peace of mind knowing that every handyman service is backed by our Fixed Right Guarantee®. This is a one-year labor warranty that ensures every job is done the right the first time. And that includes a bath remodel done right.

FAQs About Bathroom Remodeling | Burleson, TX

What’s the Average Cost of Burleson Bathroom Remodeling?

Every homeowner has different preferences and bathroom remodel ideas. Plus, not every bath is created equal. This type of improvement project can be very complex, especially when the gutting process is extensive. We highly recommend that you give us a call at (817) 587-9887 to describe the type of Burleson bathroom remodeling you’re looking for. We may be able to give you an average price range for different examples. But your best option would be to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced pros. We are happy to chat with you about the pricing of a complete overhaul versus a simple shower remodel.

What is the Difference Between a Bathroom Remodel and a Bathroom Renovation?

It’s common for people to use these two terms interchangeably, and you will find a lot of articles that do so. Generally, a remodel is about improving the functionality of a space and involves changing its form and structure. A good example, in this case, is a bathtub-to-shower conversion or custom cabinet installation.

On the other hand, a renovation focuses on restoring a bath’s original functions through repairs and upgrading small fixtures. But it may also involve a bathtub or toilet replacement.

Treat Yourself to the Luxury You Deserve With Burleson Bathroom Remodeling!

Have you been putting off your ultimate Burleson bathroom remodeling service until now because you couldn’t find a suitable remodeling contractor? Your timing can’t be any better! Our expert bath design team is here to help guide you through the process with ease!

Contact us today to speak with one of our customer service representatives! We proudly serve our local community in Burleson and surrounding areas, including Crowley, Primrose, and Briaroaks.

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