Five Tips to Make Your Memphis Home Feel More Spacious

A small white dog sits on the couch in a compact studio apartment that is filled with clutter.

Make the Most of Your Space with These Five DIY Tips

Having a small house or apartment in the Memphis area can be great in terms of affordability and convenience. But when it becomes cluttered, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the lack of space. Even bigger homes can struggle with clutter and overcrowding. Fortunately, there are some easy DIY home improvement tips that can help you make the most out of your home and create an open, spacious atmosphere.

The experts from Mr. Handyman of Memphis have the knowledge and experience necessary to help guide you through the process of improving your home. From choosing the right colors of paint to strategically organizing your furniture, these five tips will help you maximize your square footage without breaking the bank.

1. Choose Colors Wisely

Using lighter, cooler tones in your home can make it feel bigger and more open. Whether you're painting the walls or choosing furniture, selecting colors that are neutral and lighter in nature will help to create an airy atmosphere that makes your small space seem larger. Cooler tones tend to reflect light better than warm colors, making them perfect for creating an illusion of spaciousness.

You can also use pops of brighter colors as accents to give your space some visual interest while still maintaining its airy feeling. With careful selection, you can create a cozy yet roomy look in any house or apartment.

2. Hang Curtains and Drapes High

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make a house feel more spacious is by hanging curtains close to the ceiling. This simple trick helps create an illusion of height, making your room look larger than it actually is. By raising the curtains 4-6 inches from the top of your window frame, you can instantly add depth and dimension to any space.

Not only does this technique make your home appear bigger, but it also allows for more natural light to enter, which is ideal for brightening up smaller rooms. Taking advantage of natural light is key for adding spaciousness to your house or apartment in Memphis.

3. Get Creative with Storage

Finding storage solutions for any home can be challenging, but with a bit of ingenuity and the right materials, you can maximize your limited space. There are endless possibilities, so this is where you can really get creative with how you use your space.

Storage ideas for small homes might include:

  • Using bins and other tools for organization
  • Taking advantage of wall space by using hooks or floating shelves
  • Utilizing space underneath beds and other furniture
  • Investing in storage solutions that double as decorative pieces

Finding unique ways to store your belongings will depend on the items you own and the layout of your house or apartment. Take advantage of nooks and crannies in your home for storage, keeping in mind that you need to be efficient with your space.

4. Add Mirrors

Another simple way to make any space feel bigger is by adding mirrors. Mirrors have the ability to create an illusion of depth, making any room appear larger than it actually is. They also help reflect natural light around your home, brightening up even the smallest spaces. By strategically placing mirrors throughout your house, you can instantly open up cramped rooms and give them a more spacious feel.

You can hang mirrors on walls or the back of doors or add a standing mirror in the corner of a room to really open things up.

5. Use Large Statement Pieces

Using statement pieces to make your room feel more spacious is a great way to give any small home a feeling of openness and airiness. Whether it's an eye-catching piece of furniture, wall art, or even just one large object, adding larger items with bold designs can help create the illusion of space without requiring additional square footage. Taking advantage of bigger, more simplistic items will make the space feel less cluttered than if you fill it with small items.

For example, utilizing one large light fixture will make the space appear less cramped than if you use several lamps to illuminate it. This principle can be applied to furniture, decorations, and more. With large furniture pieces, pushing them back against the wall can also help enlarge the space.

Our Memphis Professional Handyman Services Can Help with Your Next DIY Project

Taking on a DIY home improvement project can be rewarding, and seeing the results of your improved small home or apartment in Memphis will truly be rewarding. But sometimes, your busy schedule may not allow you to tackle every part of a project, or you may feel like you need professional assistance to get the job done correctly.

That’s when you should call Mr. Handyman of Memphis! Our professional handyman services can provide the help you need to tackle your next home improvement project, whether you’re painting your bathroom or installing a new ceiling fan.

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