Answers to Homeowners' Questions About Window Replacement in Boulder

Windows are one of the most defining features of our homes in Boulder. Throughout history, people around the world have searched for ways to add more, bigger, better windows to their home, and it isn't difficult to understand why — they provide us with natural light, fresh breezes, and of course, those views. Whether you're gazing at a natural vista or just checking out the neighborhood, there are some huge benefits to upgrading inefficient or malfunctioning glass and frames with services for window replacement in Boulder.

If you are considering a window replacement project in your home, you probably have a few questions on your mind. We’ve answered some frequently asked questions from Boulder, Erie, and Broomfield, CO homeowners about window replacement in Boulder with expert advice that will help you make an informed decision about what is best for your property.

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Is Getting Window Replacement in Boulder Really Worth It?

There are some huge benefits of replacement that make it worth the cost. You can actually recoup some money through energy savings or get a decent return on investment when you sell your house. Otherwise, being more comfortable in your own home is priceless.

Lower Energy Bills

Would you like to pay less on your monthly utility bill? The best way is to replace old deteriorated units that are letting in cold air drafts. Energy Star certified replacement windows are energy efficient and can save you a significant amount of money over time. When frames degrade due to wood rot, insect activity, harsh weather, and just normal wear and tear, they let in air drafts that change the temperature in your home. That means your heating and AC systems have to work longer and use more energy to get your house to your preferred temperature. Frame damage is a significant cause of energy loss in Boulder, so window replacement will go a long way toward making your home more energy efficient.

Safer, More Comfortable Home

There are also some benefits from energy efficiency that aren't necessarily financial in nature. It may not be an issue in warmer climates, but if you live in a colder climate like Boulder, the last thing you want in winter is to feel blasts of icy-cold wind coming inside. Instead of putting on another sweater, getting a window replacement in Boulder is a better and more sustainable solution to ensure that your home is comfortable and snug all winter long.

It is also important for the "health" of your home itself. Along with air drafts, deteriorated frames let excess moisture into your home and inside your walls. That encourages the growth of wood rot, which can spread throughout your house and cause serious structural instability problems, and mildew or mold growth, which can pose a hazard to your family's health. All that moisture can also have a negative impact on your belongings and leave telltale signs such as water stains on your walls.

Improve Property Value

If you are thinking of selling your home in the near future, window replacement is one of many exterior home renovations that can really boost your curb appeal and increase your property value in Boulder. Real estate agents will be sure to point out brand-new, energy efficient units to their clients because that is a huge selling point that will help convince prospective buyers to seal the deal. Because there is a wide array of window styles available and they have such a significant impact on the look of your house, inside and outside, a replacement can drastically alter the appearance of your home.

Do I Need Window Replacement or Repairs?

Our service technicians hear this question a lot. In our experience, the biggest factor that should influence which option you choose is whether a replacement will actually be more cost-effective than repairs. If the damage is extensive or widespread, or the window is damaged in certain ways, repairs could end up costing more than replacement and would probably not be as effective anyway. That said, there are some situations in Boulder in which repairs will suffice. The signs your home needs window repair include the following:

  • Your energy bill keeps increasing, even though you are pretty sure your usage patterns have not changed.

  • There are patches of rotten wood on your frames.

  • There is too much noise coming in from outside, even when your windows are closed.

  • Insects such as mosquitoes, ants, beetles, and termites are finding their way in through torn screens or degraded frames.

  • You have to push and pull to get the sash open or closed, or you can't budge it at all because the frame has been painted shut or the sash is broken.

What is the Difference Between Full-Frame Window Replacement and Pocket Replacement?

A full-frame installation is basically what it sounds like: the entire package, including the frame, sash, and glass, is removed and a new one is installed. Pocket installation, on the other hand, refers to inserting a package of glass panes combined with a sash (and muntins and mullions, if that is the style you have chosen) into an existing frame. One potential downside of pocket replacement is that it can reduce the amount of visible glass in the frame as the surrounding trim elements take up more room. In some cases, the glass surface can be reduced by two or three inches. There are also not as many options for pocket installation if you are looking for a style upgrade.

