What to Know Before Hiring a Drywall Repairmen in Boulder, CO

When you need to hire a drywall repairmen in Boulder, Colorado to fix or repair damaged drywall in your home, it can be nerve wracking to select a contractor who is trustworthy, fairly priced and won’t make a mess of your home.

At Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie, we understand the importance of trusting the person you bring into your home to complete your drywall repair needs. After all, you have invested a lot of love and care into your home, and you and your family should always be treated respectfully.

To help you choose the drywall repairmen for the job, we put together this guide. Read on to learn the steps you should follow in selecting a contractor and questions to ask before hiring a handyman to repair your damaged drywall.

Steps for Finding the Best Drywall Repairmen

The following guideline is designed to help you select drywall repairmen that you can trust. If you follow these steps, it will help you select a contractor who knows what they’re doing, is priced fairly and won’t make an already stressful situation worse.

1. Assess the Project

Before you hire drywall repairmen, take a look at the damage. What exactly is the problem you need solving? If you have a tiny dent in your wall made by falling furniture, perhaps you could repair it yourself or may feel less picky about the contractor you hire. Or, if your drywall is severely cracked, sagging or covered in water damage, then the repair job will require a professional who not only will be able to fix the damage, but will also be able to tell you what the underlying problem is.

At Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie, all of our contractors possess an average of 10 years experience. Our contractors are all trained before ever stepping foot onto a job site, so you know you are getting the best service our drywall repairmen have to offer.

2. Take Time to Research

Especially if the drywall repair job you need completed is going to be time-consuming and have a large impact on you and your family while it’s getting completed, it’s very important to conduct thorough research. One way to do this is by looking at websites like HomeAdvisor and the Better Business Bureau to see if the company you are interested in hiring is accredited.

Another way to tell if a business is professional is to see if they are uniformed and use company vehicles—which you can expect with our team at Mr. Handyman Broomfield. You don’t want a contractor pulling up to your house in a beat-up truck and sweatpants handling the important drywall repairs in your home.

3. Get References

Perhaps you have friends or family who have also hired drywall repairmen to fix damaged drywall in their homes. It’s definitely worth asking your friends and family if they can recommend someone to you.

Another way to check a company’s references is through online reviews. Particularly,Google reviews are an excellent place to see how trustworthy a drywall repair company is. We advise not hiring drywall repairmen who have less than 4.5 stars on Google.

4. Know what Questions to Ask

While it can be nerve wracking to welcome a stranger into your home, you will feel more confident if you know what questions to ask the drywall repairmen you are thinking of hiring. Check out the section below for a detailed list of what questions to ask your contractor before any work begins.

5. Consider Skills and Experience

Experience repairing and installing drywall is very important for completing repair work in your home. After all, you don’t want to hire someone who has never fixed cracked or dented drywall—in that case you may as well have done the repair yourself!

Instead, make sure you’re choosing drywall repairmen who have at least a few years of experience on the job. At Mr. Handyman Broomfield, each of our technicians has an average of 10 years experience working in the trades, plus additional training when they are on-boarded to the Mr. Handyman team. We would never send a drywall repairman to your house who was not an expert.

6. Licensing and Insurance

Having a contractor with the correct licensing and insurance is a good indicator that you are hiring someone trustworthy. Do not hire any drywall repairmen who can’t show you their license and insurance. It’s not worth the risk!

At Mr. Handyman Broomfield, each of our technicians is properly certified, licensed and insured. We believe in earning your trust through consistently delivering outstanding service, and also through providing the correct documentation. This is a sign of our professionalism and the pride we take in our work.

7. Discuss Pricing

When you are hiring drywall repairmen, don’t be afraid to ask about pricing. Don’t just inquire about an estimate, ask about the entire pricing process. For instance, some companies might offer you a reasonable sounding estimate, only to hit you with a much larger bill than you anticipated.

Rather than hiding behind hidden fees and surprise costs, the team at Mr. Handyman Broomfield works at a flat rate. When we arrive on the job site, we take a look at the work required and tell you how much the cost to repair will be. We stick to this amount so that the bill you expect is the bill you get.

8. Leave a Review

While this step is not part of the hiring process for drywall repairmen, it will help the next person looking to hire a contractor narrow down their decision. By leaving a detailed review about the work you had done, your experience and noting whether or not you would hire said repairmen again, you will do your part to help another homeowner when they are dealing with damaged drywall.

