Enhance the Beauty of Your Home with Crown Molding

Crown molding can enhance the beauty and value of your home and draw attention to other decorative architectural elements. Rather than trying to figure out how to install crown molding on cabinets or walls yourself, you should hire a professional. At Mr. Handyman of Chapel Hill and West Durham, our team of experienced home service professionals specializes in crown molding repair and installation. Whether you’re remodeling, have just moved into a new home, or want to renovate your home to increase its resale value, we can help. Call us today to schedule an appointment or request an estimate for the crown molding installation cost in Chapel Hill, Durham, Bynum, or Carrboro, NC. 

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What Is Crown Molding?

Crown molding is a decorative strip of material that can enhance the beauty of your home’s existing architectural elements. It was originally used to hide gaps between a home’s wall and ceiling, but modern uses of crown molding are primarily decorative. Crown molding installation is most commonly done on the top of the wall where it meets the ceiling. However, you can also install crown molding on cabinets, shelving, around door frames, and anywhere else that could benefit from added architectural interest. Crown molding adds decorative flair and style to a room, and you can choose from various materials, colors, shapes, and styles of crown molding.

Our Crown Molding Installation Services  

Our team of professionals has extensive experience in crown molding installation. We can help you choose the best type of crown molding for each room and ensure it is installed professionally, correctly, and beautifully. Rather than waste time teaching yourself how to install crown molding, leave it to our professionals, who arrive with the tools, expertise, and equipment needed to get the job done right the first time. We specialize in crown molding installation and crown molding repair for all materials, including:  

  • Composite  
  • Flexible 
  • MDF 
  • Metal 
  • Polystyrene 
  • Polyurethane 
  • Vinyl 
  • Wood  

Signs You Need Crown Molding Repair  

Like any other part of your home, crown molding can damage or degrade over the years. If you don’t know how to repair crown molding yourself, our team of professionals can help. We have extensive experience in crown molding repair and can ensure that repairs are done safely, professionally, and precisely so that the beauty and value of your home are preserved. Call us today if you notice any of these signs you need crown molding repair:  

  • Crown molding is separating from the wall. 
  • Crown molding is chipped, cracked, or broken. 
  • Molding has pet scratches, damage from children, or dings from doors. 
  • Insects or pests damage molding. 
  • Crown molding needs to be repainted.  
  • Pieces are missing from the design, or molding sections have fallen.  

Why Choose Mr. Handyman for Crown Molding Services  

At Mr. Handyman of Chapel Hill and West Durham, we offer the community reliable, expert handyman services. We have a team of experienced home service professionals on call, ready to help you improve your home's beauty, value, safety, and comfort. No job is too big or too small for our team. We specialize in home improvement, home maintenance, and home repairs, from interior and exterior painting to custom carpentry work and furniture assembly. Even if you have experience doing your home repairs and home improvement projects, we can save you time and money and reduce your stress. Our goal is to offer a worry-free experience and a professional approach to home services. We are a proud member of the Neighborly family of home service experts, and if you need a home service we don’t offer, we’re happy to refer you to another member of the family.  

Request an Estimate for Crown Molding Installation Cost  

Call us today to schedule a consultation or request an estimate for crown molding installation costs in Chapel Hill, Durham, Bynum, or Carrboro, NC. We will assess your space, discuss your needs and goals, and find the best way to bring your vision to life. We also offer crown molding repair services that enhance your home's beauty, value, and aesthetic appeal.  

Mr. Handyman of Chapel Hill and West Durham proudly serves Bynum, Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Pittsboro. 

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