In Charleston, a highly-populated area in West Virginia, its community of homeowners wants to ensure that they have high-quality fences to provide optimal privacy in their yards. When it comes to keeping your property in the best condition possible, your handyman fence repair services are available to you here in West Virginia. Fences serve a purpose on both commercial and residential properties, and when they deteriorate and break, those purposes are not fulfilled. When your fence is broken you can rely on our handyman services for your fence repair in Charleston, WV. 

Call us today if you are interested in our services for fence repair in Charleston, WV. Your Charleston handyman is happy to help you with all your fence repair needs.

About Our Services: Fence Repair, Charleston, WV

When our professionals arrive for your fence repair in Charleston, WV, we can provide a variety of different services including:

Addressing Wood Rot and Pest Infestation

Wooden fences are the most common type of residential fence because they are both great for privacy as well as for curb appeal. However, wooden fences are susceptible to wood rot and pest infestation, as well as mold growth if there is excess moisture in the environment (lots of snow or rain). Even a lack of sunlight can cause fungal and wood rot because the moisture in the boards needs to be absorbed by the sun.

Broken Picket or Panel Repair

Sometimes fence boards come loose, go missing, or have been broken. We offer picket replacement with our fence repair in Charleston, WV. Our team will attach an angle bracket to the new fence pickets or panels and then paint and seal them. Then they will screw the pickets into place by screwing the angle bracket to the horizontal boards. Additionally, if the horizontal boards are also damaged, we can re-screw the backer rails to the fence posts to provide support for the pickets.

Fence Post Replacements

Your fence may be leaning over to one side when you are dealing with a broken fence post. This can occur for a variety of reasons, including strong winds, old rotten posts, or the posts not dug deep enough into the ground and not secured with cement properly. To fix your sagging or warped fence, we will replace the broken posts that are causing the structural failure, making sure that the post is secured into the ground deeply.

Vinyl Fencing and Chain Link Fence Repair

For holes in your vinyl fencing, we can patch it up with vinyl sheets and patching material. We will make sure it looks seamless with the rest of the fence board, so we make sure to smooth it out, sand it, and prime it. If your chain link fence or aluminum fence is damaged, we can cut out the damaged or rusty parts and replace them.

Replacing Broken or Rusted Latches

Our fencing services include fixing your broken gate latches. When you have rusty or broken latches, hinges, locks, or springs, then our service professionals provide replacement parts for your gate.

We offer additional services for your fence repair in Charleston, WV, including:

  • Pressure washing, power washing, or soft washing. As one of our maintenance services for your fence, we have the necessary tools to clean your fence, whether it's pressure washing for vinyl or soft washing on wood.
  • Painting and sealing. We can put sealants over your residential fencing to optimize its waterproofing systems.

Why Choose Us For Professional Charleston Fence Repair?

Mr. Handyman of Kanawha Valley is a proud Neighborly company that emphasizes the customer experience in all of the United States. When you choose our team for your fence repair in Charleston, WV, we guarantee to do our job right the first time. With our Neighborly Done Right Promise, if a job is not done right, we will make it right.

We offer a wide variety of commercial property services. So if you are a business owner looking for fence repair in Charleston, WV, we are the fence contractors you can rely on. We also offer commercial fence installation and other professional services.

Our quality craftsmanship comes from every one of our service providers. Each one of our service professionals has undergone a background check to ensure that they have the experience and proper training to provide exceptional service.

Our cost estimates are always given to you upfront, so you never have to worry about going outside of your budget. With a wide variety of materials and different repair methods, we will be able to find the most cost-effective and long-term solution for your fence repair in Charleston, WV.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Fence Repair: Charleston, WV

What type of fencing materials do you work with for fence repair in Charleston, WV?

The most popular types of fencing include aluminum, vinyl, wood, and chain. The fence material we work with includes:

  • Wooden fencing: A popular choice for homeowners in West Virginia looking to add privacy and enhance the aesthetics of their property. Depending on the type of wood fence you choose (cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated lumber) you can prevent the process of wood rot. Cedar, redwood, and pressure-treated wood have natural oils and tannins to prevent wood rot and pest infestation.
  • Chain link fencing: The most cost-effective decision. While you may not have complete privacy, it still deters others from your property. Most of the time, chain link fencing is chosen for effectiveness without any curb appeal.
  • Aluminum fencing: A great choice if you need low-maintenance, durable, and inexpensive fencing. The average cost for aluminum fencing is an affordable choice, however, it is not as visually appealing as other materials. 
  • Wrought iron fence: Wrought iron fencing is made from carbon and iron, and due to its malleability, it can be made into beautiful decorative fencing. This choice is durable but expensive to install. It also isn’t ideal if you want a privacy fence. 
  • Vinyl fencing: Vinyl fences are a cost-effective choice and extremely popular due to their versatility. You can get vinyl fencing in a variety of styles, textures, and colors. You also get the same level of privacy as you would with a wooden fence, without the maintenance and costs associated with it.

No matter the fence type you have, we work with quality fence products for your fence repair in Charleston, WV.

Do you offer fence installation services?

Yes! We offer fence installation services in Charleston, WV. You can reach out to our friendly customer service team to schedule an appointment with your local handyman. We are your reliable fence company and have exceptional quality products for the intended fence you want for your residential home. At our company, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional quality products for all types of fences. Whether you are looking for a classic picket fence, a sturdy chain-link fence, or a modern vinyl fence, we have the perfect solution for your residential home.

Is a fence repair in Charleston, WV, more cost-effective than a fence replacement?

When our professionals arrive to assess the current state of your fence, they will tell you whether or not they think a fence replacement is more cost-effective than a fence repair in Charleston, WV. If your fence has minor damage such as a few broken slats or loose posts, a repair may be the most cost-effective solution. In this case, our professionals can replace the damaged parts and reinforce the structure to ensure its stability. This option is usually more affordable than replacing the entire fence and can extend the lifespan of your existing fence. Depending on the type of fence you currently have, our team will provide you with the best solution. 

What is the maximum fence height for a fence repair in Charleston, WV?

To make sure your current fence isn’t violating residential fence permits, our fencing company is able to measure your fence height. The maximum fence height for your residential property in Charleston is 4 feet in the front yard and 6.5 feet at the side or back of the property. 

Additionally, seeking professional assistance will help you navigate any potential challenges or concerns related to fence height restrictions, ultimately ensuring a successful fence repair in Charleston, WV.

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For property owners in Charleston, WV, a broken fence can be a major headache. Whether you have a leaning fence, missing boards, rusted gate latches, or wood rot, our reliable fencing contractor has the skills and tools required for your fence repair in Charleston, WV. If you are looking to spruce up the rest of your yard aside from fencing repairs, we offer additional outdoor construction services including deck construction or a gutter cleanup.

Get beautiful fences yet again from our highly-rated local pros. Our handyman in Charleston guarantees you superior customer service when you choose us for your Charleston fence repair. 

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