Have you ever heard the saying, “Your home is your castle”? This phrase rings true for many Donelson homeowners. Whether you just bought your first condo or live in a sprawling multi-story house, your home is your own personal palace. And your local Donelson handyman experts are the stewards that help you take care of your castle.

For most homeowners, taking care of their properties is a chore. Not only do you have a lot on your plate already—between work, picking up and dropping off your kids, and pursuing personal hobbies and side-hustles—but you also likely don't have the skills and tools to take care of most home improvement projects.

This is where hiring a Donelson handyman service you can trust comes in, well, handy. Home upkeep is time-consuming, and there are numerous maintenance and repair tasks that always seem to need getting done. From checking off all the little odd jobs on your to-do list to embarking on a bathroom remodel, it can be challenging to get everything done by yourself.

With the pros at Mr. Handyman of E. Nashville and Hendersonville in your corner, you can rest assured that your home will always look and function optimally. Rather than watching YouTube videos and trying to figure out how to patch drywall or repair a squeaking hinge, by letting the pros handle these tasks you can have greater peace of mind that the job will be done right the first time. Thus, you save yourself a world of stress.

When you hire one of our experienced Donelson handyman professionals, you know you are hiring the best. Why? Because we only hire the best! All of our technicians have years of experience, are highly trained and exceptionally dedicated to providing excellent workmanship. Not only are we experts at completing a wide range of home improvement repairs, but we do it all while providing outstanding customer service.

Customer satisfaction is always our top priority. We treat all our customers with the same courtesy and respect that we show to our neighbors and dearest friends. Professionalism is important to us, so we set ourselves apart from your stereotypical “truck 'n' chuck” laborer by always wearing a company uniform and arriving in a company vehicle. You can always rest assured that it's us who've arrived at your door.

We even think about the little details that will make your experience with our company more enjoyable, from wearing booties in your home to protect your floors, to always being honest and upfront with you. Our team is always happy to answer your questions, and keep you up-to-date on the progress of your particular repair.

Why Choose Our Donelson Handyman Team?

When you hire our hardworking Donelson handyman experts, you can expect reliable handyman service. Your happiness is always our top priority, so we work hard to provide a safe, worry-free experience time and time again.

Each of our friendly handymen possess years of experience working in the trades. In fact, many of our handyman experts specialize in areas such as drywall installation, tile repair and replacement, carpentry and remodeling.

To ensure that operations run smoothly, we also employ cutting edge booking and dispatch technology to truly provide a convenient service to all our clients. Since you can choose a convenient appointment time that works for your needs, you don't have to waste a day you could have spent relaxing or at work waiting for your handyman to arrive. We know how valuable your time is.

Our handyman company is built on the values of integrity, respect and transparency. Speaking of transparency, we aim to illustrate to our customers that we're trustworthy by offering hourly, upfront pricing. The last thing we want is for you to feel like you've been robbed after your handyman pays a visit. Rather, with our team you'll always know what to expect—there won't be any hidden fees or surprise costs. It's our job to not only provide excellent craftsmanship, but to also earn your business and trust time and time again.

Expert Donelson Handyman Services

Even if you're on-top of your property's maintenance, accidents like drastic weather events or plumbing problems that pop up out-of-the blue could leave you stuck with a hefty to-do list. It's difficult to plan for the unforeseen, but what you can plan for is hiring the right Donelson handyman service.

Not to mention, all too often we get calls from homeowners that are completely overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done on their properties. When you call Mr. Handyman, you call a “one stop shop” service. Because our technicians are so highly trained in a wide range of repair, installation and maintenance services, we can tackle all the to-dos on your list. This saves you the headache, and expense, of hiring multiple contractors.

From completing urgent repairs to routine maintenance, our team of pros can patch damaged drywall, transform an outdated bathroom and make your home more comfortable for aging in place. We will do our best to keep your house in tip-top condition. The many improvement projects our highly experienced handyman experts can complete include:


Tired of rusted hinges, squeaking and improperly balanced door panels? Like most parts of your home, repeated use and general wear-and-tear will impact your doors' functionality and aesthetic. Not to mention, accidents do happen. Termites can eat away at your door panels, angry teens might slam the door from time to time, and puppies love chewing on door frames.

