If your home’s exterior appears dirty, not only does your outdoor living space look dreary, but any passerby may assume the house itself is not occupied. A grungy-looking house looks intimidating and uninviting, but you’ll quickly realize that your home’s curb appeal has vanished alongside its property value takes a nose-dive as no prospective home buyer will set foot inside a dingy house. A disheveled house exterior accumulates dirt, dust, and other debris and organic growth such as mold, mildew, algae, moss, lichen, and more. Left unattended to this residue will result in costly and permanent damage to your home’s exterior from the porch, deck, siding, and interior surfaces, as the damage spreads to your drywall, ceiling, and floors. This thick layer of muck will not only be an eyesore from afar but result in hairline cracks and fractures, faded color, peeling, and warped surfaces.

Lately, if you’ve seen that your siding looks shabby or your driveway, including the garage pad, has random grease splotches scattered here and there, it may be about time for professional pressure washing. Cincinnati residents can rely on our qualified, licensed, and fully insured Cincinnati handyman from Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati. Our trustworthy team members are well-adept with the skillset, technique, and know-how for a Cincinnati pressure washing service is but one of the numerous areas of expertise for residential and commercial properties. A pressure washing, Cincinnati homeowners should note, must ideally be performed by an expert and experienced professional who can provide your home’s exterior with a thorough cleanse given their dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Although you can opt for a DIY makeshift pressure washing attempt, we recommend you do not, as you can accidentally wreck fragile components, such as highrise windows or your gutter’s troughs, if you’re not careful handling the immense pressure of water. 

About Our Process of Pressure Washing in Cincinnati

The aftereffects of leftover debris from mold to grease, if left unresolved, will result in an intolerable outdoor living area. Sometimes Cincinnati homeowners make wild assumptions and incorrectly think that most of the sludge will somehow be scrapped off the next time there’s heavy rainfall. The reality is that the most effective way to clean your home’s exterior for a results-oriented outcome is pressure washing. Cincinnati property owners can expect their trained handyman to pulse an immense pressure of water through a nozzle across any solid surface to loosen or remove debris in its entirety. The vigorous gush of water fully infiltrates the debris to get rid of it, leaving in place an enlivened house. Cincinnati homeowners who participate in the proper upkeep of their home through routine maintenance, including asking for an annual professional inspection and pressure washing cleaning service, will slim to none ever be susceptible to such foulness. We best advise you to get it done before the Winter season settles or as Spring descends between March and November, as the local climate is more temperate to accommodate a Cincinnati pressure washing.

Types Of Pressure Washers We Use

A pressure washer has the same function regardless of which version you opt for, but the machine itself can differ in its power source:

Gas: A gas-powered pressure washer is durable and hefty and works well for your commercial property given its higher psi level boasting up to 2,800 psi. As a result, a gas model works wonders for pressure washing. Cincinnati clients will find our pro handyman can rigorously spot clean, tough, and dark stains, such as oil spills, on their driveway, based on the concentrated pressure a gas model affords. If you have square footage or bigger, more spacious outdoor areas, a gas model will provide a thorough cleanse much faster. The only downside is that they are noisier machines and, given their bulkier weight, are heavier to move around, so they are not recommended if you have multiple locations to clean.

Electric: An electric-powered pressure washer is best reserved for everyday cleaning and a more casual Cincinnati pressure washing. It’s able to spur the water to a higher level of water pressure in an instant for a more subtle cleanse of your surfaces. It’s lightweight and costs less upfront if you’re hoping to purchase a machine for your use. It also results in much less noise pollution, given its quiet motor. The only downside is that given its lower psi level compared to a gas model, it cannot concentrate a pressurized jet of water as readily, so it is best kept for removing debris on subdued areas such as old paint and outgrown weeds on your backyard deck.

How Is A Pressure Washing Performed in Cincinnati?

A standard Cincinnati pressure washing service is mandatory rather than optional to cleanse larger surface areas on the exterior of your home. Be aware that pressure washing isn’t easy for newbies, so if you are not experienced, it’s best to hire a professional handyman to avoid readily damaging your house. Regardless of whichever powered model you choose, it will blast a forceful burst of water through a highly pressurized nozzle to leave your home spotless. A professionally trained handyman makes a difference as they will know how to correctly toggle the settings to the optimal level, keep the nozzle head at the appropriate angle and know how to increase the pressure level in increments via the nozzle before increasing the flow of the water. 

