Boulder Gutter Cleaning Service

Mr. Handyman technician showing Boulder home owner where gutter cleaning is needed.

Are your rain gutters leaking or is no water flowing out of your downspout pipe? You likely have clogged gutters that restrict the flow of water. Unfortunately, the need for expert Boulder gutter cleaning is often overlooked and leads to a series of issues. From water damage in the attic to water intrusion through cracks in the siding. Our experienced team at Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie has seen it all.

When you hire your local Boulder handyman for professional service, you can expect them to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. We take the necessary time to thoroughly inspect and provide a detailed diagnostic before moving on to the next step. Give our friendly office team a call at (303) 647-9132 to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled service professionals.

Get The Most Out Of Boulder Gutter Cleaning Services!

Boulder home in the process of receiving gutter cleaning by Mr. Handyman.


There are many benefits that come with Mr. Handyman’s Boulder gutter cleaning services. Not only are our service technicians experienced and well-versed in the job they do, but they are also trained to inspect and detect underlying issues that may concern your gutter system.

Sectional Vs. Seamless Gutters

Many property owners going through an upgrade are opting for seamless units because, unlike sectional units, they do not leak. A seamless system is cut from one single metal coil and installed in a way that appears to be hidden from the roofline. It is also more effective at deflecting leaves and debris. These units also last longer than sectional ones and require less maintenance. You could possibly get away with one annual inspection service and gutter cleaning. Boulder, CO homeowners who have sectional systems need to pay their units more attention as they are more prone to clogs and leaks. Leaks are likely to occur at the seams where the sealant has worn out. Our Boulder gutter repair technician will complete the necessary repairs to recover your drainage system’s functions.

Boulder Gutter Cleaning

Boulder, CO homeowners who don’t have a sturdy extension ladder are not advised to complete the cleaning service on their own. Even household ladders require quarterly inspections; otherwise, you will not be able to claim any insurance in the event of an accident. Your safest option is to leave this job to your expert Boulder handyman, who is familiar with safety instructions and guidelines. They will carefully assess the clog inside the traps as well as the downspouts and elbow extensions.

The cleaning method will depend on the type and condition of your rain gutters. Some DIY homeowners prefer using a pressure leaf blower, which is not recommended if you have stubborn, wet grime inside the system. Though pressure washing may work better, we often prefer starting with a scoop to inspect the surface area. The protective layer on the aluminum wears out over time and can restrict proper water flow.

When hiring our experts for gutter cleaning Boulder, CO, homeowners can expect a thorough job from start to finish!

Why Mr. Handyman Is Your Best Choice For Gutter Cleaning in Boulder, CO

Mr. Handyman technician cleaning leaves from gutter in Boulder, CO.

When Mr. Handyman was founded in the early 1990s, we had the major goal of raising awareness of property maintenance. Residential and commercial buildings are built to last and require just as much attention as your annual spring cleaning duties. Without a specialized and trained handyman, you wouldn’t know your property is in need of repairs and improvements. For years, we have provided guaranteed workmanship and outstanding customer service until we grew and became North America’s leading home service franchise. Each of our locally owned and operated businesses is committed to delivering high-quality handyman services that are backed by our company’s Done Right Promise.

FAQs About Boulder Cleaning Services

What Is The Average Cost of Gutter Cleaning in Boulder, CO?

The cost will vary depending on your gutter types and their condition. We feel responsible for letting you know our exact findings during inspection because a gutter clog can cause a list of issues with surrounding structures. For example, clogged soffit vents, cracks in your siding, or fascia damage.

We offer no-obligation inspection services, during which we’ll be able to give you a more detailed cost estimate. The cost will also depend on whether we’re able to use a pressure washer or need to use a gutter scoop. Feel free to give us a call to get a price range.

What Time Of The Year Is Best For Gutter Cleaning?

Boulder, CO technicians at Mr. Handyman typically get service requests in the early spring before the rainy season starts. A lot of grime and debris would have accumulated during the winter months, leading to a clog. We also recommend a Boulder gutter cleaning service in the fall, just as dead leaves begin to collect inside your rain gutter, especially if you don’t have a leaf guard system in place.

Are Gutter Guard Systems Really Worth It?

They certainly are, but there is one caveat. It depends on the type of guard system you choose because most of them require frequent maintenance. When choosing a mesh screen, it is still possible for debris to get caught on the surface and stop rainwater from properly flowing into the trap. High-quality leaf guard systems that are actually able to block off leaves and debris can only be installed on seamless systems. If you choose to install guard systems, the technician needs to be sure your fascia board is in good health and can hold the extra weight.

Need Professional Gutter Cleaning, Boulder, CO?

At Mr. Handyman, we have completed hundreds of Boulder gutter cleaning and repair services to help our local community protect their home’s foundation and roof. As your experienced and fully insured team, we want to save our clients the hassle and risk of climbing tall ladders. With Mr. Handyman, you will no longer have to worry about putting your safety at risk or when heavy rain is around the corner.

Schedule your appointment with your local Boulder handyman by calling our dedicated customer service team at (303) 647-9132! Mr. Handyman proudly serves the residents of Boulder and surrounding areas, including Superior, Louisville, and Lafayette.

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