You Can Repair Drywall

Owning a home comes with upkeep. That includes regular cleaning, maintenance and repair, and seasonal needs. Your home does not take care of itself. Some get great satisfaction in doing these tasks themselves. After a hard day, or week, getting out some tools and getting dirty around the home is a great stress release.

Others like the satisfaction of doing things themselves, but do not know where to start when it is something they have never done before. They fear doing damage, to their home or themselves. I will state up front that one should not take on plumbing or electrical tasks, with their inherent risk of fires, flooded homes, and electrocution, unless you are properly trained.

Beyond that we learn by doing. YouTube offers some great “how to” material, and if you watch several on a specific task you will start to understand the basic steps and each content providers personal touch. Most general home maintenance and repair can be redone if you do not like the result of your first attempt. Like learning to walk, there are some stumbles, but we recover.

Drywall repair is a task with limited risk. I would not start with a major repair, but these are not the most common needs. Many home owners are dealing with dings and dents caused by kids, or damage done while moving furniture. Filling holes from picture hooks and curtain rods and similar is also a common task prior to painting. These are the perfect place to practice your drywall skills after watching some ‘how to’ videos online.

Before starting, understand that when you get to the step of sanding drywall repairs smooth, that dust goes everywhere. Depending on the repair size and how much sanding you will do, consider draping everything on the room with plastic, and covering any nearby AC returns to keep dust from being sucked in. It will clog filters and coils and move the dust around your home.

I will also offer that you should not rush this. It is a process, with dry-time and sanding between steps. Rushing only increases your risk of not liking the result. Sanding a still damp repairs will just clog your sandpaper, and if you rush and paint your repair before it is fully dry, the paint will bubble. Back up a step, sand off the bubble, let it dry overnight and paint it again.

With time and practice, you will get comfortable with minor drywall repairs. Then you can paint the repairs, or the full room, and enjoy the satisfaction of saying “I did this”. With that confidence gained, you can decide what to take on next.

If life is too busy, or the task to intimidating based on where your skills and confidence are at, or you simply do not have the desire to take on any more projects around your home, then know that Mr. Handyman is here to help. Whether your project is small, or you have quite a list, Mr. Handyman can offer a full range of home services, from small ‘handyman’ projects, to mid-size ‘home improvement’ projects, and larger ‘remodeling’ projects. In fact, we were voted Jacksonville’s ‘Bold City Best’ winner in each of these size categories for 2021.

With a great staff, awesome reputation, and a Done Right Promise behind all that we do, you can be confident when you call Mr. Handyman.

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