Here are some of the steps our expert handyman conducts for a Cincinnati pressure washing Cincinnati homeowners can expect.

  • All About Prep: Whether you are doing pressure washing on your own or not, we want to add a full disclaimer that your safety is important above all. That’s why it’s essential to wear protective eyewear, closed-toe boots, and heavy-duty work gloves at the very minimum. Pressure washing tends to spurt out water and can send debris, such as dirt, rocks, twigs, etc., flying around, so it’s best to remain extra vigilant.
  • Starter Package: For starters, the wider the nozzle head, the better. We will now mount the widest nozzle possible for the machine to allow for a spray pattern that covers the most surface area. The more widespread the angle, the less pressure is concentrated, resulting in much less force penetrating the surface. For a rigorous cleanse, we will use a more narrow nozzle head with a lesser angle to allow for more cleaning pressure. We may conduct a spot test and sample the nozzle head to ensure no damage is incurred on the given surface.

Note: Conveniently, many nozzles are colored coded. For example, white nozzles offer the widest angle clocking in at 40 degrees, followed by green nozzles at 25 degrees, yellow nozzles at 15 degrees and lastly, red nozzles at 0 degrees. Red nozzles are great for specific and stubborn stains and blast out an immense amount of water. If desired for us to soap, we’ll opt for a black nozzle specially designed to dispense detergent.

  • Only At A Slant: It’s not a matter of pointing and shooting during pressure washing. Our Cincinnati handyman must hold the device in proper position. We will ensure the nozzle head points at an angle away from us and towards the given surface. It’s bad practice to point the nozzle at a 90-degree angle. It should ideally be pointed at a 20 to 45-degree angle to ensure excess water doesn’t splash all over the place.
  • Carefully Calculated: Now that we have set up the machine with the appropriate nozzle head and determined the best angle for the Cincinnati pressure washing service, you can expect us to finally begin. We will connect the pressure washer’s nose and turn the machine to the lowest power setting, pointing the nozzle head away from us. We always start with a more unoccupied area during the pilot run to ensure the surface can withstand pressure and prevent accidental damage. From then on, we will increase the pressure level as needed.
  • Cleanse And Adjust: As we carry out the pressure washing, Cincinnati homeowners can expect our handyman to change the distance between the surface and the nozzle as necessary to ensure dirt is being scraped off without damaging the surface being cleaned. If water starts to slosh, we will sharpen the angle between the nozzle and the physical surface. The narrower the angle for the nozzle head, the farther away you can stand apart from the surface, given the higher pressure of water being expelled. The best aspect about relying on a trained handyman for pressure washing in Cincinnati is that they know when it’s best to adjust the pressure level on the machine itself or swap out a nozzle head for another one based on the physical surface being cleaned–something you may not know how to do.
  • From The Top Down: We now proceed to clean the entire surface by going horizontally, starting at the top of the wall, patio, deck, etc. This method is more effective as it allows water to trickle down under, making sections lower down easier to clean. As we proceed from the topmost area, we will clean off debris row by row and then work backward to ensure the site is left spotless. Sometimes it will take many attempts to clean a specific spot, so it’s critical to maneuver the nozzle carefully.

What Makes Mr. Handyman A Topnotch Service Provider for Pressure Washing in Cincinnati?

As a locally owned and operated franchise, Mr. Handyman has a notable track record, having served Cincinnati and surrounding areas of Amberley, Elmwood Place, and Seven Mile for many years. We always advocate for our clients as we actively listen to their viewpoints by offering authentic and effective solutions given our superior products and services, quality craftsmanship, and outstanding customer satisfaction. This includes our services for professional pressure washing. Cincinnati property owners who have never had pressure washing done before can go ahead and book a no-obligation consultation with us. We will inform you of the numerous benefits you’ll reap from a clean home exterior. Recall that we offer a one-year parts and labor guarantee, so if anything doesn’t meet your expectations, we will return and make amends as needed for your pressure washing in Cincinnati. It’s best not to be complacent about exterior cleaning as not only is a run-down home unattractive, but you also inhale all the leftover debris clinging to your surfaces every time you crack open a window to catch some fresh air.

