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The windows of your home likely caught your eye and enticed you when you first laid eyes on it. They were one of the primary aspects that caught your attention, luring you in. Windows play a crucial role in every house, like aesthetic appeal, letting in natural light, and energy efficiency. However, they can pose significant challenges for homeowners when they become damaged and require window repair. Chicago handyman professionals at Mr. Handyman of Lincoln Park are here to help! We possess the necessary expertise to effectively address the issue of inefficient windows in your home. We have a highly skilled team ready to repair and optimize your windows, making them more energy-efficient and providing protection against drafts for your home.

Get in touch with us to experience top-notch window repair in Chicago. We are experts at repairing old windows and fixing broken seals that lead to drafts and excessive heat. After witnessing the impressive results and reliability of our work, many homeowners in the area frequently refer our repair services to their friends.

Our Experienced Chicago Window Repair

People tend to think of windows as fairly simple building components if they think of them at all. In warmer climates, windows can be fairly simple and straightforward. In the Windy City, however, windows must be designed with greater complexity in order to endure environmental factors such as harsh weather, leading to more intricate window repair. Chicago homes are commonly equipped with insulated windows. These windows are made up of two or more glass panes, with a narrow gap between them, securely sealed at the edges. No window damage is too big or too small for our skilled team to repair. We possess the expertise to address both crucial aspects and cosmetic issues with utmost precision and care. Our services for window repair in Chicago include:

  • Sashed Window Repair: If you're struggling to open and close your window, it's likely because there's an issue with the sash, the frame or both. The most common problem for wood windows is rotting and warping due to moisture infiltration. We can repair or replace the sash to get your window opening and closing smoothly again.
  • Exterior or Interior Window Trim Repair: Whether it's inside or outside, window trim has an important role to play and needs to be in excellent condition. We can restore broken, cracked, warped or missing trim to its former condition.
  • Broken Window Frames: Considerable frame damage such as cracks, gaps, and holes in the wood and materials that support your unit can result in water damage, mold growth, pest infestations, and other problems. We will address these issues by filling in any holes and restoring your frame to a seamless condition, ensuring that it functions correctly and effectively blocks out the elements.
  • Caulking: It's essential to use caulk to seal a window, but it's important to replace it every three to five years in order to ensure a strong seal. By regularly replacing the caulk around your windows, you can prevent any potential drafts or water leaks that may occur over time. Taking care of this maintenance task during window repair in Chicagowill help maintain the energy efficiency and structural integrity of your windows, providing you with a comfortable and secure living environment. Uncomfortable with drafty windows? Our professionals can fix them and make them energy-efficient windows again!
  • Window Screen Repair: Our specialty lies in skillfully repairing damaged screens, which not only restores the attractiveness of your home but also effectively safeguards it from any potential pest infestations.
  • Window Hardware Repair and Replacement: Broken hinges and latches make it difficult or impossible to open your window. We can replace damaged hardware, so you can get fresh breezes in your house again.

We specialize in repairing all window types, including storm windows, double-pane glass windows, patio door windows, antique windows, bay windows, and others. Our team of experienced professionals can assess the condition of your windows and provide high-quality repair services to ensure they function properly. Whether it's fixing broken hinges or addressing issues with double-pane glass windows, we are dedicated to restoring the functionality and visual appeal of your windows. 

Common Types of Windows We Fix With Window Repair in Chicago

Cracks are an obvious indicator of damage, but there are more subtle signs to watch for, such as difficulty in opening and closing the unit or noticing drafts. These subtle signs could signal underlying issues with the frame or seal that need to be addressed before significant damage occurs.

Certain problems can be resolved quite easily with the right strategy for window repair in Chicago. For example, a draft might reveal a gap that needs to be sealed with weather stripping or indicate the need for a replacement window seal. However, depending on the extent of damage, such as a decaying frame may necessitate professional replacement services.

Our committed team has many years of experience with a variety of window styles. Our team of experts is fully prepared to fix any cosmetic imperfections or extensive damages on either your three-year-old picture window or fifteen-year-old double-hung windows. Here are some of the types of windows we can fix with window repair in Chicago