Questions to Ask When Hiring Drywall Repairmen

Once you have selected a handful of drywall repairmen for your installation or repair job, you should have a list of prepared questions to ask before interviewing your prospects. Read on to learn what questions to ask when hiring drywall repairmen:

How Long Has Your Company Been in Business?

Is the contractor you’re interested in working with a brand new start-up, or a company that has been in business for decades? Likewise, do they even belong to an accredited company, or are they out on their own looking to make a quick buck?

At Mr. Handyman Broomfield, our owner Dean Hazelwood has been serving the communities of East Boulder, Broomfield and Erie since 2013. Additionally, the Mr. Handyman brand has been operating throughout America for more than 20 years.

Are You Licensed?

Checking to see if the drywall repairmen is licensed is an absolute must. In Broomfield, general contractors are required by law to have a municipal license.

Can You Provide Proof of Insurance?

In addition to having a license, general contractors in Broomfield are required by the city to have liability insurance. Do not hire a contractor who can’t provide the correct insurance.

How About a Tentative Timeline?

Discussing a timeline for the drywall repair or installation work to be completed is very important. Not only will this provide you a sense of how long the task should take—and how much disruption to daily life your family will have to deal with—but you will also be able to narrow down contractors based on their answers.

For example, if a drywall repairman suggests that a simple dent repair job takes longer than a few hours, they likely are taking you for a ride. At Mr. Handyman Broomfield, once we inspect the damaged drywall in your home, we are able to give you a clear, definitive and realistic timeline for the work to be completed.

How Does Payment Work?

Different contractors have different ways of billing and accepting payment. Depending on how you intend to pay for a job, be sure to ask if the contractor you are interested in accepts cash, debit or credit. It’s also important to ask if the estimate is what you will end up paying, or what other possible fees you could expect. The last thing you want is to end up with a bill exponentially higher than you were expecting.

Our team values transparency and honesty. That is why we offer upfront pricing, never charge for overtime fees and stick to the amount we give you upon viewing the work that needs to be completed. At Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie, we pride ourselves on being professionals—and professionals do not take advantage of clients.

Do You Have References?

It’s best practice to always ask the drywall repairmen you are interested in hiring if they have references or if they can direct you to unbiased reviews. For instance, reviews onGoogle My Business showcase the good and the bad, so you can decide for yourself if you think hiring a given contractor is worthwhile.

Will You Bring the Right Drywall Tools?

When a contractor shows up at your home to fix your damaged drywall, the last thing you want is for them to waste valuable time having to get the right tools and materials. Ask about their access to drywall repairmen tools and materials before getting started. For example, at Mr. Handyman Broomfield, we bring all the necessary tools and materials with us that we’ll require for the job.

Will You Clean Up After You Leave?

This is an important question to ask a drywall repairman you are interested in hiring because you will not only learn if he or she will clean up their job site upon project completion, but you will also make it clear that you have the expectation that they should clean up after themselves.

Our company always cleans up after accomplishing the job. It’s one way we go above and beyond to show our customers we care about making their experience with us positive, and it’s also how we show respect for you and your home.

Do You Offer a Warranty on Your Services?

It’s worthwhile to know where you stand with a potential drywall repairman service. If something goes wrong, or you notice damage to another area of your home that wasn’t there before, you should trust that the company you hire will pull through and make it right.

At Mr. Handyman Broomfield, we offer all our clients our Done Right Guarantee, which guarantees all our workmanship and products. If you are not happy with the work or services we gave you, give us a call and we’ll send someone out to make it right.

Our Drywall Repair and Installation Services

Our professional drywall repairmen can complete a variety of drywall repairs and installation services depending on your needs. Whether you need to replace drywall in your bathroom because of water damage, or you’ve noticed the drywall in your basement is cracking, we can both perform the needed repairs and also inform you of any underlying issues you should know about.

For instance, if your drywall has been damaged due to poor ventilation, we can inspect the bathroom to determine whether you need better ventilation or new bathroom fans installed.

Our drywall repairmen team completes the following services:

  • Drywall seam/joint taping

  • Drywall mudding

  • Drywall sanding

  • Drywall installation

  • Painting and finishing services

Additionally, if you need repairs to other foundational surfaces in your home, the skillful and friendly Broomfield handyman team can help with that too. Our drywall services also include:

  • Green board repairs and finishing

  • Gypsum repairs and finishing

  • Cement board repairs and finishing

  • Sheetrock repairs and finishing

  • Stucco repairs and finishing

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