It’s best not to ignore the fact that your home’s exterior needs pressure washing. Cincinnati homeowners deserve a humble abode that’s spotless, allowing for a neat home environment. Mr. Handyman of Greater Cincinnati—a trustworthy handyman—will blast away any gunk so you can return to living in a reinvigorated home. Best of all, we align with your busy on-the-go schedule and always arrive uniformed and prompt for your appointment for pressure washing in Cincinnati. You’ll be relieved that an expert is at the helm for pressure washing services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pressure Washing: Cincinnati Services

What Is Pressure Washing & How Does It Leave Your Home Spotless?

Our advanced pressure washing equipment has precise cleaning ability and uses an impactful propulsion system to clean and clear any lingering debris in your home’s exterior. A classic garden hose just doesn’t hold up to snuff as it doesn’t possess the high-level psi, or pounds per square inch, required to blast away the mess. A garden hose clocks in at a mere 40 to 80 psi, compared to an amicable 1,300 to 1,700 psi for an electric-powered pressure washer and an impressive 2,000 to 2,800 psi for a gas-powered one. Our standard pressure washer can burst out a highly pressurized stream of water through the nozzle head to remove any stubborn debris and residue. During a pressure washing, Cincinnati clients will witness our handyman blast out forceful liters of water to remove any gunk from the physical surfaces of your house’s roofline, siding, soffits and fascia boards, patio, porch, garage pad, and more. Tough grease and oil-based stains are scrubbed away as we erase them off your driveway. By default, a Cincinnati pressure washing not only removes dirtied and dusty areas, but you will enjoy the benefits of refreshing, clean, and lighter breath of fresh air as your home’s indoor air quality and circulation improves. Nobody wants to be exposed to stale air due to a dirty home environment which is harmful to your personal physical and mental wellness. Moreover, an expert pressure washing, Cincinnati homeowners will discover not only preserves but preps your surfaces for further remodeling, everything from replacing a new window and roof shingles to a rain gutter. By outright ignoring Cincinnati pressure, leftover debris can also compromise the structural integrity of your home. For example, mold and mildew spread like rapid fire to other surfaces, resulting in rotting your wooden structures from your decks to your fence and even trim. Eventually, these surfaces will become more susceptible to further moisture damage as they buckle, then fracture and eventually cave in if not dealt with. A pressure washing, Cincinnati clientele must understand, allows you to protect your home and prolong its components pristine condition and bypass expensive repairs and installations, all thanks to rotting wood.

How Many PSI Do You Need To Pressure Wash Anything?

It depends on the physical surface in question. For example, for more heavy-duty tasks such as removing an oil or grease stain or graffiti, we would have to utilize a gas-powered model with a narrow nozzle head, likely green or yellow, and burst up to 2,800 psi to get rid of the debris. On the other hand, for more subtle residue, such as peeling paint on your wood porch or deck, an electric-powered model with a white nozzle head will work fine given its less forceful nature, and it won’t damage your surface.

Do I Need Soap To Pressure Wash My Driveway?

The best part about standard pressure washing in Cincinnati is that it’s chemical-free and eco-friendly. Although using a highly pressurized stream of water can do wonders for just about any surface, sometimes homeowners want to kick it up a notch to get rid of bacteria, pathogens, and other germs using soap. Using a detergent will help to loosen up any dirt, muck, or grease and make cleaning more effective, but it’s not mandatory. Plus, it depends on the area in question; for example, your patio or porch doesn’t necessarily need to be stopped with soap. But if you hope to leave your surfaces more hygienic and sanitary, use a soap solution at your discretion.

How Long Does It Take A House To Dry After Pressure Washing?

You should wait 24 to 72 hours for the surfaces to fully dry out, especially if you hope to follow up with a fresh coat of paint. Of course, it also depends on how large your house is, including the square footage of your property, so keep that in mind.

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