Power Washing FAQs in Boulder, CO

Have you ever seen videos online of someone using a high-powered water jet to restore their outdoor surfaces? Sometimes, the effects are like removing old floors and finding something entirely different underneath. Highly effective exterior cleaning methods can restore the original appearances of outdoor surfaces in Boulder — and yes, that includes your home or business too!

Those online videos show how years of grime and slime can completely alter the appearance of outdoor areas — and how a deep cleaning can completely reverse that process. Your wood deck or stone walls will look brand-new if you get excellent pressure washing services from a local expert.

The service professionals at Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield, and Erie help homeowners and business owners in Boulder and the surrounding areas with a wide range of services. Power washing services are some of the most commonly requested — because they blast away years of built-up filth on exterior walls, concrete, and other outdoor features.

With such a wide range of possible uses, many people in Boulder wonder what the downsides might be, or if their exterior surfaces even need to be cleaned so thoroughly. Is water really enough to deal with years of built-up dirt, sludge, dust and other debris?

All those frequently asked questions have simple answers. Once you know all the facts, you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want the benefits of quality pressure washing services from an experienced professional.

When Do You Need Outdoor Cleaning Services in Boulder, CO?

Everything from your soffits and siding to your decks and doors is susceptible to the slow accumulation of dirt and dust particles in Boulder. Severe storms add moisture, mud, and sludge to that mixture of outdoor filth — not to mention bacteria. Over time, that slime builds up and sticks to surfaces. It might even hide signs that you need fascia repairs or other exterior services.

If you notice any signs of excessive buildup on your siding, deck, doors, or other exterior fixtures, you can get rid of them and restore your peace of mind by getting someone to blast them with a power washer.

Signs You Need Power Washer Service in Boulder, CO:

  • Discolored roofs

  • Stained siding

  • Greasy concrete driveways

  • Dirty decks

  • Slimy stone walls

  • Cobwebs, nests, & other animal debris

  • And, even higher energy bills

What's the Difference Between a Power Washer & a Pressure Washer?

Many people use both terms interchangeably, but there is a specific difference between power washers and pressure washers. Not all materials are suitable for both options, so it's important for anyone using either kind of equipment to know the differences.

Pressure Washers

This type of equipment uses pressurized jets of water to blast surfaces clean. The water is measured both in psi (pounds per square inch) and GPM (gallons per minute). The first figure tells you how powerful the spray is — most standard options range from 2,000 to 3,200 psi. GPM tells you how many gallons of water pass through the spraying wand as you're using it. Pressure washers can be used on most outdoor surfaces.

Power Washers

This option is especially effective for dealing with mildew, mold, bacteria, and grease because it blasts out heated water. That heated water makes it easier to remove stubborn grime during the cleaning process, but it damages materials that are vulnerable to high temperatures, like vinyl siding.

Will Pressure Washing Cause Damage?

The most common scenario where this type of equipment causes damage is when it's used incorrectly. For example, it's possible to clean wood siding with a pressure washer, but you could damage insulation and wiring, cause water damage, and promote wood rot or mold growth if you don't know what you're doing. That's just one of the reasons many people in Boulder choose to contact a professional handyman for their annual home maintenance needs.

If you're going to try and do it yourself, you should know where not to point a pressure washer. Otherwise, you might cause accidental damage or injuries while you're attempting to keep properties clean.

Avoid Pressure Washing:

  • Wood or vinyl siding

  • Electrical panels & meters

  • Asphalt roofs

  • Outdoor AC units

  • Lead-based paint

  • Crumbling bricks & mortar

  • Recently painted surfaces — you might chip or peel the paint

  • Stained wood — for the same reason as painted surfaces

  • Windows

  • Gutters — sadly, there are no shortcuts for gutter cleaning

  • And, people or pets

What Are The Benefits of Power Washing?

Keeping your property clean is just one of several reasons to schedule an appointment for professional power washing in Boulder. If the process is completed by a professional, it provides exceptional, lasting, immediate results. Whether you need power washing for commercial buildings or your residential property, there are many reasons to take advantage of quality service from a local company.

Power Washing Benefits:

  • Improve your curb appeal

  • Eliminate toxic substances

  • Use less water to clean almost every outdoor surface

  • Save time on annual maintenance

  • Reduce your risk of damage from moisture, insects, & other pests

  • Restore your property's appearance without repainting (or prime surfaces for a fresh coat)

  • And, improve your property value

Can You Do Power Washing Yourself in Boulder, CO?

With the right training and knowledge, anyone can use this equipment. Although looking at the results is interesting — and it might be fun to see those layers of dirt disappear — don't forget that there are still risks of injury or property damage if you don't know what you're doing. Appointments with experienced professionals are a safer, superior choice.

Is Pressure Washing Safe?

As long as you follow all proper protocols and know how to use the equipment, there are few risks — but there are still risks. That's why eye protection is a must at all times. You may also want ear protection if you're using a gas-powered model.

Always follow all safety protocols to avoid damage or injury. Improper handling may have unfortunate results.

Do You Need A Professional Pressure Washing Appointment in Boulder, CO?

An expert from Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield, and Erie can give you all the benefits of an exceptional and professional service. As your local, complete handyman solution, they can also take care of everything else on your to-do list at the same time. We can do it all with just one call!

If you have more questions or want a convenient appointment, call our team at 303-647-9132 or request an appointment online.