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Preserve your home's structural integrity and aesthetic value by repairing holes in drywall with the help of Mr. Handyman of Greater Grand Rapids and our quality drywall repairs and drywall finishing solutions. From unsightly holes to tiny nicks, we’re here to get the job done right.  

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Types of Drywall Repairs   

Mr. Handyman of Greater Grand Rapids offers an array of drywall repairs to accommodate every unique demand. Some of the common types of damage we remedy include the following:   

  • Cracks from structural inefficiencies  
  • Moisture damage  
  • Age-related wear  
  • Damage from pets and children  
  • Pest damage  
  • Holes from old nails, screws, and anchors  
  • Door knob holes  
  • Furniture damage   

Repairing Drywall With Our Full-Stack Service  

We go beyond just repairing holes in drywall. We identify the source of the drywall damage to prevent it from happening again. We begin with an inspection to determine the reason behind the damage and then provide quality repairs and proactive recommendations to protect your home from reoccurring problems.    

Drywall Repairs and Ventilation Solutions   

Drywall repairs may be the result of poor ventilation. In these cases, we not only repair drywall but also address the ventilation issues, curating solutions that mitigate moisture buildup, such as repairing or replacing exhaust fans. It’s our mission to ensure you receive long-term solutions, not just a temporary band-aid to patch the problem.   

Drywall Finish for Modern Homes   

Unlike older homes, newer homes require more than drywall repair and maintenance. We offer an array of drywall finishing solutions, including the following:   

  • Green board drywall finish and repair  
  • Gypsum board drywall finish and repair  
  • Cement board drywall finish and repair  
  • Sheetrock drywall finish and repair  
  • Stucco drywall finish and repair   

Drywall Repairs Process  

Repairing drywall begins with a thorough assessment to determine the most suitable drywall repairs for your home. Minor damage is easily remedied with spackle and wall paint. However, moisture issues and more complex inefficiencies may require additional steps to deter future damage, structural issues, and costly problems that offset the comfort of your home.   

Drywall Finishing and Repair FAQ   

You may have a few questions if you’re unfamiliar with the drywall finishing and repair processes. Although our service professionals are readily available to take your call and ease your concerns whenever you need us, we have also compiled this helpful FAQ to guide you through the ins and outs of drywall services.   

Are Drywall Repairs Expensive?   

Repairing holes in drywall and addressing damage is typically a prompt service. However, the exact cost of drywall repairs depends entirely on the source of the damage, the location, and the intricacy of the issue. Our service professionals can provide an accurate estimate when you call us to discuss your drywall repairs.   

Should I Get Drywall Repairs?   

Drywall repairs may be needed for a multitude of different reasons. When the damage is minor, these repairs are not urgent. However, they can offset the aesthetic value of your home. However, if the drywall damage is significant, wiring and plumbing may be exposed, which calls for immediate drywall repairs to mitigate further problems.   

How Does Drywall Crack?   

When drywall becomes wet and dries, it may crack, but there are many other ways it may become damaged. It’s important to understand how they happen to prevent the issue from arising or worsening down the road. For instance, if it’s a foundation settling issue, it must be addressed immediately, as this is a major structural problem.   

Choose Excellence for Your Home   

When it comes to structural integrity, aesthetic appeal, and comfort, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice. That’s why customers choose Mr. Handyman of Greater Grand Rapids for their drywall repairs and finishing needs. Backed by a quality guarantee and years of experience, you can rest assured that your home will be treated with the utmost care.   

Areas We Serve   

Mr. Handyman of Greater Grand Rapids proudly serves Ada, Allendale, Alto, Belmont, Byron Center, Caledonia, Cannonsburg, Cedar Springs, Comstock Park, Conklin, Coopersville, Ferrysburg, Gowen, Grand Haven, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Holland, Hudsonville, Jamestown, Jenison, Kent City, Lamont, Marne, Nunica, Rockford, Sand Lake, Sparta, Spring Lake, West Olive, Wyoming, and Zeeland.   

Schedule Drywall Repairs or Finishing Today   

Repairing drywall and achieving a beautiful, durable drywall finish has never been easier than with Mr. Handyman of Greater Grand Rapids and our drywall repairs and finishing. Contact our trusted service professionals to discuss your needs and request your service estimate today. 

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