Portsmouth is enriched with some of New Hampshire’s oldest architecture. Whether new or old, your home in Portsmouth, NH, always needs minor repairs, whether it’s a cracked bathroom tile or a broken cupboard. When you need a trusted handyman in Portsmouth, NH, My Handyman of Dover, Portsmouth, and Rochester offers excellent quality services. 

Our dependable home repairs in Portsmouth are available to residential homeowners who need assistance with property maintenance, repairs, and improvement services. Alternatively, if you are a business owner, you can rest assured that our commercial handyman in Portsmouth, NH, has you covered with a wide range of repair and maintenance services.

Service requests are made easy on your behalf. You can call our service professionals today to schedule an appointment with your handyman in Portsmouth, NH.

About Our Professional Services From Our Handyman in Portsmouth, NH. 

Our service professionals can perform a wide variety of tasks for your property.


Home repairs don’t have to be stressful with our handyman in Portsmouth, NH. When you’re dealing with interior home damages such as drafty windows, a broken door handle, or cracked bathroom caulking, our handyman in Portsmouth, NH, can take care of it for you.

Our interior home repair services that our handyman in Portsmouth, NH, most commonly deals with include drywall repair, flooring repair, and trim repair.

We additionally offer a variety of exterior repairs for your property. Some of the popular exterior repairs our handyman in Portsmouth, NH, provides include gutter repair, siding repair, window frame repairs, or deck repair services. We can address damages from water damage, including most notably wood rot, which is a common issue for exterior housing.

Home Remodeling

Our handyman in Portsmouth, NH, is well-equipped to perform remodeling projects, no matter how large or small. We popularly remodel the bathroom and the kitchen.

With our bathroom remodeling services, your handyman in Portsmouth, NH, can transform your bathroom into the dream you envisioned. Our handyman in Portsmouth, NH, can replace bathtubs including tub enclosures and walk-in tubs. Additionally, we can replace your shower tiles, shower doors, faucets, and shower heads. Our handyman in Portsmouth, NH, is also able to install vanities or mirrors to give you the perfect getting-ready space.

Our handyman in Portsmouth, NH, offers a variety of kitchen remodeling services to revamp the space you spend a good portion of your day in. Our kitchen remodeling services include custom kitchen island installations when you need more space for cooking or entertaining guests. If you have an ancient and grimy sink station, our handyman in Portsmouth, NH, offers kitchen backsplash and sink installations. We also have cabinet and countertop replacement services.

Door Installation

If you’re looking for a professional who can install new doors on your property, our handyman in Portsmouth, NH, is your all-in-one solution for your interior and exterior door needs.

Aside from our common hinged doors for your entrances to the home, we popularly install screen doors to keep the bugs and critters out, but the fresh air in! In addition to that, we can install storm doors and pet doors. We also offer options for your patio doors, including sliding glass doors and French-hinged doors. For the interior of your home, we can install pocket doors, sliding doors, hinged doors, barn doors, pet doors, and more!

If you need commercial door installations, our handyman in Portsmouth, NH, is equipped to deal with the installation of keyless entry, storefront doors, and more! In addition, our handyman in Portsmouth, NH, offers door closer installation so you can automatically close doors in your offices, stores, or other commercial buildings!

Flooring and Tiling Services

When it comes to the interior of your home, your flooring suffers the most wear and tear from the nonstop foot traffic and inevitable scratches, dents, or cracks. When you need new flooring, our floor and tile installation services are available through our handyman in Portsmouth, NH.

One of the most popular flooring options is tile, which comes in various materials such as porcelain, ceramic, marble, slate, granite, travertine, mosaic, and quarry. Tiles are not only durable but also versatile, allowing you to showcase unique patterns and designs on your floors. 

In addition to tile, linoleum is a resilient and eco-friendly option that we offer in a wide range of colors and patterns. Laminate flooring offers a cost-effective alternative to hardwood, mimicking the look of wood at a fraction of the cost. Vinyl flooring, available in tile, planks, or sheet form, is another durable and low-maintenance option for busy households.

