What You Need for an Ideal Home Office Conversion

Are you currently working from home? Home office conversions are on the rise, for good reason. In 2019, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that 29% of Americans were working from home full- or part-time, and it makes sense to assume that number has increased considerably since then.

Whether you've been slogging it out at home for quite a while or just made the switch, you've probably noticed the importance of having a dedicated workspace to help shut out distractions and keep your productivity up. The fantasy of lying in bed with your laptop might seem appealing at first, but it won't be long until you start looking around for extra living space that can be converted into a functional home office.

The problem is most people don't happen to have the perfect usable space just ready to go on a moment's notice. That's okay—there may be an option available in your home that just needs a little help from the experts at Mr. Handyman of East Boulder, Broomfield, and Erie to transform it into your new, stylish home office.

In Any Space

Whether you're thinking of converting a spare bedroom for guests, an attic, a garage, or even a backyard shed, there are some Mr. Handyman services that will be helpful in any space.

Furniture Assembly

Bringing a patio chair inside and plunking it in front of an old card table isn't going to cut it. You spend a lot of time working and you need, at the very least, an ergonomic office chair that is designed to properly support you when you're sitting for long periods. If the words "some assembly required" cause you to break into a cold sweat, don't panic—we can get all your new office furnishings assembled efficiently and correctly, from chairs to desk lamps, so you're not only comfortable, but also avoiding painful health issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Custom Carpentry

If prefabricated furniture isn't going to fit in the space you have available, or you have unique needs that need a specific solution, trust our carpenters to come up with an inspired custom carpentry design. We can create a built-in desk that fits perfectly in your walk-in closet, for example, or create plenty of storage that frees up floor space in your garage.

If you need to keep an eye on the little ones while you work, we can even create a space for kids that will keep their glitter glue away from your work files.

Door Installation & Repair

One of the best parts of having an office is that you can shut the door and keep distractions at bay. You may already have a door that just needs some repairs to function better and block noise, but we can also put in new doors. For example, if you're converting a dining room, we can install French doors that will still be useful in the future when you're back to commuting.

Window Repair & Replacement

Windows are important in an office, and not just for natural light—you need something to gaze out of while you're cooking up your latest brilliant project idea. Sadly, windows can cause a lot of problems for homeowners when they fall into disrepair, from wood rot to skyrocketing utility bills. Not sure if your window needs repair or replacement? We'll take care of it with the most cost-effective solution.

In a Shed or Attic

Have a large backyard shed or similar structure, or an attic in decent condition? Those are both alternatives that could serve as a productive workspace with just a few tweaks.

Drywall Repairs & Finishing

When the drywall is in place but unfinished, or finished but damaged, we can take care of repairs and finishing that will improve the look but also preserve the functionality, so you don't have to worry about paying more on your energy bill for warm or cool air that's escaping inside the wall. We'll take care of sanding, mudding, joint taping, and finishing— we can even hang your framed photos and curtains when we're done.

Flooring Installation

Do you only have a subfloor right now, or flooring that's in poor condition? Whether it's tile, hardwood, or laminate, Mr. Handyman can install flooring that will make for a more welcoming space, but also protect your subfloor from damage caused by wear or moisture.

Attic Stair & Door Installation

If you've got an attic that could potentially work as a home office, but you don't love the idea of climbing up and down a ladder every time you need a bathroom break, we can install drop-down attic stairs and a hatch door that will make climbing up to your office a lot more comfortable and safe.

In a Garage

Garages are utilitarian rooms that are often overlooked, but if you have an underused or unused garage space, it could be a great solution to provide the room you need to work.

Garage Floor Coating

If your garage to office conversion isn't meant to be permanent, or you're still planning to park in your office, you won't want to go ahead and install a hardwood floor. We can apply a garage floor coating that will make the room look spotless, repel oil stains, and hide any imperfections in the concrete floor. It also contains anti-skid additives that will help keep your car wheels—and chair wheels—where they're supposed to be.

Garage Door Weatherstripping

If you're sitting out in the garage shivering every time a cold draft gusts in through degraded weatherstripping on your original garage door, there's no need to suffer. We can replace the weatherstripping to keep you snug and warm year-round.

Mr. Handyman is Your Expert Home Office Conversion Specialist!

Ready to get to work? So are we! Whether you're in East Boulder or a nearby area such as Superior or Louisville, you can rely on Mr. Handyman of East Boulder, Broomfield, and Erie to help you create the dedicated home office space of your dreams with our quality workmanship and outstanding customer service.

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