Going without windows in your home just isn't an option. They're right up there among the most defining features of a house, and no one wants to do without the natural light, fresh breezes and neighborhood views they offer, which is why we tend to think the more windows there are, the more comfortable the home. But windows are also essentially gaps in the exterior shell of a building, which means they can bring some major problems when they suffer sudden damage or are old and have slowly deteriorated over time. When that happens, it's time to call your local Charleston handyman for window replacement.

Charleston homeowners and those in neighboring areas can trust the experienced service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Kanawha Valley for effective window replacement services that can enhance your home's curb appeal, energy efficiency and comfort. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services, such as window replacement.

Our Effective Charleston Window Replacement Services

Windows are one of the components of your home that absolutely need to be in good condition, and not just for appearance reasons. When they're damaged or have suffered deterioration from issues like wood rot, they let in cold drafts that make your home less comfortable and cause you to pay a lot more than necessary on your monthly utility bills. If you've noticed some indications that your windows are in rough shape—or you know you need a replacement because you're looking at a smashed pane of glass—pick up the phone and give us a call so we can get started on window replacement in Charleston, WV.

Some of the many problems we can address with window replacement services are:

  • Broken glass panes
  • Condensation trapped between panes
  • Rotten or broken window frames and sashes
  • Leaking frames 
  • Frames that are letting in drafts or insects

Full-Frame Vs. Pocket Window Replacement

Many people think window replacement is actually just glass replacement for the panes, but that's usually not the case. When we come out to your property to assess your requirements for window replacement, Charleston professionals on our team will generally start by asking you if you want full-frame or pocket window replacement. Both are good choices under the right circumstances, but the methods and results do differ, and they come with their own sets of pros and cons, so it's important to be aware of the differences and make an informed decision about what's best for your household. 

As the name suggests, full-frame installations involve removing the entirety of the old window package, including the frame, sashes and panes, leaving just the rough opening behind. A new package is then inserted into the empty spot. Pocket window replacement, on the other hand, is when the old frame is left in place, and the sashes and panes are removed, then new sashes and panes are retrofitted into the old frame. 

Pocket window replacement, which is also sometimes referred to as retrofit replacement, is usually less costly than a full-frame replacement. On the downside, they can reduce the amount of visible glass by as much as two or three inches, and some people are not willing to make that sacrifice, especially for a window that was already on the small side, to begin with. The other underlying issue is that the existing frame needs to be in good condition with no warping, wood rot or other major signs of damage in order for a pocket replacement to work. If the frame is damaged or "out of square," meaning it's no longer level and even, a full-frame replacement is the only available solution for effective window replacement.

If you're not sure which option is best for your property, our experienced handyman professionals are happy to consult with you and offer our professional opinion on what will get you the best results in the long run.

Choose Us for Reliable Window Replacement, Charleston Homeowners

If you're searching for a reliable, qualified handyman to take care of your window replacement project in West Virginia, look no further than the experienced team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Kanawha Valley. Since we have years of combined experience with window replacement, Charleston homeowners can rely on us to get the work done correctly and on time, with long-lasting results. Our skilled team members are screened with employee background checks, so you can rest assured we'll treat you with professional courtesy at all times.

Of course, we don't limit ourselves to just window replacement. Charleston service professionals at Mr. Handyman are well-versed in a wide range of services, including kitchen and bathroom remodeling, door repair, deck and patio repair, drywall repair, gutter cleaning and much more. Contact us today to speak with our friendly customer service staff and find out more or to schedule an appointment for service.

FAQ: Window Replacement in Charleston, WV

Do I Need a Complete Window Replacement or Just Window Repair?

Homeowners sometimes assume that because there's no need to purchase a new package, repair will be less expensive than window replacement. Charleston home improvement professionals will tell you, however, that's often not the case. If the damage is extensive or difficult and time-consuming to repair, replacement could very well be the more cost-effective choice. But there are some problems that are better addressed with a simple window repair. Here are some situations where our team can likely get your window back in great shape with the right repair strategy:

  • Sash is difficult to open or won't open at all
  • Latch is misaligned or broken
  • Rips or holes in window screens are letting in insect pests
  • Caulk is peeling off or coming loose
  • Flaking paint on frame, sash or sill

What Are the Signs That Call for Window Replacement?

