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You're sitting in your kitchen, just enjoying a cup of coffee, when you glance down and notice your floor is really not looking its best—or worse, you don't notice and end up tripping on the uneven surface of a damaged floor. Those are clear signs you need to call your local, experienced Boulder handyman to take care of Boulder flooring repair services.

Put your trust in the experienced team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie for expert flooring repair and numerous other home improvements, repair, installation, and maintenance services. We have the skill and training to take care of your entire residential or commercial property from top to bottom.

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.

How We Tackle Boulder Flooring Repair Services

A living room with wood flooring kept in good condition with professional services for flooring repair in Boulder, CO.
No one wants unattractive, uneven floors, but there are other big reasons to invest in Boulder flooring repair services as well. Damaged surfaces may allow moisture to seep through that can cause serious water damage to your subfloor or joists. And, if you are considering selling your house in the near future, Boulder flooring repair or replacement are good ways to increase property value and impress prospective buyers.

From appearance to function, surfaces can make a huge difference to your comfort and enjoyment of your own home. While they are meant to be long-lasting, they can't keep going forever without the occasional flooring repair. Boulder, CO homeowners, and business owners can trust Mr. Handyman to provide a wide range of expert repairs.


Many of the lovely homes throughout Boulder and the surrounding area feature beautiful hardwood floors. They are unparalleled for providing unique, natural charm to any house, and there's a hardwood option to match any interior design style. However, solid hardwood is vulnerable to rotting if it is exposed to excessive moisture. Some of the hardwood issues our Boulder flooring repair experts can handle include:

  • Worn-off wood stain
  • Patches bleached by sun exposure
  • Dents, scratches and gouges
  • Warped or buckling boards
  • Gray, splintery surfaces


Luxury vinyl planks (LVP) and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are newer types of surface materials that have become extremely popular over the last decade or so. Both LVP and LVT mimic the appearance of natural materials such as hardwood or stone very convincingly, so there's no need to compromise on appearance. At the same time, they are very durable and easier to maintain than natural materials. We can take care of luxury vinyl issues such as:

  • Cracks
  • Stains
  • Scratches or gouges
  • Peeling
  • Crumbling


Most houses and commercial properties include some tile, and it's usually porcelain or ceramic tile flooring. As long-lasting, strong, and durable as those materials are, they can sometimes suffer from the surface damage that calls for Boulder flooring repair. Our reliable handyman team is experienced with a multitude of tile repairs for issues such as:

  • Chips
  • Hairline cracks
  • Dingy, crumbling, or cracked grout lines
  • Replacement for one or multiple damaged tiles

Choose Mr. Handyman for Expert Flooring Repair in Boulder, CO

A technician from Mr. Handyman speaking with a homeowner at her front door about her needs for flooring repair in Boulder, CO.

Want to get your home looking great again and avoid the trouble associated with damaged surfaces? Call the professionals at Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie for reliable flooring repair. Boulder, CO can count on us to get the job done correctly and work efficiently, all while providing customer service that goes above and beyond. Along with the repair, we also handle flooring installation and many other repairs, installation, or maintenance services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boulder Flooring Repair


A floor that squeaks or groans when you step on is incredibly irritating—especially when you're trying to sneak downstairs for a midnight snack without alerting the entire household. This Boulder flooring repair problem is typically the result of small gaps between the surface material and the subfloor. Depending on the material and the exact nature of the issue, your handyman may choose to insert shims under the surface boards or nail the surface more securely to the subfloor to eliminate that gap and stop the creaking.


The origin of tile damage in particular is often something of a mystery. If there was sudden damage from a piece of heavy furniture being dropped on the surface, it's pretty clear what caused the problem. But it's much more common for trouble to start out very small, practically unnoticeable, and then slowly get worse as time goes by, which makes it a lot more difficult to understand why it's happening.

Some common causes of trouble that require Boulder flooring repair are:

  • The building shifting and settling, which is normal to some degree
  • The foundation is sinking or heaving
  • Floor joists were incorrectly installed and are too far apart
  • Subfloor and/or joists are sagging inward in the middle


Unfortunately, no. One of the best things about hardwood is it can be refinished many times to remove surface wear and blemishes, so an installation can last more than a century with proper care. Even engineered hardwood can be refinished once or twice. But vinyl and laminate are essentially plastic-based products with thin layers on top that give them their appearance. They can't be sanded because there's nothing under that surface that's going to look good if it's uncovered. Some surface issues can be corrected in vinyl and laminate with the right Boulder flooring repair strategy, but not by refinishing.

Call Your Local Handyman for Expert Flooring Repair in Boulder and Nearby Areas

Are you searching for a “handyman near me” who can take care of flooring repair in Boulder or a nearby part of Colorado such as LongmontFrederick, or Superior? Look no further than the dependable professionals at Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie. We have the training, skill, and equipment to carry out a wide variety of projects, both large and small.

If you'd like to schedule an appointment for service, speak with our friendly customer service staff today. We're looking forward to the opportunity to show you why we're considered Boulder's top choice for reliable handyman services!

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