Boulder Gutter Repair or Replacement: Which Service Do You Need?

Drip... drip... drip... Many Boulder homeowners enjoy the sound of a good rainfall, but the annoying drips coming from busted rain gutters are another matter entirely. That sound indicates your home is unprotected from severe water damage, and that you need an appointment for Boulder gutter repair services.

Many people don't realize how much those little troughs nailed to their roof eaves actually do to save them a lot of money and stress. Anyone who’s ever had to deal with water damage will tell you it’s well worth your time to avoid it. Gutter repairs help defend against moisture throughout your entire home.

If you've noticed that your drainage system is looking rather worse-for-wear, you may be wondering if you need to have it totally replaced or if a gutter repair service will do the trick. This guide explains scenarios when replacement is necessary, and when you can get away with gutter repairs instead. It also offers helpful advice from the experienced Boulder handyman technicians at Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie.

What Do Rain Gutters Actually Do?

If you're skeptical that something as simple as a small channel for rainwater can actually have such a huge impact on your home, you're certainly not alone. Most people don't really prioritize their gutter repairs, if they think about them at all. But, the fact is those troughs on your roofline are a key factor in avoiding serious problems that range from a leaking roof to a cracked foundation—and everything in between. Getting timely repairs is important for maintaining that line of defense.

Here's How They Work:

Normally, troughs collect rainwater that falls on your roof and directs it into downspouts, where it can be disposed of safely away from the house. Not impressed? We're actually talking about a surprising volume of water. Just one inch of rain on a 1,000 square foot roof produces 620 gallons of water. The average yearly precipitation in Boulder (both rain and melted snow or ice) is 20.68 inches. That is considerably less than the national average of 38 inches, but significant when you consider that around 13,020 gallons of water falls on your house every year—or much more if you have a larger roof.

When sections of the pipe are riddled with holes, sagging, tearing away from the roofline, or missing pieces, all that water leaks out and runs down your home’s exterior instead of draining safely, creating the need for trim repair and other services. This also locks you (perhaps unwittingly) in a repair cycle with every Boulder homeowner's eternal enemy, water damage.

Why Are My Gutters Dripping?

There are many factors that can damage your gutters in Boulder, but the number one cause is a lack of cleaning and regular repair. When gutters are overflowing with debris such as dead leaves, animal nests, and dirt, they sag under their own weight and can come loose from their hangers. They also pull apart at the places where sections are joined together, creating leaky joints. The rotting muck the troughs are packed with impedes water flow and is full of harmful bacteria that causes corrosion and holes.

Drops of water will quickly turn into a steady stream when it rains, or when a warm day comes along during winter and snow in the troughs begins to melt. That’s why it’s so important to get regular Boulder gutter cleaning services to extend the lifespan of your system, and help you avoid future gutter repairs or replacements.

Reasons You May Need Gutter Repairs:

  • Falling tree branches

  • Careless ladder use

  • Freeze and thaw cycles during icy winters

  • Harsh weather patterns and high winds

  • Insect, bird and rodent activity

  • Faulty installation, especially when they aren't pitched correctly

  • Insufficient number of downspouts (you need at least one for every 15 meters of pipe)

Do I Need Boulder Gutter Repairs or Replacement Services?

Now that you know why those seemingly insignificant troughs matter so much, and how they may have become damaged, let's talk about the age-old question: gutter repairs or replacement? Our handyman team is frequently asked this question by Boulder homeowners. In our experience, it depends a lot on the type you have installed and how damaged they are. If the damage is widespread, replacement costs will actually be less than repairs.

Go With Boulder Gutter Repair Services If...

  • There's only a few minor holes: Your handyman can patch up a couple of small holes with epoxy.

  • The joint where two sections are connected is coming apart: This type of repair may just be a matter of pushing the parts back together and firming up the connection with sealant, so it doesn't happen again.

  • Damage is only affecting one or two sections: In this case, just the damaged sections can be replaced rather than the entire system.

  • There's loose downspout brackets or trough hangers: If the trough or spout is fine but the pieces connecting it to the eaves are coming loose, just the brackets or hangers can be replaced or refastened.

  • You have copper gutters that are damaged: Copper systems are considerably more expensive than other types, so in this case it’s usually more cost-effective to repair them if possible.

You'll Need Gutter Replacement If...

  • Damage is widespread: If your system is covered in larger holes, cracks, and gaps, it makes more sense to replace it than to have your handyman attempt time-consuming gutter repairs that won’t restore the system to its original condition.

  • Downspouts or troughs are badly dented or crushed: If only one section is affected, then you can avoid replacing the whole system. If multiple parts have been dented or crushed flat, replacement is the best choice.

  • There are signs of water damage on the exterior of your home: If you notice problems such as water stains, wood rot, and peeling paint on your siding, window sills, and door jambs, it's a strong sign your drainage troughs need to be replaced.

  • You have seamless gutters that are damaged: The disadvantage of a seamless system is that if one part becomes damaged, the entire system will have to be replaced.

  • Fasteners won't stay in place: If you've had loose hangers or screws refastened and they still keep loosening, it's a sign the system is past its prime—though it could be an issue with a rotten fascia board instead.

How Often Should Gutters Be Replaced in Boulder?

That really depends on the type of material and how well they are maintained. Aluminum and galvanized steel troughs have an expected lifespan of about 20 years if they are regularly cleaned and maintained. Copper systems can actually last as long as 50 years. But, if the troughs are damaged by something like a falling branch or a big hailstorm, they may need to be replaced before their time is up.

How Do You Fix Standing Water in Gutters?

When water just sits in your troughs without going anywhere, even though there is nothing clogging them up, it’s likely a problem with incorrect pitch—where some sections were installed without enough of a slope to move water towards the downspout. Your handyman may be able to fix the issue by simply changing the position of a hanger or two to achieve the right pitch. If that isn't going to work, the system will likely need to be taken down and rehung properly.

The problem could also be related to insufficient downspouts, especially if you notice that lots of water is pouring out of some downspouts when it rains, but standing still in other sections. In that case, installing an additional downspout should get the water moving again.

Do I Need to Have Gutter Guards Installed in Boulder?

If you find your troughs are filling up with debris such as dead leaves too fast, it’s not a bad idea to have guards installed that prevent leaves, animal nests, and so on from building up inside the channel and blocking water flow. There are a number of different styles available, but they all function in a similar way. Your handyman can efficiently install guards to cut down on the amount of cleaning that’s necessary.

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