By this point, you may be wondering whether you can hold out for a few more seasons or need immediate window replacement. Charleston property owners shouldn't delay too much longer if they notice these signs of trouble that indicate they're due (or long past due) for window replacement:

  • Fogged Glass Panes: If you have double pane windows that look foggy or misty because there is condensation trapped between the panes, that unsightly problem is happening because your insulated glass unit (IGU) has a broken seal. A double pane window is two panes of glass with a small gap between them that are sealed around the edges. When the seal breaks, air and moisture get inside and cause a fogged effect. That's not just unattractive—it means your window is a lot less energy efficient because it's no longer properly insulated.
  • Broken Glass: When you have a cracked or broken pane of glass, it's no secret that you need window replacement in Charleston, WV. If your frame and sashes are still in great shape, it may be possible to replace just the glass and leave the rest of the window package in place.
  • Leaking Frames: Wooden window frames that are leaking water are usually caused by wood rot on the frame, sashes or both. This is a self-perpetuating problem, since the more it rots, the more water it lets in—and the more water it lets in, the more it rots. Signs of a leak include visible moisture on the pane or frame, rotting exterior or interior trim, and brown stains on the drywall around the frame.  
  • Single Pane Windows: Most newer homes have double pane windows installed during construction, but if you have an older house, you may still have some single pane windows. Single panes are far less efficient than more modern, insulated styles with two or more panes, and they’re much more likely to bring issues like cold drafts or frames that are suffering wood rot. Even if they're in decent shape, replacing them with more energy efficient options can save you money on your energy costs.

Why Are Window Frames Susceptible to Wood Rot?

The reason wooden frames can be particularly vulnerable to rotting comes down to the nature of wood rot, which is a form of wood decay that only affects timber with a moisture content of 20% or higher. Wooden frames are typically covered in paint and sealant to prevent moisture from seeping into the wood, but over time, those protective layers crack or wear away, and water starts to get into the wood around a window. When that happens, it's only a matter of time before it starts to soften and crumble apart from the effects of wood rot. 

There are some methods of wood rot repair that involve scraping away the rotted parts and filling the gaps with epoxy wood filler, but ultimately, there's no way to restore rotten wood to its former strong, intact condition. That's why the best solution for advanced wood rot in frames is usually a full-frame window replacement. Charleston professionals on our team can take a look at any patches you suspect might be vulnerable to rotting and stop the problem before it worsens to that point.

How Much Does It Cost for Window Replacement in Charleston?

While it is completely understandable that you want to know how much you can expect window replacement to cost so you're able to plan it into your budget accordingly, there are just too many variable factors in a window replacement project to give an accurate estimate of the cost. Once we have the opportunity to learn more about your specific needs for window replacement, Charleston handyman experts on our team will be able to offer you an accurate, upfront cost estimate for a solution that will fit the needs of your household and restore its appeal, comfort and energy efficiency.

That being said, some of the many factors that can impact the final cost of window replacement are:

  • Size and number of units being replaced
  • Full-frame or pocket installation
  • Ease of accessibility
  • Climate conditions
  • Single-hung or double-hung windows
  • Style of window
  • Cost per window unit

How Long Does Charleston Window Replacement Take?

That's another estimate that's difficult to give without having the necessary information about your particular window replacement. Charleston service professionals will generally take anywhere from a couple of hours to a day to replace a window, based on some of the factors listed above that impact cost. The process of replacing one window generally involves removing the old window package, preparing the rough opening, installing the new package, making sure it's properly sealed, and finishing up with any final adjustments that may be necessary. If the rough opening is in bad shape, additional repair steps may be necessary before the new window replacement package can be installed. 

What Time of Year Is Best For Window Replacement?

When planning a window replacement, Charleston homeowners should generally try to stick to the warmer months in late spring, summer and early fall. The main reason for that is there will be a big hole in the side of your house, and no one wants a chilly wind breezing through their house during the coldest months. However, if you do find it necessary to get Charleston window replacement services during the winter, it's completely possible to do so. Some people worry that window replacement can't be done in cold temperatures because the sealant won't cure properly, but there are sealant products that are able to cure in much colder weather than what we experience here in West Virginia, so it's entirely possible and you can rely on our team to use top-quality materials to get the job done right.

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