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  • Mr. Handyman Raises the Bar …. Again.

    For most of you looking for maintenance, repair or upgrade services for your home or business, finding a reliable and trusted ...

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  • Q: We replaced some damaged screen panels on our porch, and they are starting to come loose. What did we do wrong?

    A: First, what you did right, you gave it a try. Sometimes, like learning to walk, we stumble a bit. Get back up and try it again. ...

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  • Q & A: We’ve purchased our first home, a ‘fixer upper’ and we have a lot of 1”x4” trim in rough shape around doors and windows. Is there something better than wood to replace it with?

    A: Congratulations on your new home. You can purchase cement-fiber based products that are designed to replace wood. It’s a bit ...

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