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Looking to spruce up your home? At Mr. Handyman serving Fort Myers and Bonita Springs we know that carpentry services can transform any space. With our experience and craftsmanship, we create custom furniture and cabinetry that elevates the look of a room. From cabinets to kitchen countertops, no project is too big or too small for us!

Why should you choose the experts at Mr. Handyman serving Fort Myers and Bonita Springs?

  • We stand behind our workmanship with a Done Right Promise. If your service was not done right, we promise to make it right. Contact Mr. Handyman serving Fort Myers and Bonita Springs franchise within 1 year of the service and we will make it right.
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You deserve lasting quality pieces with unique designs tailored to fit your style. Our team of experts takes pride in creating beautiful, timeless works of art out of wood. Transform any room into a breathtaking masterpiece worthy of admiration and envy from friends and family alike!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Carpentry

When Should You Call a Carpenter?

If you have any projects involving wood structure construction or repair it would be wise to contact a professional carpenter to ensure that the job is done properly with quality materials. Some common projects that might require assistance from an experienced carpenter include new home constructions or renovations; deck building; interior trim work; cabinet installation; staircases; roof trusses; window frames; door frames; siding installation; flooring installations (such as laminate or hardwood); fence installations; shutters & gables; etc. If you’re unsure if your project requires help from an experienced carpenter don’t hesitate to consult with us!

Is a Carpenter Different from a General Contractor?

A general contractor is responsible for managing the entire construction project, while a carpenter typically works under the supervision of the general contractor and specializes in carpentry tasks. A carpenter may be involved in building wooden components on-site or installing prefabricated wooden components like doors, windows, and cabinets. Carpenters also perform maintenance work such as sanding, painting, staining, and other finishing tasks.

What are the main duties of a Carpenter?

The primary duties of a carpenter involve constructing and repairing structures made from wood. This could include anything from framing and installing walls to building stairs, decks, flooring, furniture, fixtures, cabinets, and more. Carpenters may also install insulation or drywall if needed. They also perform maintenance work such as sanding and/or painting wood surfaces as well as other finishing tasks like staining or varnishing products made out of wood.

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