No one knows the woes of gutter buildup like Charleston residents. With those cold, snowy months and rainy springs, water runoff, buildup and debris can collect in your gutters. Gutters help protect your home from water damage, preserving its structural integrity, but when those gutters are clogged, leaking or in need of other repairs, your home suffers the consequences. Help protect your home from major leaks and cracks by hiring your local Charleston handyman for gutter repair in Charleston, WV. 

 A gutter in need of repair is not something that should be put off. When you have a broken gutter, it can lead to cracks in your home's foundation and walls and even cause your siding to rot with water invasion. But, no need to worry! The gutter experts at Mr. Handyman of Kanawha Valley possess the skills and knowledge to get those gutters repaired before structural damage ensues. We've been in the home improvement industry since 1996, so you can rest assured that when you choose us, you're choosing the best for gutter repair in Charleston, WV. 

About Our Gutter Repair in Charleston, WV Services

Until your gutters are damaged and need repair or replacement, it's easy to forget how essential they are in keeping your home safe from damage. When your broken gutters go unattended for too long, the moisture can lead to mold, expounding any allergies or illnesses the members of your family might have. From your walls, foundation and siding to your roof, the structural damage to your property that occurs when your gutters need replacement just can't be ignored. You need a qualified gutter pro to handle all your gutter repairs in Charleston, WV.  

Our team of gutter pros are practiced at repairing and replacing all types of gutters. Whether you're looking for gutter replacement in Charleston, WV for residential or commercial properties, Charleston's community of homeowners can rely on us to offer efficient, prompt service. You can rest easy knowing that we'll arrive at your scheduled appointment in uniform and on time, and with our leave-no-trace guarantee, we'll leave your home better than how we found it. 

Gutter Repair and Gutter Replacement in Charleston, WV

It can be difficult to determine when your gutters are damaged since they're attached to your home's facia, and therefore out of direct eye line. But, it's relatively easy to determine where any cracks or holes are as heavy rain or snow melt will be dripping from this area and not the downspout. 

Some common issues that we can fix with gutter repair in Charleston, WV are:

  • Sagging/Collapsed Gutters: Gutters will loosen over time, due to weather conditions and debris. Sometimes when they loosen, a dip can occur in your gutter lines. When this happens, water or runoff collects in this dip, preventing it from traveling down through the downspout. When too much water collects in one section of the gutter, it can cause the hardware to give out which can result in more sagging or collapse. That's when you need to call in a gutter expert for gutter repair in Charleston, WV. 
  • Gutter Slope Issues: When you have an improper gutter slope, it can cause standing water or water pools at low points in the gutter. One telltale sign of an improper gutter slope issue is if the water fails to drain but there are no leaks or visible signs of cracks or holes. If this is the case, you'll need a gutter replacement in Charleston, WV. 
  • Cracks, Holes, and Damage: It can be easy for your gutters to present cracks, holes or other damage over time. From weather damage like hail to debris buildup, small cracks are inevitable. Smaller cracks and holes can be fixed with epoxy, but when you spot larger cracks it's always best to bring in one of our trusted service providers for gutter repair in Charleston, WV. 
  • Gutter Clogs: One of the most common issues with gutter maintenance is clogged gutters. Sometimes it's hard to tell that your gutters are clogged since they're not at eye level, which is why it's so important to hire regular gutter cleaning services. From pine needles to trash, or other dirt and debris, a clogged gutter can cause gutters to overflow and lead to drainage issues that require gutter repair in Charleston, WV. 

Gutter Repair in Charleston, WV: Call Our Team for Expert Workmanship and Excellent Customer Service

We're a locally owned and operated business, serving the residents of Charleston since 1996. Because we've been a staple in the industry for so long, our experienced team knows exactly what the residents of Charleston and the surrounding communities of Alum Creek, Bancroft, Barboursville, and more need for gutter repair in Charleston, WV. With our transparent pricing and high-quality service, we'll get your gutters back in tip-top shape. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Gutter Repair in Charleston, WV

Can a Gutter with Cracks and Holes Be Fixed With Gutter Repair in Charleston, WV?

Smaller holes and cracks can be sealed with gutter sealant. Just line the seams up together and apply the sealant for seamless gutters. But, in the case of larger holes, cracks or damage, you may need to opt for gutter replacement in Charleston, WV. Some common signs that you need gutter replacement in Charleston, WV are:

  • Peeling paint
  • Mildew and mold
  • Water marks beneath gutters
  • Sagging gutters
  • Rust
  • Missing or fallen hardware

When you're facing issues with anything beyond hairline cracks, it might be time for a replacement. The above signs will show that your gutters aren't doing their job and you need seamless gutter installation. But whether you need replacement or gutter repair in Charleston, WV, our gutter service professionals are here for you. 

What is the Average Lifespan of a Gutter and When Should I Get Gutter Repair in Charleston, WV?

Gutters generally last about 20 years with downspouts lasting about 30 years. However, there are a wide range of factors that could cause your gutters' lifespan to shorten or lengthen. If they're prone to extreme weather conditions, for example, they'll likely need to be replaced sooner than the 20-year mark. On the other hand, if they're regularly maintained, de-clogged, and cleaned, they can last a bit longer than 20 years. 

Should I Consider Having Gutter Guards Installed to Prevent the Need for Gutter Repair in Charleston, WV?

Though gutter guards don't replace the need for regular gutter maintenance and upkeep, they can help with minimizing mold and mildew, help with pest infestation, and water leaks. Gutter guards even offer added protection against fire risks. Gutter guards block debris from getting into the gutters and drying, causing the need for gutter repair in Charleston, WV. 

What is the Best Gutter Material to Buy?

Though most people opt for aluminum gutters, there are a few different gutter types on the market. Some such types include:

  • Aluminum: Aluminum is the most common type of gutter, due to its rust and fade-resistance, as well as its longevity, lasting about 4 times longer than other materials. 
  • Plastic/PVC: Those who are looking for the most affordable option, will likely opt for PVC gutters. However, there are some downsides to choosing PVC over more durable options. PVC is a more brittle material and color can fade after the 3-year mark, lowering curb appeal. 
  • Steel: Steel gutters are used most often for commercial buildings. With steel's unmatched strength and durability, it's the best option for industrial structures. 
  • Cast-iron: This gutter type is an older material, most often found on historical homes. However, they have been phased out in most modern homes due to their vulnerability to rust and flaking paint. Their aesthetic appeal also goes down at about the 3-year mark. 

When You Need Gutter Repair in Charleston, WV, Trust Mr. Handyman!

Can you spot water marks below your gutters? Are your gutters leaking? As all property owners know, gutter issues aren't something you want to leave until the last minute. Whatever your gutter issues, our gutter professionals have got you covered for quality gutter repair in Charleston, WV! From cracks and holes to problems with sagging, our gutter pros will take care of it. Whether you live in Charleston or the surrounding communities, trust us for all your gutter repair in Charleston, WV and a variety of other services such as floor installation and repair, window and door services, exterior home repair, kitchen and bathroom remodelling, safety and mobility services, and more! We beat the cost of gutter installation services from other companies, making us Charleston's #1 choice for gutter repair and gutter replacement in Charleston, WV! 

Don't believe us? No problem! Just check out our 5-star customer reviews from other residents of Kanawha County and you'll see that you simply can't pass on our expert services. 

Contact us today to book an appointment with one of our expert gutter pros for gutter repair in Charleston, WV, because your home deserves the best! 

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