If you live in Colorado Springs, there’s a good chance you love the outdoors. As a homeowner, if you don’t already have a deck, it’s likely high on your priority list, and you’re currently searching for an expert Colorado Springs deck builder to help with the project. With heaps of experience, there’s no one better to uplevel your outdoor living space than your Colorado Springs handyman.

Why? Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs is a trusted name in the community. We’re known for our quality workmanship, professional service, and efficient process. We’ll handle the entire deck job from start to finish, working with our team of designers to create the custom deck of your dreams.

Looking for a deck builder in Colorado Springs, CO? Look no further than our qualified team. You can learn more about our deck building service by calling our friendly customer service line or reading the details ahead.

About Our Deck Builders in Colorado Springs, CO

Decks create outdoor entertaining spaces, transforming backyards to have separate areas that better house outdoor furniture, barbecues, fire pits, and more. When it comes to building a deck from the ground up, there’s much to think about, and that’s just one of the reasons involving a professional deck builder can be such an asset. At Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs, our focus is not only on building you a quality deck but also ensuring it’s one that meets your needs and desires. A beautiful deck is nothing if it isn’t built to last, and with our guaranteed workmanship, the longevity of your deck is something you can take to the bank.

What’s exactly involved in the deck building process? It’s split up into sections that include an initial inspection, planning and design, construction, finishing, and then a final inspection. We’re nothing if we’re not thorough, and when your deck job is completed, you can feel total peace of mind. Read on to discover more about each step in the process.

Initial Inspection

This is, perhaps, the most important part of the deck installation process. During your initial inspection, we’ll need to find out where the buried utility lines are on your property and if there are any additional obstructions that could cause complications in the construction process. We’ll inspect the area you would like to build on and determine if it is indeed suitable for the type of deck you are picturing. 

One of the many great things about decks is that there are so many different types. Not all of them require posts dug deep into the ground, and as long as there are no obvious obstructions, we can also build a floating deck that sits on top of planks or concrete blocks on your grass or soil. Regardless of what type of deck you are installing, we will need to inspect the soil conditions to ensure they can support this large structure. Failure to do so may mean your deck will sink over time. This first inspection appointment will give us the information we need to start the next step in the process.

Planning & Design

Using the information we have collected during your inspection, we will sit down with you to plan your dream deck. Certain obstructions may mean that your deck must be a certain shape or size, but our deck designers will get creative to make sure you are happy before we start any construction. There is much to consider when designing a deck, including a wide range of deck materials, styles, finishes, and additional elements. From natural wood to composite materials, your final deck design will be reflective of your personal preferences for style, as well as your family’s needs. Consider additional features to add on cool shade options, such as deck covers or pergolas, as well as concepts such as outdoor kitchens and fire pits.


Before construction can begin, if you already have a deck, we’ll need to remove it. With a blank slate, we’ll then dig the necessary holes for the deck posts before installing them and setting them in concrete footings. Decks come in all shapes and sizes, and the construction of yours may involve building multiple tiers. After the deck planks have been laid and secured, our custom deck builders install the stairs and railings, secure them in place, and just like that, the building process is complete!


Depending on the type of decking material you choose, you may have opted to either stain or paint your planks. Composite decks do not need to be stained or painted since they come in a wide variety of colors, and the material is moisture-repellent. Wood decks, on the other hand, require staining, and you’ll choose from water-based, oil-based, or hybrid stain. Alternatively, you could also choose to paint your wood deck any color you wish.

Final Inspection & Cleanup

We want to ensure that your new deck meets your discerning needs before we leave your property. We also take care to remove all of the mess we made during the construction process so that you are free to use your deck without worrying about cleanup. If you have any questions about deck maintenance, this is the time to ask. Proper deck maintenance will extend the life of the structure, and this involves cleaning and addressing issues as soon as they occur. Our qualified team also takes care of deck repair, pressure washing, and wood rot, and remember, calling us for an annual inspection can help resolve small issues before they turn into larger ones.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman for Deck Installation in Colorado Springs, CO?

Deck projects are very common in Colorado Springs. This means you have many deck companies to choose from during your vetting process. So why choose Mr. Handyman as your Colorado Springs deck builder? Just ask our customers or read our reviews! They’ll tell you that we’re known for our beautiful, long-lasting decks, along with top-tier service, expert craftsmen, and quality workmanship in all that we do.

