Want to install a brand new door? Or, maybe you need to repair damage to an existing door? Whatever type of door work you need doing, Mr. Handyman® serving Greater Jacksonville can make it happen!

Our professional handyman solutions include everything you need to keep your home or business safe, secure, and welcoming with a beautiful, functional entryway door. We can also repair damaged door jambs, or replace damaged, or outdated interior doors to give your home the updated look it deserves!

When you work with Mr. Handyman, you can rest assured that your job will be done right and on time. Our team of seasoned professionals have an average of twenty years of experience in their field and know exactly how to meet your door installation or repair needs. We’ll arrive on time, in a branded Mr. Handyman van, with all the tools we need to complete your job efficiently and correctly – the first time around!

Exterior Door Installation and Repair

Your exterior doors protect your home from the elements. They are also your first line of defense against intruders. Keep your family warm, dry, and safe with nice-looking and functional exterior doors.

Whether your doors are damaged, out of style, if you prefer a glass insert for better lighting, or you want to convert double doors to a sliding glass door, or vice versa, our team has you covered!

We can help you every step of the way – from determining what can be repaired and what needs to be replaced with your existing door, measuring your rough opening prior to ordering a door, we can handle the door ordering and delivery - or we can install something you have already purchased.  All our work is done quickly, efficiently, and correctly. For all of your exterior door installation needs, give Mr. Handyman serving Greater Jacksonville a call!

Front Entry Door Installation and Repair

Your front entry door is the first impression your guests and neighbors get of your home. Make sure it’s a good one with a beautiful new door!

Whether you need to repair what you have, or maybe give it a fresh coat of paint, or remove and replace your existing door, Mr. Handyman is here to help. We can replace whatever you have today with a new door that is better insulated, weather-tight, and looks great in a variety of styles.  With or without a glass insert, paneled or smooth surface, in a standard or 8’ height, our team has the skills and knowledge to help support all your needs.

For professional and easy entry door installation and repair, Mr. Handyman is the go-to service provider in the Greater Jacksonville area!

Interior Door Installation and Repair

Your interior doors can either elevate your aesthetic or dampen it. Older homes are solidly built and have many advantages. But if your interior doors are in a style that is a generation or two out of date, know that replacing your interior doors with something of contemporary materials and styling is a great facelift for your home. Depending on the number of doors, this is also a project that can be done more cost-effectively than other remodeling projects. 

If your interior doors look or feel old or out of place, it’s time to consider starting a new interior door installation project. Give your home an easy upgrade with a new interior door installation from Mr. Handyman! From Orange Park to Green Cove Springs, FL, and everywhere in between, all your door needs are covered!

Door Installation FAQ

Whether you want to replace one entry door or all of the interior doors in your home, we understand that you might have some questions. Here are our most frequently asked questions about our door installation services.

How long does it take to install a door?

It can depend on a few factors, including the number of doors you want to replace, interior versus exterior, whether there is adjacent damage (doors with wood rot often have adjacent damage), and availability of doors in the size and style you need. The best way to get an accurate estimate of the length of your door installation project is to call us directly to discuss your specific needs.

Our friendly and local customer service representatives can go over the unique details of your specific installation requirements and provide a better-informed estimate.

Does the door jamb (frame) need to be replaced with a new door?

While it is true that we can replace the door slab without replacing the door jamb, installing a ‘pre-hung’ door and jamb unit is often the best solution. Pre-hung units have been manufactured to work together - door, jamb, threshold, and weather stripping - for a solid weather-tight seal. In many cases, the labor cost to mate the new door to the old jamb offsets any ‘savings’ from trying to re-use the old door jamb.  

That said, we can and do mate new door slabs to old jambs when this is appropriate. To know if your door installation project will require replacing your current door jamb, call Mr. Handyman serving Greater Jacksonville today.

What is the best type of door?

This question requires a discussion of any unique client needs. For entry doors, fiberglass doors are rot-free, solid against the elements, and come in a variety of styles, with and without a glass insert. They can even be stained to look (mostly) like wood. Still, some like the look of real wood. If price is the primary concern a metal-skinned, hollow core, door might be ‘best’. If security is the primary concern, this same door would not be ideal.

Our professionals have years of experience and knowledge to help you select the best door type for any unique installation. Contact us today to learn more!

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