From ambient to task lighting, our light fixtures are a big part of the function of our buildings, but they can also do a lot to enhance appeal and comfort in both our homes and workplaces. There's no doubt that lighting is an important feature of every Chicago home—after all, the sun goes down well before 5 pm in the winter and that's far too early to call it a night and head to bed. Whether you need to get an existing light working properly again or you've decided on a replacement or brand-new light fixture installation, Chicago service professionals at Mr. Handyman are here to help!  

If it's time for light fixture installation or repair, turn to the trustworthy team of Chicago handyman experts at Mr. Handyman of Lincoln Park. Our licensed electricians have the experience and skill to handle any and all types of lighting installation and light fixture repair Chicago homeowners may need, efficiently and effectively with long-lasting results.

Our Reliable Chicago Light Fixture Repair and Installation Services

We tend to take the components of our electrical systems for granted, right up until the moment when they don't work properly or are inadequate to meet the needs of our household. Going without adequate lighting in a residential or commercial property is certainly not an option, but when it's necessary to get help with repair or light fixture installation, Chicago residents aren't always sure where to turn for qualified electrical services. The answer is simple: just pick up the phone and call the experienced professionals at Mr. Handyman of Lincoln Park.

With our dependable services for lighting installation and light fixture repair, Chicago property owners can make their homes more livable and comfortable, increase appeal and even potentially save some money on energy costs. We'll arrive on time for your appointment, with all the equipment and materials necessary to get the job taken care of, and we'll get down to work repairing or installing your chosen light fixtures, along with other components such as light switches. When we're done, you can count on us to tidy up after ourselves before we leave so all that's left for you to do is to sit back and let there be light!

Light Fixture Repair in Chicago

Most people have had the experience of light bulbs burning out one after another and promising yourself you'll get around to changing them, until one day you realize it's far too dark in the house and you can barely see what you're doing. Problems with light fixtures can creep up on you slowly, and as you adjust to them, you sometimes don't realize how bad it's gotten until it's actually hindering your ability to go about your daily routines. Light fixtures don't generally need a lot of care and maintenance, but they also can't last forever without occasionally needing professional light fixture repair. Chicago residents can count on their local handyman experts to restore their lighting to full function.

Signs you need light fixture repair in Chicago include:

  • Lights are flickering or dimming
  • Light fixture won't turn on even though the bulb isn't burnt out
  • Buzzing or humming noises from lighting fixture
  • Mild electrical shocks when light is turned on
  • Rust or other signs of corrosion
  • Scorch marks or melting plastic on fixtures or switches
  • Visible sparks from fixtures or switches

Light Fixture Installation in Chicago

There are multiple reasons why it may be necessary to call a professional for light fixture installation. Chicago homes sometimes end up with lighting components that are seriously damaged or just aren't operating efficiently anymore and need to be replaced, or homeowners may wish to upgrade to a new fixture that is a better match for their personal interior design aesthetic. There are also times when property owners realize they'd really like lighting added to a part of the house where the current light fixtures aren't doing the trick to provide adequate light to a room. Regardless of the reason you're thinking about light fixture installation, Chicago electricians at Mr. Handyman of Lincoln Park can make it happen.

From accent lighting and recessed lighting to outdoor lighting and even a chandelier, our team has the experience to get your light fixture installation in Chicago taken care of safely, correctly, and with long-lasting, attractive results.

Call Mr. Handyman for Experienced Lighting Installation, Chicago Homeowners

When a home or commercial property is in need of light fixture repair or light fixture installation, Chicago property owners can rely on the skilled electricians at Mr. Handyman of Lincoln Park to handle the job correctly and let the lights shine bright. We are proud to provide top-quality workmanship combined with superior customer service that goes above and beyond.

Of course, we do more than just repair and lighting installation. Chicago homeowners can call us for a wide range of handyman services that go beyond electrical installation and repair, including drywall installation, siding repair, door replacement, carpentry services, grout repair and much more. 

Get in touch with us today to find out more about what we can do to improve the comfort, livability and appeal of your home or commercial building, or to schedule a service appointment with your local Chicago handyman.

FAQ: Light Fixture Repair and Light Fixture Installation in Chicago

Can a Handyman Provide Electrical Services?

Absolutely—as long as they also happen to be licensed electricians like the professionals on our team at Mr. Handyman of Lincoln Park. Our electricians have plenty of light installation experience, as well as years or even decades of experience with light fixture repair and other electrical tasks such as ceiling fan installation, light switch replacement, exhaust fan installation and much more. 

So what's the advantage of calling Mr. Handyman instead of an electrician company? Along with electrical services such as safe, reliable light fixture installation, Chicago homeowners can depend on us for a wide range of other qualified handyman services. In fact, we can save you money, time and stress by taking care of more than one smaller task in a single service appointment. There's no need to call multiple contractors to handle this and that when you can get all the help you need from an experienced professional by calling the team at Mr. Handyman.

Does the Circuit Breaker Have to Be Switched Off for Light Fixture Repair?

It's critically important that the circuit breaker be turned off before attempting light fixture repair. Chicago homeowners sometimes assume that as long as the light switch is off, it's safe to proceed. This is not at all true. Even if a light is off, it still has a live electrical current going to it and that can cause serious injury or even a fire if it's tampered with. Don't even remove a light switch plate or expose the wiring of a light fixture without first turning off the circuit breaker and then double-checking to ensure you've got the correct breaker flipped into the off position.

Can a Light Fixture Be Installed on a Sloped Ceiling?

Yes it can, although when you're dealing with a sloped ceiling, it's necessary to choose the correct type of light fixture installation. Chicago homeowners can either opt for recessed lights that are specifically designed for sloped surfaces so they shine downward instead of at an angle, or a pendant light combined with a sloped ceiling adapter that extends the light fixture far enough that it doesn't bump against the lower part of the slope. If you're not sure what to get, we're happy to consult with you and offer you the benefit of our professional experience.

Can a Dimmer Switch Be Used With My New Light Fixture Installation in Chicago?

That is entirely possible, but keep in mind that if dimmable bulbs and a dimming switch aren't included with your new light fixture installation in Chicago, it is necessary to ensure that you're purchasing bulbs and a switch that are compatible with each other. If you don't know how to go about that, we can provide assistance to make sure you get the right options and everything works perfectly after installation.

How Long Does Lighting Installation Take?

That really depends on factors such as the type of installation, how many components are involved, and the ease of access—if you need a lighting installation on a two-story-high ceiling with multiple switches, for example, it's understandably going to take longer than a more simple installation project would. Regardless, you can count on our team to work efficiently and effectively without cutting corners to get the job done safely and correctly.

Do You Need Repairs or Light Fixture Installation? Chicago, Rely On the Pros at Mr. Handyman!

If your household could use a new lighting installation or light fixture repair in Chicago areas such as Oak Park, River Forest or Cicero, call the team of licensed service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Lincoln Park. We look forward to the opportunity to show you why we're Chicago's first choice for dependable handyman services.

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