Our dedicated team is skilled in a wide range of services to help improve the look of your home. Deck building is just one of the many professional services we offer for your home’s exterior to deliver not only curb appeal but to help increase your property value and keep your dwelling safe and comfortable too. Other reasons we think you’ll love what we offer:

Experienced, Professional Handymen

Our background-checked team of professional handymen has an average of ten years of experience among them. With a diverse crew, there is never a short supply of talent with extensive experience in the job they are performing. You will always receive a pro for your deck building project and every other service you hire us for. Whether you need a carpenter, painter, or deck contractor, we deliver.

Quality Workmanship

When hiring our expert team, you can always count on a job well done. Our decades of combined experience ensure that every job we perform is completed correctly and efficiently and will last.

Locally Owned and Operated Company

There’s such a fuss being made about local products and services these days. Are they really worth it? Yes, and we’ll tell you why. Just like locally grown produce, local companies are better for the economy. Hiring locally helps increase demand for businesses in your area which in turn creates jobs. On top of that, local companies employ local workers, and in the realm of home improvement services, it’s valuable for a handyman to be in the know about neighborhoods, weather, soil, and general recommendations that are geared around Colorado Springs’ unique characteristics.

What’s more, though Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs is a locally owned company, it’s part of a national franchise. That means you get the best of both worlds: a familiar, friendly team and unwavering standards.

Done Right Promise

What’s better than quality workmanship? Quality workmanship that’s backed by a guarantee. Because Mr. Handyman is a national franchise with exceptional standards, we back every single job we perform with a Done Right Promise. Our promise to you is that if, for any reason, our work doesn’t meet your expectations, we’ll come back and make it right.

Looking for “deck builders near me?” The search is over. Give our friendly customer care team a call today to get started!

FAQs About Deck Installation in Colorado Springs, CO

Do you have questions about deck installation in Colorado Springs, CO? We have answers. Read ahead for our responses to some of our most frequently asked questions, or give our friendly staff a call. 

How Long Does it Take to Build a Deck?

As you know, building a deck involves numerous different steps. While we pride ourselves on completing projects efficiently, deck building isn’t one that will ever be completed in a single day. The actual amount of time it takes to complete your outdoor space varies since the types and sizes of decks do too. Things that affect the length of your unique project include:

  • Clearing obstructions
  • The design process
  • Gathering building supplies
  • The construction process
  • Applying finishes
  • Installing additional elements (i.e., outdoor fireplace, counter space)

What Are the Benefits of Building a Deck in Colorado Springs?

If you don’t already have a deck in Colorado Springs, you’ll certainly want to install one quickly. Why? Deck installation brings many benefits that are advantageous to you now and in the future. Here are a few of the largest benefits a deck can lend local homeowners such as yourself:

  • Increased curb appeal. Or backyard appeal–wherever your deck is located. A beautiful deck will elevate the appearance of your home’s exterior as long as you keep it in great shape.
  • Increased entertaining areas. If you like to entertain, then a deck is essential. It will give you an additional area to enjoy with friends and family when your living room is too hot or stuffy.
  • Increased property value. If you are ever thinking of selling your home, you will get a serious return on investment when cashing in on the sale–especially in Colorado Springs. Decks are one of the main features potential buyers look for in a home in this area, which means you will get your money back and more when it comes time to sell.

Do I Need a Permit to Build a Deck in Colorado Springs, CO?

Yes, you will need to obtain a permit to install a deck in Colorado state. However, there is an exception to this rule. If you are building a freestanding deck that’s not larger than 30 cm off the ground, you will not need a permit.

Thinking of installing an outdoor kitchen or fireplace as well? You will need additional permits for these features. Certain building codes must be followed as well, but you can leave that all to your Colorado Springs deck builder. We know exactly which rules to follow and forms to fill out, so you’ll never have to second guess yourself and risk a fine during the construction process.

Is it Expensive to Build a Deck in Colorado Springs?

Decks come in many different sizes and styles. Some use cedar wood, while others use composite. Some homeowners prefer glass panel railings, while others want simple slats. The actual cost you pay depends on factors such as materials, size, project complexity, labor costs, additional elements, and more. With that said, many find that outdoor enjoyment outweighs the costs. Give our dedicated team a call today to discuss the ideas you have for your project.

Looking to Elevate Your Outdoor Space? Here’s Your Colorado Springs Deck Builder from Mr. Handyman!

Deck installation is undoubtedly one of the best decisions you’ll make for your home and family. Expanding your outdoor areas to relax and entertain, choosing Colorado Springs deck builders with extensive experience and an excellent reputation will see that you get the deck of your dreams.

Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs is known for our expansive range of reliable services that include everything from drywall repair to kitchen remodeling. Get in touch with our knowledgeable customer service team today to learn more!

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