The Perfect Yard

Spring is when the real estate market goes into hyper-drive. As you work with your realtor to find the home of your dreams, I want to remind you to tell your realtor about your perfect yard. A yard is not a 100% given, but most homes will have a yard.

The yard can help you get more enjoyment from your new home. For some the perfect yard is one they do not have to maintain. A small yard and a yard-service is their dream yard. Others want to live in their yard, so to speak.

When we looked at our current home 20+ years ago it had a jungle gym in the backyard. We bought the home and paid the homeowner a bit extra to leave it. It was an instant hit with our then 3- and 5-year-old boys and remained popular for many years.

Pools are a nice amenity in the yard of any home, especially if you have kids. Most young children are not a fan of their regular bath, but you can hardly keep them out of the pool. Designate a place on the pool deck for the grill, install an awning for some shade, and you have a perfect spot to spend time with friends and family.

Many use their yards to connect with nature. Gardens are popular, be they for vegetables, flowers, or both. Pollinator friendly gardens have lots of flowers for the hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies, which brings color and life to your yard. If you enjoy harvesting a meal from the garden in your yard, a hive or two of honeybees help pollinate your crops and can produce excess honey for you to enjoy.

Others have turned to raising chickens. What is better than a farm fresh egg? How about a yard fresh egg? This requires a fenced yard and a good relationship with your neighbors. Fresh eggs may help with that.

There are some very unique sheds that have been turned into backyard offices. Once an oasis is created in their backyard, many want to spend more time there. A “Man cave” or “She shed” is the perfect way to work remotely while firmly planted in that oasis.

The perfect yard is as unique as the person that creates it. As you dream of your ideal next home, take time to dream of your ideal next yard. What space will you need, what do you want to be there, and what do you want to create. Share this vision with your realtor, so your dream home comes with your dream yard, or space to create it.

While Mr. Handyman can do many things around the home, we also work in the yard. While we are not your best option for landscape and gardening (reach out to The Grounds Guys for these needs), we can still help with many needs outside your home. Pressure washing the pool deck, or washing and staining a wooden deck, will enhance their look and help them last. Our assembly of a jungle gym or swing-set will keep the kids active, and help tire them out. Insulating and paneling on the inside of a She-Shed with a window air conditioner created a wonderful backyard oasis for one customer to do her crafts. We have even built stands upon which honey-bee hives were installed.

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