Need a Highlands Ranch Handyman For Property Maintenance?

As a popular, family-friendly suburb, Highlands Ranch is ranked as one of the best places to live in Colorado. Beside the sparse suburban vibe, you are close to all your favorite amenities, including parks within walking distance and other fun family-oriented activities.

As a proud homeowner, it’s easy to get caught up in work and daily chores. If you have a busy schedule and lifestyle, you may want to take your time off to wind down or hit the mountains with your family. Of course, you still care for your home and want all the seasonal maintenance and necessary repairs out of the way, so you can fully enjoy the peak seasons.

Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs, S Littleton and Parker is happy to inform you that you are not alone in this. Your local Highlands Ranch handyman has the tools and knowledge to get all your maintenance, repair, and other handyman projects in your checklist ticked off. This way, you won’t fall behind and will get the peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and even more comfortable than before!

While it’s a rewarding experience to own a home, you may have forgotten something. Besides the monthly payment on your home, there is also the 1% sunk cost that goes towards maintenance and potential repairs. The goal of our Highlands Ranch handyman services is to keep it at maintenance and crossing our fingers for you that no major repairs are needed on your property. With a trustworthy handyman, Highlands Ranch, CO homeowners will always stay on top of any important duties!


A handyman from Mr. Handyman replacing a deck board in a large deck during an appointment for deck repair.

Pressure-treated wood or natural cedar are highly preferred for deck building. Either one is moisture-resistant and highly durable. But any type of wood material requires periodic maintenance that includes sanding, pressure washing and resealing. If your deck boards look wet and grimy after a long, cold winter, it’s worth checking how fast it dries in the spring, and before you plan a backyard party, have a professional Highlands Ranch handyman inspect and maintain your deck to ensure its structural integrity is in good condition. If you haven’t maintained your favorite outdoor living space and have left pieces of furniture outside throughout the winter, you may be in need of some deck repair. Warning signs include:

  • Rotted boards, discolored patches in formerly wet spots
  • Wobbly railings
  • Damaged deck stairs
  • Soil erosion around deck footing
  • Corroded parts (screws, brackets)
  • Cracks, splinters, and holes
  • Termite damage
  • Improper installation

Pro Tip!

Once you have had a Highlands Ranch handyman take care of efficient deck repair service, be careful when decorating the surface with furniture or rugs. Always ensure to winterize by either moving your furniture into a storage or covering them from top to bottom. Always hang your fabric or synthetic rug to air dry after the rain, allowing your deck surface to dry.

Deck maintenance may not be everyone’s favorite. When local customers ask for alternative materials, we usually recommend composite decking. You’ll get more resilience out of wood when combining it with synthetic materials. Though composite costs more than your regular wood deck, it will decrease the level of maintenance needed and still last you up to 30 years.


Wood and steel doors are by far the most common in Colorado. Not only are they highly durable and cost-effective, but they can last for up to 30 years if you maintain them well. It’s essential to sand and reseal wooden doors and reapplying protective coating or paint on your steel door. But there is a lot more! Not many people realize that every time they open and close their doors it contributes to deterioration. Are you gentle or are you a slammer?

When hiring our professional and insured handyman, Highlands Ranch, CO property owners can rely on us to check the interior and exterior walls as well as the door frame. Frequent slamming can deteriorate the frame’s integrity and lead to drafts and other weather damage. Another thing that often goes unnoticed is house settlement, during which the corners of your home settle into place. While your home is built to settle evenly, it’s not uncommon to experience slight tilting. If your interior floors and walls shift, so will the frame of your door. You can look for yourself by checking closely for visible gaps. If you can see outside light, you may need a door realignment.

Pro Tip!

Tired of frequent door repairs or maintenance? The best, most weatherproof doors that we have ever installed are fiberglass doors. They are extremely energy-efficient and durable. Maintain it with a little warm water and soap, and that’s pretty much it!


Gutter cleaning is the ultimate handyman service we provide to our local community on a seasonal basis. Gutter health is vital if you want to maintain a functioning drainage system that protects your home from condensation and water damage.

Clogged gutters can wreak serious damage to your property that may include:

  • Roof damage
  • Foundation damage
  • Basement flooding
  • Mold and mildew in attic
  • Decreased efficiency of attic insulation
  • Blocked soffit vents
  • Wood rot on fascia boards
  • Water damage on siding
  • Sagging gutters
  • Ice dams

With the expertise of a helpful handyman, Highlands Ranch CO homeowners can rely on expert service professionals to complete a thorough inspection and cleaning service, ensuring the downspout pipes dispose of rainwater safely.

We’ll also go the extra mile to check your soffit and fascia health. Soffits are the perforated system underneath your roof eaves which are designed to circulate air through your attic and allow your roof to breathe. On the other hand, your fascia are the front-facing boards along the side of your roof’s overhang. As an exterior trim, they not only give your property a finished look, but they also hold your gutter system in place.

While soffit and fascia are primarily made of aluminum materials, you may still find wood-based materials on older properties. If you notice warning signs like peeling paint, or leaky gutters on your roofline, we highly recommend scheduling an inspection service with your Highlands Ranch handyman to avoid any future problems.