Is Pocket Installation Cheaper Than Replacing the Whole Thing?

Generally, yes. Pocket installation is less expensive than a full-frame replacement, and usually easier as well. It is a good option as long as the existing frame is in solid condition, square, and level.

How Do You Know When It Is Time for Window Replacement in Boulder?

You may be wondering at this point about the specific situations in which replacement is warranted. Here are some common factors that indicate your panes and frames are overdue to be swapped out with new, energy efficient models.

Frame is Warped

Wooden window frames are among the most common window types in Boulder, especially in older homes. They are particularly vulnerable to wood rot, a form of decay caused by fungi that thrive in damp timber. The more wood fiber degrades and lets in moisture, the more susceptible it becomes to wood rot, which causes timber to soften and crumble. But even vinyl frames, aluminum windows, and other types can be warped by your house shifting and settling over time. There is no point in putting new glass in an old, warped frame. Therefore, this case clearly calls for replacement.

Can You Repair a Rotted Window Frame?

It depends. There is no way to restore rotten wood to its former condition, so if the rot is advanced or widespread, the only way to deal with it is to replace it with new wood. Suppose there are only a couple of tiny patches of rot. In that case, your handyman can deal with it by scraping out rotted material and filling holes with epoxy wood filler, then sanding it and painting it, so the repair is invisible. However, wood rot is caused by excess moisture in the timber. And if you don't resolve the source of moisture and stop it from dampening the wood, the rot will quickly return. Even if the moisture is stopped, that wood may be vulnerable to further rot and should be monitored for signs of decay.

Single-Pane Glass

If you have an older home in one of Boulder’s historic districts or elsewhere with original windows, chances are they are single-pane windows with only one layer of glass between you and the cold outdoors. It is extremely difficult to keep the cold and damp out with single-panes, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the difference window replacement makes to your comfort and energy savings. If you are concerned about ruining the historic appearance of your home, don't worry — there are plenty of beautiful options available that perfectly blend in with older houses in Boulder.

Foggy Window

Insulated glass type, double-pane windows use argon gas insulation to help keep out the chill. Basically, the space between the panes is filled with argon gas, and when it escapes, your window can become foggy from condensation that gets trapped between panes. This is also a common issue for glass doors, such as sliding patio doors. While there are services to put the argon gas back into windows, it is a temporary fix at best. You will have to keep repairing them over and over until you give up and replace them, so it makes more financial sense to go straight to replacement.

Major Water Leaks

While minor leaks may be repairable by resealing inside the frame, they should be replaced if you have leaky windows that have suffered major damage from a storm or just lack of maintenance over the years. Repairs would need to be extensive and would probably not be as effective in the long run as simply putting in new frames and glass.

Damaged Glass

If you have the most blatant form of window damage, broken or cracked glass, it may be possible to replace just the glass and not the entire frame, depending on the condition. However, if the frame is damaged or the glass has muntins and mullions bonded to it, a replacement will be a more cost-effective solution than repair.

How Much Does Window Replacement Cost?

It makes sense that you want to know the cost of replacement right away to budget for it. But there are so many key factors that influence the overall cost, such as size and type of window. It is impossible to give an accurate estimate without finding out more about your particular property and needs. Additional cost factors include climate conditions. Whether they are single-hung windows or double-hung windows, the product brand, and more, once our expert installers have had the opportunity to assess your home, they will be able to offer you a cost-effective price estimate.

What's the Best Time of Year for Window Replacement in Boulder?

The ideal time of year to get your glass and/or frames replaced is when the weather is warm in summer, late spring, or early fall. After all, there will be a big hole in your wall during the replacement process, and you don't exactly want that happening in January.

However, some people think that installation absolutely can not happen in cold weather because insulating foam won't expand, or sealant won't cure properly, but that is not necessarily the case. Some materials can be used down to around -4 degrees Fahrenheit, so if you absolutely need an emergency replacement in Boulder and can't wait until spring, it is possible to do it during the winter. The best case scenario, though, is to evaluate your home during the warmer seasons and get replacement taken care of then if you can.

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