Perry Park Handyman Services For Residential Properties

If you’re a homeowner in Perry Park, Douglas County, you likely enjoy spending time in nature or on the golf course. Whether you want to be close to water, forests, or mountains, everything is within walking distance. So who would want to stay at home and get caught up in maintenance chores? Regardless, it’s essential to maintain your property and prepare it for specific seasons.

Our local Perry Park handyman services are designed to help the local community stay on top of their seasonal maintenance, as well as basic home repairs. Furthermore, we offer various home improvement projects, such as bathroom remodeling and aging in place services to promote safety and mobility within your own home.

As your locally-owned and operated handyman company, Mr. Handyman of Colorado Springs, S Littleton and Parker is proud to be your one-stop shop for all your property maintenance and repair needs. Don’t struggle on your own, or put your safety at risk. Our Perry Park handyman team is insured, bonded, and experienced, so why not let us do the hard work for you?

Being a homeowner is more than just having assets; it’s about being independent and having a place to call your own. With that in mind, many property owners are conscientious and thorough when it comes to home maintenance and improvements. But with the helping hand of a trusted Perry Park handyman, you’ll be able to get things done faster and more efficiently.


A handyman from Mr. Handyman installing a replacement deck board while providing services for deck maintenance.

As an important extension of your living space, your deck plays a huge role in connecting you with the outdoor area of your home. As a slightly elevated surface, it feels good to stand tall and be able to observe the mountains as the sun rises or sets. We have encountered some talented DIY professionals among our customers who have built their own deck, but, unfortunately, didn’t keep up with the required maintenance to keep it in good condition.

Whether you used natural cedar wood or preserved wood that’s widely available in hardware stores, it’s important to know that either one requires periodic sanding, pressure-washing, and resealing. Healthy cedar wood is naturally moisture-resistant and so is pressure-treated lumber that you can recognize by some distinguishable green colors on the surface because copper components are used as a preservative.

However, weather damage is no myth, from fluctuating temperatures to high UV rays and snow. It’s inevitable that the protective sealant will wear off or unnoticed cracks will invite water to penetrate the core. When hiring a qualified handyman, Perry Park homeowners can expect the following services:

  • Deck inspection: surface, footings, posts, joists, railings, stairs
  • Check for soil erosion and drainage
  • Pressure washing or power washing
  • Sanding off splinters and small cracks
  • Fix large cracks and holes with wood filler
  • Replace rotted boards
  • Replace corroded metals (screws, fasteners) with stainless steel or coated steel

Pro Tip!

Do you have a lot of furniture on your deck? To minimize potential damage, we highly recommend storing them in the garage or shed over the winter months and removing any rugs that would otherwise hold moisture.

When it’s time for a replacement, many homeowners ask their Perry Park handyman whether there is a deck type that requires less maintenance. Our answer is composite decking. Composite materials consist of wood pulp and synthetic materials that create strength, resilience, and durability. Although composite decks are pricier than their wood counterparts, they don’t require any sealing and can easily be maintained with mild soap and water. Although you won’t have to worry about early deck repairs, we still recommend routine inspections.


A handyman from Mr. Handyman standing on a ladder and cleaning a home’s gutters.

As one of the most dreaded maintenance duties, it’s common for property owners to delay gutter cleaning. It’s not like you can see what’s going on inside your gutters unless you climb up a ladder. But that is when your Perry Park handyman becomes nervous: Is your ladder inspected? Did you check the spreaders for rust? How tight are the bolts and nuts? You may not be aware, and it may sound crazy, but ladders need to pass inspection at least once every three months.

Luckily, your experienced handyman in Perry Park brings the knowledge, expertise, and inspected ladder, along with other tools, to deliver gutter cleaning services. One added perk from your insured and licensed handyman is that you get an in-depth inspection service prior to the clean. We’ll check if your gutter system needs recoating and will also inspect your downspouts and other surrounding materials, including siding, soffits and fascia. Cleaning will either involve a gutter scoop or a pressure washer.

What’s The Best Time For Gutter Cleaning?

The best time for gutter cleaning in Perry Park is in the spring and fall. During the transition from spring to summer, the jet stream (atmospheric winds) sits over Colorado Springs and surrounding areas and whips Perry Park with strong winds of up to ten miles per hour. It’s inevitable that leaves and other debris will find a spot to settle inside your gutters. Clearing gutter clogs in the fall will ensure that you won’t have leaves and standing water in the traps that would otherwise turn to grime and create further clogs.


When you reach your golden years as a homeowner, you definitely don’t want to lose your independence. Having spoken to our senior and retired customers, we have learned how important aging in place services are and what a huge difference it makes once our Perry Park handyman team has helped increase safety and mobility within a home.

When hiring a professional handyman, Perry Park homeowners can rely on our team to complete the following services:

  • Handrail, grab bar installations
  • Doorway widening for wheelchair access
  • Indoor and outdoor ramp installations
  • Chair lift installation
  • Tub-to-shower conversion
  • Shower chair installation
  • Improved lighting system
  • Raised toilet seat

Feel free to contact our service technicians to learn more about our aging in place services and what else we can do to improve your indoor and outdoor living space.