A handyman from Mr. Handyman spreading tile sealer over a tiled shower floor after new tiles have been installed.

It’s hard to imagine a home without tiles, whether it’s the bathroom floor, shower wall, or kitchen backsplash. Tile installation is a major part of our Highlands Ranch handyman services, whether you’re looking to install a brand-new ceramic floor or want a porcelain countertop. Whichever type you end up choosing, tile is very versatile, durable, and low-maintenance as long as chemical cleaners are avoided. Depending on its purpose or your preference, different kinds of surface finish are also available, such as glazing, which means the surface is covered with liquefied glass to give it a smoother, glass-like appearance. Glazing is ideal for backsplashes where grease, oils, and other dirt tend to stick. Glazed surfaces are easier to wipe clean and you won’t have to worry about regrouting.

Crumbling grout is a frequent household problem that Highlands Ranch homeowners experience. As a highly porous material, it's natural for grout to absorb dirt and change color. Over time, it becomes crumbly and falls out of place, leaving the tile sheets unprotected. Grout repair services are common besides tile repairs.

Do you need tile repair services for your shower walls? If you experience a hairline crack or a chip, you can count on your local Highlands Ranch handyman to check for any underlying issues before completing efficient repairs with epoxy.

Pro Tip!

Don’t want to experience any grout line issues in the future? Ask your Highlands Ranch handyman about using epoxy grout during an installation. Unlike standard grout, epoxy grout provides more non-porous qualities. Or opt for surface glazing (though not recommended for floors due to slip hazard).

One tip for maintenance is to regularly clean your tile with white vinegar and water rather than strong detergents. It’s the best way to keep chalk residue (efflorescence) from settling on your tile system. Mineral deposits like that can wear out the sealant that protects your ceramic and porcelain tile.

Highlands Ranch Handyman Remodeling Services

There are many reasons why property owners plan a home remodeling service. Perhaps you bought your current home for a good deal and have some leftover money to alter it according to your preferences. Or you plan to sell it in the near future and want to revamp the interior and exterior to boost home value and curb appeal. When we speak of home remodeling, it involves various improvement projects, as well as material upgrades. Most common home remodeling projects include:

  • Bathroom remodeling: If you don’t feel comfortable in your own bathroom, the future owners probably won’t either. In a bathroom remodel, you may want to consider upgrading your plumbing fixtures, improving light fixtures, and upgrading your ventilation system. You may also want to install new tiles and have your Highlands Ranch handyman check the drywall for any water damage. If you have a small bathroom and want to maximize floor space, consider installing floating cabinets and shelving units to lift as much off the ground as possible. Looking for a tub-to-shower conversion? No problem!
  • Floor installation: OId laminate flooring may not be as attractive as luxury vinyl plank. Or perhaps the kids have moved out, and you no longer need carpet to serve as a protective flooring material.
  • Drywall repair: Perhaps you have noticed drafts in your home and an energy auditor has confirmed that your drywall’s efficiency has decreased and it’s time to switch out the batt insulation. Drywall repair is fairly common during remodeling services, such as a kitchen remodel. When thinking about upgrading your cabinets, we usually recommend replacing your drywall for maximum efficiency.
  • Custom carpentry: Speaking of cabinets, we provide custom carpentry to meet specific needs. Moreover, your local Highlands Ranch handyman believes in sourcing wood locally, so you know exactly where your material comes from. Need a carpenter handyman? Highlands Ranch, CO homes are in safe hands!
  • Window repair or replacement: While double-pane windows are designed to last for at least 20 years, a lot can go wrong such as poor installation or severe weather conditions. Insulating glass units (also known as IGUs) consist of two glass panes with air or gas trapped in between them to provide the insulating properties. If that seal is broken, you would experience fog and condensation in between the panes. Rather than wasting money on a temporary fix, we’d usually recommend a window replacement service to recover your window’s energy efficiency.

Highlands Ranch Handyman Services For Commercial Properties

Highlands Ranch businesses are thriving—though not without the necessary routine maintenance! As a business owner or building manager, you most likely document any maintenance and repairs that occur on your property or commercial space. For health and safety purposes, it’s essential that you follow local codes and schedule any essential services on a periodic basis.

When hiring our professional handyman, Highlands Ranch, CO business owners can count on the following handyman services:

  • Automatic door installation
  • Door closer installation
  • Antibacterial door handles
  • Commercial carpentry
  • Cubicle and furniture assembly
  • Drywall and stucco repair
  • Drop ceiling, grid ceiling installation and repair
  • Graffiti removal
  • And much more!

With expert Highlands Ranch handyman services, you won’t even notice we’re there. Instead, you’ll be enjoying an improved work environment for you, your employees, and customers!

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If home maintenance strikes you as a burden, don’t worry, we have you covered with our reliable handyman services. As your locally-owned and operated business, Mr. Handyman only hires trained professionals who have passed their background check program and bring an average of ten years of trades experience. Unlike other handyman services contractors, we provide our local customers with guaranteed workmanship and customer service.

We are proud to serve our community in Highlands Ranch, as well as our neighbors in Littleton, Black Forest, and Manitou Springs. Call our friendly office team to schedule a no-obligation appointment and learn more about why we’re considered Highlands Ranch’s best handyman company!