Entryways can take a lot of abuse. With grubby hands pulling at their handles, work boots kicking them open, a constant flow of traffic, and Chicago’s weather hammering them day in and day out, it’s no wonder they can end up looking worn and beaten, and in need of the occasional replacement. Luckily, your local Chicago handyman experts can expertly install any new doors for your home or business with expert door installation in Chicago.

The expert installation team at Mr. Handyman of Lincoln Park is trained in a wide range of Chicago door installation services, so if you need a new front entry, patio doors, or closet doors, we’ve got you covered with exceptional service, a focus on customer satisfaction and excellent workmanship.

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Professional Chicago Door Installation Services

Sometimes, your entryway needs more work than a repair service can fix. Or maybe you're renovating a space in your home and need a new door. Either way, our expert installers can help you choose a new product to match the needs and aesthetics of your home and install it with our professional services.

Our Process For Door Installation in Chicago

Like with all our handyman services, your installation service will begin with an inspection of the existing door’s framing and structure. Our expert team of experienced technicians will assess any potential issues or modifications needed to ensure a seamless and secure installation and personalized service.

Once the inspection is completed, we’ll measure your old unit, and help you pick out your new unit and order it. Depending on where it is going in your home, our experts will offer recommendations on what will work well in your space.

When your new door is ready, our service professionals will pick it up, deliver it to your property and begin installing it. Our installers will pry off your existing frame and remove the old unit, tear off the brick molding and remove the jamb and threshold. We'll then prepare the new unit for the opening and position the new unit accurately, ensuring the frame is square and securely fasten it in place, installing any necessary hardware for it to function. We will then carefully caulk and seal the new one to prevent any intrusive air drafts or water leaks, and finally, they will test it to ensure smooth operation before completing the installation process, cleaning up any debris and leaving your property in its original condition.

Interior Door Installation in Chicago

Interior doors provide privacy and divide spaces within a home, enhancing its functionality and contributing to the overall design by adding character and style.

Whether there’s a large hole in your interior door, or you’re renovating a space and want a new one to go with the new design, considering the style, material, and size of the door is crucial for achieving the desired look and functionality of the space. It's important to assess whether a solid wood, hollow core, or glass panel door will best suit the needs of your room. If privacy is a concern, a solid wooden door may be the best option, while a glass panel door can bring in more natural light and create a more open feel in the space. Additionally, considering the overall aesthetic of the room and the design of the hardware can also impact your final choice. Our experts can walk you through the different design options, and help you choose the best type for your specific needs.

Some of your choices for interior door installation in Chicago include:

  • Closet doors
  • Barn doors
  • Pocket doors
  • French doors
  • Glass doors
  • Solid wood doors
  • Pocket doors
  • Flush doors
  • Panel doors

There is a wide selection of different types of doors to choose from, each offering different benefits and aesthetics. When considering your selection of doors, it is important to consider the overall design and style of your home to ensure a cohesive look throughout.

Exterior Door Installation in Chicago

The function of an exterior door is to provide security and protection from the outside elements, while serving as an entryway into a building or a room, allowing for the safe passage of people and objects.

These products are designed to be sturdy and take a beating, as they’re often subjected to heavy use and rough handling. They must be strong enough to withstand constant exposure to the elements and enhance the security and privacy of your space. And of course, you'll want them to go with the architectural style of your home.

Although ideally, an exterior door would last as long as your home, extensive damage or renovations can lead to you needing a new entryway for your home. While it is important to consider the design of your home and space when choosing a new one, you must also consider its durability and security features. It is crucial to select a quality exterior one that not only complements the aesthetics of your home but also provides reliable protection against potential intruders and harsh weather conditions. Our professionals can walk you through your choices, helping you choose a quality product for your space.

We offer a vast selection of exterior door installations in Chicago, including:

  • Front doors
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Fiberglass doors
  • Vinyl doors
  • Screen doors
  • Storm doors
  • French doors
  • Sliding barn doors
  • Patio doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Sliding Glass doors

Can’t find your desired door listed here? Then contact our experts to learn how we can help you find the perfect door for your entryway.

Hire Top Rated Local Pros At Door Installation: Chicago, IL

If you’re looking for a new entryway, electrical work, or drywall repair, look no further than the experts at Mr. Handyman of Lincoln Park. Our handyman service is your one-call, convenient solution for all your service needs.

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FAQs For Door Installation: Chicago, IL and Area

What Are The Benefits Of A Professional Chicago Door Installation?

While it’s not the easiest process, a door installation in Chicago is a relatively quick and easy job for our trained professionals. Your local handyman will ensure your unit is installed correctly before they leave, so it not only looks good but provides other benefits such as:

  • Energy savings: A unit that’s not sealed correctly lets your heated and cooled air in and out of your home, making your air conditioner or heater work harder to make your space comfortable, leading to higher energy bills. Having it professionally installed can ensure there are no leaks around your entry points, helping you save money on energy costs.
  • Protection: A product that’s not installed properly can make it easier for others to break into your home. A proper door installation in Chicago will ensure you have a sturdy lock and there are no weaknesses for thieves to exploit.
  • No annoying noises: An improperly installed product can result in annoying creaks and squeaks every time it is opened or closed. Proper installation includes ensuring that the hinges are correctly aligned, and it is properly balanced within the frame.
  • Noise reduction: Properly sealing your unit is hard to do if you don’t know what you’re doing. A proper installation will ensure your unit is sufficiently sealed, helping keep out intrusive air drafts and outside noises.

What Type Of Door Is The Most Energy-Efficient?

A door can play a large role in helping to keep your utility bill down and your home at a comfortable temperature. However, not all products are equal in this regard.

While decorative glass options are pretty, they tend to have the worst energy efficiency of all other materials, as they allow heat to easily transfer through them. However, modern advancements in glass technology have led to the development of energy-efficient glazing systems that help reduce heat loss and improve insulation.

The most energy efficient types tend to be solid ones made from high-quality insulated materials such as fiberglass or steel, as they have excellent thermal performance. Solid wood doors are also an option, although they may not be as energy efficient as the previously mentioned varieties, due to their natural tendency to expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity. However, with proper sealing and insulation, solid wood doors can still contribute to a more energy-efficient home.

However, the material won’t matter if it wasn’t installed properly or maintained. There are also a wide variety of other factors that come into play when considering a door for your home, so be sure to speak to one of our professionals about your options.

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