A fence with a section of replacement posts installed by Mr. Handyman during an appointment for fence repair in Perry Park, CO.

Not only do fencing systems mark your territory and provide you with privacy, but they also keep pets and children safe and deter any intruders from entering your premises. But maintaining your fence may be a time-consuming task, depending on your property’s size. Whether you have pressure-treated pine, cedar, or wrought iron fencing, they too will suffer from a lot of weather damage unless you dedicate some time to handyman work that includes sanding and repainting.

Signs You Need Fence Repair:

  • Leaning fence
  • Soil issues (erosion)
  • Peeling paint
  • Deep cracks and holes
  • Wood rot
  • Corrosion or rust
  • Termite damage

Your local Perry Park handyman will inspect its condition in detail, check for underlying issues and the initial installation job. Fence pickets aren’t supposed to go into the soil due to the risk of rot. Even the supporting posts are supposed to be installed in concrete to hold the entire structure, though it depends on the overall landscaping. Similar to decking, our Perry Park handyman team will sand the corners, fix the cracks with wood filler and repaint your wooden fence. Rust on wrought iron needs to be scrubbed off, cleaned, and refinished. Our expert team of service providers has the skill and experience to restore your property’s curb appeal.


Trims inside and outside your house have a significant function besides aesthetics.

Interior trims include your baseboards, window and door frames, and crown moldings. Not only do baseboards hide the imperfections of your floor or drywall installation, but they’re designed to protect your floor from spills. Cracked baseboards may catch moisture or invite bugs and could lead to various issues. Damaged window and door casings are often responsible for air leaks and could affect your HVAC system from working properly.

Exterior trims include your gutters, fascia, frieze boards and corner boards which give your home’s exterior a finished look. But they are also designed to protect materials from the elements by keeping them dry. While your gutters collect and remove rain water away from your property, corner boards are made to act as an anchor for your siding. Since they’re often made of wooden materials, it’s important to frequently check for rot. Maintaining your trims plays a big role in protecting your house from water damage and drafts.


Your interior walls and ceilings do more than define individual rooms; they provide you with security and help you manage your indoor temperature and comfort. Drywall became popular because of its cost-effectiveness, durability, and easy installation process. It’s hard to imagine a home’s interior without drywall—it’s what holds your kitchen cabinets in place, or it’s that backer board behind your shower tile system.

While durable, drywall is not indestructible. It’s easy to puncture a hole when moving furniture. In the event of a plumbing line leak, it will lose great efficiency due to water damage and make your home prone to pest infestation and mold growth.

Foundation cracks are another type of damage that are characterized by deep diagonal cracks. They indicate structural issues concerning your foundation, during house settlement and require a foundation specialist to thoroughly inspect it before your Perry Park handyman can begin with drywall repairs.

From popped nails to small patching jobs to drywall panel replacement, we’ll ensure your walls and ceilings are doing their job!


A bathroom before and after it has been renovated with new white wall tiles and grey floor tiles.

The point of a home remodel is to improve your living space from the inside out, whether it’s for you and your family, or to increase your home’s resale value for the future. Our team of highly-rated local pros have helped multiple property owners in Perry Park transform their homes!

  • Bathroom Remodel: A proper bathroom remodel involves more than upgrading your plumbing fixtures. You may also want to improve lighting, ventilation, and accessibility. Or perhaps it’s time to refurbish that shower or create more floor space. There is a list of possibilities, and we’re here to help you create your dream bathroom!
  • Kitchen Remodel: During a kitchen remodel you want to think about improving efficiency and productivity. A busy kitchen dynamic involves high foot traffic, spills, and a high level of humidity. Perhaps a glazed backsplash and countertop will ease the cleaning routine, or you may want a new hood vent that’s quieter than your current one. New light fixtures will increase safety during your busy time cooking. There are so many little things to consider!
  • Basement Remodel: You may have a partly finished basement that needs a bit of a fixer-upper in order to become a comfortable dwelling space. Common basement projects include a new floor installation, lighting installation, waterproofing, and window replacement.

When hiring Mr. Handyman, Perry Park property owners can expect us to complete the necessary inspection services prior to the remodel. This way, we can check for you if there are any undetected damages that need to be addressed prior to the remodeling project. For example, you may need drywall replacement when getting new cabinets installed or new backer boards behind your shower wall in case of an undetected water leak. We’ll ensure that every detail is taken care of, so you won’t have to deal with any unexpected problems or surprises, especially when we’re writing up your cost estimate. In order for home remodeling services to run smoothly, we always schedule an in-house consultation with our customers, during which we listen carefully to your needs and concerns. We’ll exchange experiences and also give you tips and advice in regard to budgeting, time management, and which suppliers to turn to.

Need An Expert Perry Park Handyman Near Me?

Every homeowner is committed to maintaining their homes, but this doesn’t mean they’re on their own! Your trusted Perry Park handyman services are only one call away to help you cross every item on your checklist! Get your gutter cleaning service done before winter hits. Repair that hole in your wall before it attracts rodents or even affects your wall insulation!

Whether you’re in Perry Park or a nearby community like Littleton, Black Forest, and Larkspur, call our friendly office team to book your inspection and consultation appointment with your local Perry Park handyman!