  • Single-Hung and Double-Hung Windows: To keep these timeless styles working seamlessly, it's essential to provide meticulous repairs. Neglecting maintenance may lead to the sashes becoming challenging to operate, ultimately impacting the unit's functionality.
  • Single-Pane and Double-Pane Windows: Single-pane glass units provide limited insulation with just one glass layer and are commonly used in home interiors. In contrast, double-pane glass units have two layers separated by insulating gas, offering improved insulation compared to single-pane varieties. They are more energy-efficient and can effectively lower heating and cooling costs in your home.
  • Casement and Awning Windows: Our service professionals have the expertise in repairing the intricate mechanisms that ensure seamless operation. Moreover, we offer an extensive selection of replacement parts for casement and awning windows, ensuring their optimal functionality for many years ahead.
  • Sliding and Tilt-and-Turn Windows: We have a great deal of expertise in repairing sliding tracks, hardware issues, and intricate mechanisms associated with these designs. Furthermore, we are dedicated to perfecting the repair and adjustment of the tilt-and-turn functionality, guaranteeing smooth and efficient operation.
  • Picture Windows and Bay Windows: Their large glass frames and unique designs require a careful and steady hand, as well as specialized knowledge in order to ensure precision during repairs. Our service professionals possess the necessary skills to handle the delicacy of picture windows and bay windows, ensuring their beauty and functionality are preserved for years to come.
  • Specialty or Custom-Designed Windows: Restoring these original designs with unique solutions can be quite challenging due to their specific requirements. However, our team of experienced experts possesses the knowledge and expertise necessary to overcome these challenges and provide precise, tailored solutions.
  • Skylights: Having damaged skylights not only diminishes your view, but it also poses a serious risk of excessive moisture buildup and damage and jeopardizes the structural stability of your home. Our team of experts will thoroughly inspect and identify any issues you may be facing with your skylight, ensuring that it remains properly sealed, safe, and secure for many years to come.

If you don't see your particular windows listed above, feel free to contact our professional repair team to see how we can assist you. We pride ourselves on our ability to tackle unique and custom window designs with skill and precision, ensuring the preservation of their original beauty and functionality. 

Choose Mr. Handyman for Reliable Window Repair, Chicago!

When you notice indications that you need window repair in Chicago, Mr. Handyman of Lincoln Park's skilled team is prepared and eager to offer their assistance. As local business owners, we strive to deliver high-quality work to our clients because they are our friends and neighbors. Alongside our exceptional window repair in Chicago, we proudly provide an array of other top-notch repair, maintenance, and improvement solutions in Chicago. Our offerings encompass an extensive range of tasks, such as skillfully installing and replacing doors, proficiently mending drywall, creatively remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, efficiently cleaning gutters, and so much more.

Get in touch with us now to discover more about our exceptional handyman services or to book an appointment with our accommodating customer service team. While you're there, check out the customer testimonials! If those can't convince you further, we don't know what will!

Frequently Asked Questions About Window Repair in Chicago

Do you have questions about window repair? Chicago, we have the answers! Give us a call today or check out our responses to common questions below.

Do I Need Chicago Window Repair Services?

Wondering about the signs that you need window repair in Chicago? You should be aware of these indications that something's not right:

  • Frame is leaking moisture
  • Air drafts coming from window
  • Rotting wood on sashes, sills and frames
  • Deteriorated windows that are difficult to open and close
  • Paint or wood stain is peeling or flaking off
  • Lots of noise coming in from outdoors
  • Insect pests are getting in through torn screens or damaged frames

With our Chicago window repair experts on the job, you get the peace of mind knowing that we’ll restore your windows to excellent condition, and you won't have to worry about comfort or energy efficiency problems.

Is Window Repair in Chicago the Best Option, or Should the Window Be Replaced?

There are a wide range of issues that can be handled with window repair in Chicago, and in many cases, our repair professionals can get your windows back in great shape. However, there are some situations like advanced deterioration where it's better to consider the options available for window replacement. There are two primary options to consider when selecting windows: full-frame or pocket replacement windows. Pocket replacements are generally less expensive, but they reduce the visible glass by as much as two or three inches. It's hard to estimate whether you need a repair or replacement solution if you don't know the exact issue or type of damage. If you're not sure what's best for your property, give us a call—your local Chicago handyman can consult with you and offer their professional recommendation.

Why Do I Have Fogged Windows? 

If you notice condensation on the inside or outside of a window, it typically means that the humidity levels are high, which is not a cause for concern. On the other hand, condensation forming between the panes of an insulated glass can occur when the seal between the panes fails, leading to moisture leakage. This can result in fogging between the glass panes and a reduction in the insulating properties of the window. In such cases, it's advisable to consider a replacement solution, as window repair in Chicago may not be sufficient to address the failed seal and restore the window's efficiency. 

When Is the Best Time to Install Replacement Windows? 

Apart from extreme weather conditions, replacement windows can be installed throughout the year. The installation usually takes just one day for an average whole-home window replacement. By installing high-performing, energy-efficient windows, you can achieve year-round savings on your energy bills, making the timing of your window replacement irrelevant. 

Is It Time for Window Repair? Chicago Can Count On the Pros at Mr. Handyman of Lincoln Park

If you're searching high and low for the best professional service to deliver window repair, Chicago's very own Mr. Handyman of Lincoln Park is here to help! Our experienced team has the skill to take care of window repair and a wide variety of other reliable repair, improvement and maintenance services for your residential or commercial property. Windows increase the curb appeal of your home, so when you notice damage, do not hesitate to reach out to Mr. Handyman for Chicago window repair.

Whether you’re in Chicago, Berwyn, Forest Park, Riverside, or nearby areas, get in touch with our exceptional customer service team today to schedule a convenient appointment time or to find out more about the handyman services we offer.

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