Hardwood flooring, including oak, cherry, walnut, maple, and hickory, adds warmth and elegance to any room. Engineered hardwood is a more durable and moisture-resistant option that is ideal for high-traffic areas. 

Whether you prefer the timeless appeal of hardwood or the durability of tile, our professional handyman in Portsmouth, NH, provides floor installation services that can help transform your living spaces.

Additional Services From Our Handyman in Portsmouth, NH

Some other popular services offered by our handyman in Portsmouth, NH, include:

  • Carpentry: One of the services we provide is carpentry, which includes replacing fixtures in your home. Whether you need new shelves installed or a cabinet fixed, our skilled carpenters can handle the job with precision and expertise.
  • Maintenance: In addition to carpentry, we also offer maintenance services such as painting. Whether you want to freshen up a room with a new coat of paint or need touch-ups to cover wear and tear, our service providers can assist you. Our painters are experienced in handling various surfaces and can provide high-quality results that will enhance the appearance of your home.
  • Assembly: Along with that, our handyman in Portsmouth, NH, has assembly services for your pre-bought furniture, curtains, ceiling fans, or cabinets. Furthermore, our handyman services include the assembly of a variety of items, such as furniture, curtains, ceiling fans, and cabinets. If you have purchased new pieces for your home but lack the time or expertise to assemble them, our team can take care of it for you. We have the tools and knowledge to ensure that your items are put together correctly and securely.
  • Window frame repair and replacement: When you find that your windows are poorly insulated, it could be that your window frames and weatherstripping are damaged and worn. Our handyman in Portsmouth, NH, is well-versed in window frame repair and replacement. If you notice that your windows are poorly insulated, causing drafts and high energy bills, our handyman team can help. We are well-versed in window frame repair techniques and can also replace the trim and reinstall new weatherstripping if necessary. By addressing these issues, we can improve the energy efficiency of your home and enhance its overall comfort.

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Why Choose Our Handyman in Portsmouth For Your Residential and Commercial Services?

Your Neighborly home service experts have been in the industry for over 25 years, and with our hands-on experience, we have been able to learn the best ways to provide reliable customer service. Every one of our team of professionals has passed a background check and has had experience as an individual contractor, proven by our employee background verification.

We additionally serve the popular areas of New Hampshire, including Dover and Rochester. You can check out online ratings from homeowners who can vouch for our outstanding Portsmouth handyman services. For your future projects, whether it’s a bathroom remodel or minor home repairs, we have a wide range of repair services available for both residential and commercial properties.

Our quality of service is never sacrificed by our reasonable prices. If you’re looking for project tips and estimated project costs, we offer free phone consultations. Generally, our handyman in Portsmouth, NH, our repair jobs cost per hour. That being said, our dedicated team will always stay within your price range, so your cost estimates won’t vary from the actual project cost.

Our top-rated local pros are honest, professional, on time, and committed to quality craftsmanship. Our standards for customer service are reflected throughout our entire company.

Areas We Serve

My Handyman of Dover, Portsmouth, and Rochester most reputably serves the following areas: Dover, Durham, Madbury, Rochester, Stratham, Exeter, Hampton, North Hampton, Seabrook, Derry, Salem, Windham, Pelham, Atkinson, and Hudson.

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The community of homeowners deserves excellent quality home repairs in Portsmouth, which is why our true professionals are available for all your minor repairs and larger projects. With accurate knowledge of a wide range of improvement projects, our handyman in Portsmouth, NH, is ready to help you.

If you are looking to renovate your commercial property, you can rely on our handyman in Portsmouth, NH. We can provide repair and replacement services for your floors, doors, and drywall. In addition to that, we have painting services for the interior and exterior of your property, commercial carpentry services, and assembly for cubicles and other office equipment.

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