Damaged doors are ugly and may be a safety concern if they don't open and close properly. However, they can be easily repaired with the help of our Donelson handyman service professionals. Our many door repair services include fixing:

  • Air leaks
  • Squeaking doors
  • Broken door locks
  • Screen door repairs
  • Damaged door jambs
  • Rotting/soft wood
  • Sticking doors


Carpentry is a highly skilled trade that requires years of experience to truly master. At Mr. Handyman of E. Nashville and Hendersonville, we're proud to share that our master carpenters are truly the experts when it comes to woodworking. When you need a door frame fixed or custom shelves built in your basement, we're the team to call. Our carpenters can help with:

  • Crown molding installation and repair
  • Custom shelving and bookcases
  • Fixing window and door trim
  • Deck and fence repair
  • Wood rot repair


Do you feel like your bathroom is perfectly tailored to your needs? Is it a space where you go to relax? Perhaps you only need a few adjustments in the bathroom, like installing ceiling fans or new faucets, or maybe it needs a complete overhaul. Maybe you or a relative are aging in place, and need certain adjustments to make the space safer and more comfortable.

Whatever the case may be, our Donelson handyman team is here to help make your bathroom remodeling goals a reality. We can help with a range of bathroom renovations—whether you want to swap out the vanity or remodel the shower. Our Donelson handyman team offers a range of bathroom remodeling services, including:

  • Tile floor installation
  • Toilet installation
  • Vanity or mirror installation
  • New faucet or shower fixture installation
  • Drywall or cement board installation
  • New shower door or tub installation


At Mr. Handyman of E. Nashville and Hendersonville, our team of qualified handyman experts are pros at helping aging couples or families with aging relatives remain in the homes they cherish while living out their sunset years. Aging in place can make a world of difference to Donelson homeowners. By remaining at home, you get to retain all the joyful memories you've built while living there. Adjustments such as installing grab bars in the shower and making spaces more wheelchair and walker accessible will ensure you or your loved one feels safe and mobile in their home.

We believe in bringing our expert handyman services to people living across Donelson, and if we can help empower a mobility-challenged or senior person, then we will. In fact, we can also help install bars to wheelchair ramps, install wheelchair ramps and handrails, and adjust counter heights. If you're a senior or a person living with reduced mobility, we will do our best to make your home more comfortable and accessible.


Damaged drywall is an issue most Donelson homeowners will have to deal with at one time or another. Adopted as the most commonly used building material in the early 1900s because of its many unique properties, drywall has many benefits. It's lightweight, easy to install and transport and fire resistant due to its unique construction. Drywall is made out of two paper boards that sandwich a lining of gypsum. Gypsum is a sulfate mineral, which is non-combustible.

However, as great as this material is, it has one big downside: drywall is easily damaged. Moisture in particular wreaks havoc on your ceilings and walls. If you notice signs of drywall damage, it's important to fix it right away. Not only are cracks and holes ugly, but water damage could cause mold.

When you need drywall repairs, trust our expert Donelson handyman team to get the job done right the first time. From completing a quick patch job to installing an entire sheet, we've got it covered.

How Does Drywall Get Damaged?

  • Water damage, from poorly ventilated rooms or burst pipes.
  • Accidents, such as rough housing children.
  • Moving furniture, which can bump and scrape your walls.
  • Pests, like termites and rats that may eat away at the drywall.
  • Hanging pictures and shelves, which leaves holes in your walls.

Our Donelson Handyman Team Also Completes Commercial Projects

Although our team is widely recognized throughout Donelson for our exceptional residential services, we also help entrepreneurs, commercial property owners and building managers in Donelson keep their properties in great shape. Our team can provide a wide range of commercial repairs, installation and building maintenance services.

One of the most important services we offer is commercial maintenance. As any entrepreneur knows, if you run a business, ensuring employees and customers feel safe and welcome is essential for your success.

Likewise, if you're a property manager you know what a big responsibility it is to keep tenants comfortable, safe and happy. When there is a problem, it's up to you to fix it. However, most property managers and entrepreneurs don't have the time or skills to deal with repairs and maintenance.

That's why it's wise to have our handyman service on speed dial. Anything our hardworking handyman pros can do for your home, we can do for your commercial property—and so much more!


  • Corporate offices
  • Financial institutions
  • Hotels
  • Small businesses
  • Retail/shopping malls
  • Restaurants/food service
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Government buildings

Need Repairs? Hire Our Donelson Handyman Experts!

When you need help around your home or commercial property, you can rely on Mr. Handyman of E. Nashville and Hendersonville. Trust our expert handyman team to get the job done right the first time. We can assist with a wide range of repair, maintenance and installation services.

Not only are we highly skilled, but earning your trust and business with every job is highly important to us. We always put our customer's happiness first while providing outstanding craftsmanship. Our Donelson handyman team works hard daily to provide both our residential and commercial clients the best experience possible. In fact, we've helped countless individuals in and around the Donelson area, including in Goodlettsville and Mt. Juliet.

To learn more about what our Donelson handyman experts can do for your property, we invite you to call our friendly customer service team. We look forward to helping with your next improvement project!