In Littleton, decks are a place of refuge. They’re a personal spot where locals can relax at home and enjoy the sunshine filtering through the pine trees. If you’re already picturing lounging with your feet up in the fresh air, imagine what that would look like on a deck covered in rot and mold. Worse yet, imagine your deck being so damaged it wasn’t safe to sit on. Don’t fret just yet, there’s a silver lining to this story, and it comes in the form of deck repair. Littleton, CO property owners don’t need to look further than their Littleton handyman to get their favorite sunny spots back into great shape.

Whether your deck is currently covered in dirt and debris from the rainy season or your handrail is hanging by a thread, you can count on Mr. Handyman of Littleton, Columbine and Morrison for expert deck repair. Littleton CO residents will love the wide variety of services we offer and the quality of workmanship we deliver for every job. From power washing to full-blown deck reconstruction, we aim to get you back out in the sun in no time at all. Call today to speak with our customer care team and book an appointment.

About Our Littleton Deck Repair Services

We handle jobs both big and small when it comes to deck repair. Littleton CO homeowners can call our deck contractors to tackle broken stairs and tightening screws or replacing nails in their current decks. Plus, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask us about our power washing services either in the spring time! 

To give you an idea of the full range of repair services we offer, we’ll break down what you can expect with each.

Chips, Cracks & Dents

When one or more of your outdoor deck planks has a chip, crack or dent, repairing or replacing it can help prevent larger issues from occurring. It will also improve the aesthetic side of things, giving you a pristine looking outdoor living space you can feel proud of. In terms of what we do during deck repair, Littleton CO residents can expect us to use putty to fill cracks without the need to replace the entire plank. Each case will vary, but oftentimes, we’ll install a brand new plank in place of where the damaged one used to be.

Wood Rot Repair

Wood rot is a troubling issue for anyone with a wooden deck. It’s caused by a fungus and can totally take over your deck if not dealt with quickly. If your deck has rotting wood, we’ll either need to replace the plank completely or will remove the small piece that is rotten. Doing this will help prevent the spread of rot and protect the rest of your dock from being infected.

Power Washing

If you have mold on your deck, it has likely spread over more than one area. The troubling thing about mold is how fast it grows. With Littleton’s hot summers, add in the odd sun shower, and you have yourself the perfect recipe for its growth. If left untreated, it will eventually take over your entire deck and may even make its way inside your home. The easiest way to stop this from happening is to hire a professional company to clean your deck. If the mold is too excessive and has infiltrated the wood, you may need to replace your entire deck. If you do not have a wooden deck, we can use power washing to clean it. Power washing can also be used to clean your deck thoroughly, removing dirt, debris, moss, and peeling paint to help it look as good as new.

Deck Staining, Painting & Finishing

When asking for this type of deck repair, Littleton CO residents may be interested in elevating the look of their outdoor area. Sometimes, they might want to add this service after our power washing services. Staining and painting your deck can help protect it from the elements and can spruce up the appearance of your deck. It can also increase property value.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman For Deck Repair, Littleton CO?

When dealing with your deck, the part of the outdoor entertaining area you love so much, you want to be sure it’s in good hands. When you choose Mr. Handyman of Littleton, Columbine and Morrison, you know that it will be. Our licensed and fully insured repairmen are highly skilled and deliver high-quality workmanship to every job. Whether we’re power washing your deck or replacing a handrail, our professional service will remove all deck damage and restore its original beauty. Using top of the line materials and attention to detail, we’ll finish the job quickly so that you can get back to enjoying your beautiful deck. Why else should you choose us for your deck repair, Littleton CO?

  • Wide range of services: We don’t just stop at deck repair. Littleton, CO service professionals offer a comprehensive selection of interior and exterior remodeling services. From gutter cleaning to window repair, you can count on us to whip your home into tip-top shape.
  • Professional Crew: With an average of ten years of experience, our technicians are the best in the biz. You can rely on them for excellent service and regular maintenance tips.
  • Guarantee On Our Work: We offer a Done Right Promise on all of our work. Guaranteeing we’ll do the job correctly if you’re not totally satisfied with your service, we won’t rest until we make it right.

The difference when choosing us over the average deck builder is like night and day. Call our professional team to learn more about the many services we offer or to book yours for deck repair, Littleton CO!

FAQs About Deck Repair Littleton CO Should Be Aware Of

What Causes The Need For Deck Repair?

Littleton, CO residents get a lot of use out of their decks. This means they see more wear and tear than others do. Littleton has a temperate climate, but it can get quite wet in the spring and hot in the summer. That means that no matter what their current deck material is, residents’ decks are susceptible to both water and sun damage, and thus wood rot and mold. The most common issues locals experience include:

  • Chips or cracks in the wood
  • Structural issues
  • Wobbly handrails
  • Dry rot
  • Peeling paint
  • Mold

When calling us for deck repair, Littleton CO residents can expect their decks to be thoroughly inspected for all types of damage. You may be dealing with a structural issue, but wood rot might also be hiding in places you least expect it. We’ll be sure to address all the issues your deck is facing before giving you the go-ahead to enjoy it once again.

Should I Replace or Repair My Deck?

It depends on what condition your deck is in. If it is facing numerous issues, it’s likely that we’ll need to replace the entire thing as conditions such as structural imbalances and extensive wood rot or mold call for complete replacements of materials. Smaller problems, such as peeling paint or an isolated section of wood rot, call for repair. Not sure which one you need? Call us and set up an appointment. We’ll inspect your deck thoroughly before we get to work and inform you of what needs to be done. When you give us the all-clear, we’ll either repair your recommend a new deck installation after your old deck removal.

Can I Repair My Deck Myself?

It depends on the issue you’re dealing with. Some smaller repairs can be tackled with DIY efforts, but if yours has structural issues, feels wobbly, has excessive wood rot, or has an overgrowth of mold, you should call a professional, as the construction process of building a new deck isn't always easy. Jobs such as fixing isolated wood rot, replacing protruding nails, or re-staining can be done by homeowners; however, they need to have all the right tools and knowledge for the job. If you’re not sure how to take on a DIY fix or are concerned you might do a bad deck repair, you shouldn’t attempt it. From injuries to putting the safety of your family at risk, some jobs are better left to experienced handymen.

Is Deck Repair in Littleton CO Expensive?

When you think about how many different services there are that fall under the category of deck repair, you’ll know that the best way forward is to call our friendly customer service team and set up an appointment. There is typically no average cost for this type of service because with each repair comes a long list of variables such as time, complexity, and additional services that need to be completed.

Ensure a Safe Outdoor Space. Hire Mr. Handyman For Deck Repair, Littleton CO!

Who wants a deck they can’t enjoy? When in need of deck repair, Littleton CO residents can rest easy knowing the job is in good hands when they call us. We aim to bring you peace of mind no matter which home improvement service you hire us for, and with our expert eyes and extensive experience, we’ll help you feel confident that your deck is in excellent condition and ready to use.

Whether you call us for pressure washing, refinishing, or larger repairs, you can count on us for efficient fixes that last. Say goodbye to your dirty, damaged deck and hello to your dream deck with major curb appeal. Mr. Handyman is proud to serve Littleton, Columbine, Morrison, and the surrounding areas of Castle Rock, Lone Tree, and Highlands Ranch with the expert service they’ve been looking for. Call today to get started.