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A deck or patio is an extension of your living space where you go to relax and entertain. It’s important to keep your deck or patio in top-notch condition. Mr. Handyman of Canton and Woodstock provides deck and patio repair services in Canton and Woodstock, GA. Our experienced professionals can handle all aspects of your deck repairs, including eliminating wood rot and replacing deck boards. Reach out to us today to learn more about our professional patio and deck repair services. 

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Identifying the Need for Deck or Patio Repairs

Identifying the need for deck or patio repairs can be tricky. Loose railings, missing boards, or signs of rot can indicate underlying issues. As professionals, we assess the damage and recommend appropriate solutions based on the type and extent of the problem. Our experts will explain the necessary repairs and offer an upfront estimate.  

Comprehensive Patio & Deck Repair Services  

Our team performs all types of patio and deck repair services. Wood contracts and expands over time. The nails may loosen, rot and rust may form around the fasteners, or your railing may start to break down. Some of the most common deck and patio repairs we perform include the following: 

  • Board replacement 
  • Nail and fastener repairs 
  • Deck dry rot repairs  
  • Grading repairs 
  • Upgrade installation 
  • Railing replacement 
  • Footing installation and repairs  

Common Reasons for Deck Repairs  

Decks and patios face the everyday elements of outdoor living. Our team offers repairs for the most common deck and patio issues, including:   

Uneven Decks   

Decks weaken over time or move as their support members settle into the ground. Strains on your deck may cause it to be wobbly, slanted, or uneven.  

Pest Invasion  

When wood is untreated, pests attack it. Insect damage caused by ants, termites, or woodworms can be disastrous to your deck or patio boards.   

Damaging Weather  

Weather often caused discoloration, rotting, or scuffling. Damaging winds and rain can cause splinters and rot to form.   

Deck & Patio Repair vs. Replacement  

We do our best to perform high-quality deck or patio repairs before determining they are a loss. If there is structural damage, we typically suggest a patio or deck replacement. We can repair minor patio or deck damage. We put safety first, so we will explain the reasons why we choose specific repairs for your deck or patio.  

We Paint & Stain Surfaces   

Maintaining the aesthetics of your deck or patio is as important as ensuring its functionality. Our painting and staining services not only refresh the look of your outdoor space but also help protect it from the elements. Choose from durable oil-based paint for high-traffic areas or crack-resistant latex paint for spots with direct sunlight exposure.  

Effective Power Washing Services  

Our team understands a clean deck or patio is the perfect place to relax. We offer professional power washing services to remove dirt and debris effectively. We use power washing to prepare the area for any repairs and leave your outdoor space looking as good as new.  

Tips to Boost Your Patio & Deck Lifespan  

Prevention is always better than cure. Our service professionals provide regular maintenance and inspections to help prevent significant deck or patio repairs. Periodic pressure washing, replacing damaged parts, and refinishing the deck every two to three years are some ways to keep your outdoor space in top shape. We customize our patio and deck services to meet the needs of your space.   

Why ChooseMr. Handyman of Canton and Woodstock?  

Mr. Handyman of Canton and Woodstock is here for all your home improvement projects. We can help you with everything from staining your deck and assembling furniture to repairing walls and installing handrails. We can come to your home to offer an estimate on our home renovation services. Our team will assess your deck or patio damage to determine the severity. We always provide upfront and honest pricing. When you need high-quality repairs performed with a smile, you can count on us.  

Contact Us for Professional Patio & Deck Repairs  

Our team is trained to handle any type of deck or patio issue, including rotten wood, loose railings, or broken boards. Rotten wood is a safety hazard that must be addressed quickly. Our team works efficiently to repair your deck and patio damages. We know the best and safest ways to address your deck or patio concerns. We want you to enjoy your outdoor living space without worrying about safety issues. Contact us today to schedule patio and deck repair services.   

Mr. Handyman of Canton and Woodstock proudly serves Canton, Holly Springs, Lebanon, and Woodstock. 

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