As a popular suburb of St. Louis, Shiloh is ranked as one of the best places to live in St. Clair County. The sparse suburban feel provides residents with a strong sense of community as well as close access to nearby communities, parks, and amenities. Many young professionals and families proudly own their homes in Shiloh, which doesn’t come without high responsibilities. While you’re enjoying the slow pace lifestyle, some important seasonal maintenance tasks might be slipping through your fingers. Don’t worry though, because your local Shiloh handyman is here to help!

Many maintenance tasks come up during the times when seasons change, such as for spring cleaning, during which you will likely start from the inside by scrubbing walls, degreasing your vent hood and decluttering your basement and garage. When done, there is only a little time to take a breather because your outdoor living space requires just as much attention. While they are designed to withstand external forces such as wind and rain, your deck, fence, front door and other exterior surfaces will still suffer seasonally from weather damage. In fact, these are only some of the areas of your home that require routine maintenance. Luckily, your local Shiloh handyman at Mr. Handyman of Metro East has the ultimate checklist to help keep your home in perfect condition. From the inside out, we will improve the condition of all your home’s overlooked areas.

When you hire our team for Shiloh handyman services, you will get greater peace of mind knowing that all our uniformed service professionals have passed their background checks and drug screens. You can count on our craftsmen to get the job done right, with decades of experience conducting home maintenance and repair services, from minor repairs to larger projects like home remodeling. Our licensed team of experts provides only honest and efficient handyman work, backed by thorough inspections and repairs, and replacement services with long-term results.

A drill and screws lying on a wood board with a set of tools in the background ready to be used by a handyman in Shiloh, IL.

Shiloh Handyman for Property Maintenance

When you own a home, it’s recommended that you put away at least one-percent of its overall cost for maintenance every year—sometimes also referred to as a sunk cost. Even if you have decent home coverage for severe emergencies related to emergency repairs or foundation problems, those so-called minor issues like clogged gutters, wood rot, and other outdoor and indoor repairs will have you paying out-of-pocket. Retrospective costs help keep your home in shape and protect it from costly repairs down the road.

To ensure that maintenance is taken care of, we believe that each property needs a trusted handyman. Shiloh, IL homeowners can get away with lots of DIY repairs but when it comes to a detailed inspection, you might be missing the technical know-how to diagnose a subtle problem. For example, we have seen property owners staining rotting wood or caulking edges that were moldy. Without professional Shiloh handyman services, certain common tasks could have adverse outcomes.

Many warning signs of wear and tear aren’t always obvious, especially when you walk past them on a daily basis. It could be nail holes in drywall and baseboards, discolored wood boards or algae growing on your siding and deck. Leaving these issues untreated could lead to serious future repairs.


If there is one thing you look forward to in the summer, it’ll be your deck. No one can take that private outdoor space from you—except for bad weather or a lack of maintenance. Unfortunately, this duty will fall on you; you are responsible for your deck’s safety.

While some Shiloh property owners are particular about their deck material, the majority opt for pressure-treated wood, which is easy to obtain from the hardware store. These wooden boards come pre-stained and are ready for installation. However, they don’t come maintenance-free and require periodic sanding and staining.

Occasionally, you may want to check for moisture damage or signs of rotted wood by asking your local handyman. Shiloh, IL gets about 42 inches of rain per year, which is more than average. This makes wooden materials susceptible to wood rot when unprotected from moisture and water damage. Needing deck and patio repairs is only common when you neglect the required maintenance.

Deck Repair Services Available from Your Local Shiloh Handyman:

A raised deck before and after it has been refinished and repainted red by Mr. Handyman

What Other Deck Materials Are There?

There are alternatives to the popular pressure-treated wood. One is cedar decking, which is ideal for nature lovers who insist on using real wood. Although cedar has some insect-repelling qualities and doesn’t require staining, your Shiloh handyman still recommends sealing it to help maintain the wood’s color and shine.

The other alternative is composite decking, which is made durable due to its blend of wood fibers and polymers. For those who dread annual maintenance, composite has become very popular throughout Shiloh because it’s weather-resistant and requires only a minimum amount of maintenance. While it does come with a higher price tag, its shelf life is over 25 years.


It doesn’t matter what type of climate you live in, you need a heavy-duty door that not only restores your privacy and backs up your home’s insulation but fends off external elements effectively. Whether you have a steel or solid hardwood door, there is required maintenance you must complete, such as painting wood and applying a protective coating on metal. While material deterioration is common, many homeowners in Shiloh aren’t aware that taking care of their interior and exterior trim, such as their door frames, is crucial in preventing air leaks from compromising their HVAC and causing damage.

Whether you suspect you need repairs because of splintering wood or flaky paint, rather than fixing it yourself, it’s worth getting a second opinion from your local handyman. Shiloh, IL property owners can depend on us to provide the services they need for door repairs—and replacement.

Due to Shiloh’s cold, snowy winters, homeowners have noticed moisture damage and wood rot on their wooden doors and rust on their metal doors. Rather than relying on annual repairs, they ask for cost-effective alternatives. That’s where door replacement often comes into play.

What’s The Best Alternative to Wood and Metal Doors?

Fiberglass doors are an excellent alternative that any Shiloh handyman can help you install. They are low-maintenance and suitable for every season and every climate. The main material used to make them is compression molded fiberglass, although their specific construction and design can vary slightly across each their skin, frame and core.

Cores typically have rigid insulation made of polyurethane material and glass-reinforced polymer. Frames are typically made of either composite material or wood. The outer skin is normally made of a layer of artificial grains that provide a natural appearance as well as improved durability.


Did you accidentally puncture a hole in your drywall while moving stuff around? Drywall repair and replacement in residential and commercial environments is very common no matter the reason. Over the years, it has become an innovative and cost-effective way of installing walls and ceilings. It’s lightweight, less labor-intensive and highly durable.

Some types, like green boards and cement boards, have water-resistant qualities and are typically installed behind bathroom tiles as backer boards. However, they are not waterproof. In the event of a water line break, those boards will still suffer water damage and require replacement.

Your expert Shiloh handyman brings many years of experience in patching holes in drywall and replacing drywall panels. If you want to leave the messy job of cutting, mudding, sanding and measuring to somebody else, you can rely on your local handyman. Shiloh, IL property owners can sit back and plan their next essential projects while we get the job done, one at a time.


From installation services to basic home repairs, there’s not much we can’t do. Our popular services include:

  • Fence repair
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Ceiling repair
  • Wood rot repair
  • Installation of ceiling fans
  • Floor installation
  • Caulking jobs
  • Tile installation
  • Painting services
  • Attic insulation
  • Attic ladder replacement

Need a Shiloh Handyman for Commercial Spaces?

After learning about our wide range of home services, you won’t be surprised about our expert Shiloh handyman services for commercial properties. Whether you own a corporate property, office space or an antique shop, there are public guidelines that your business needs to follow in order to provide safety and comfort for employees, visitors, and customers. Our team will ensure your property is functional and safe.

Minor home repairs may sound like a walk in the park, whereas preventative maintenance services in a commercial building require serious upkeep. If you have a building manager who has got their plate full, our customer service team is happy to assist you with repairs and maintenance for your place of business. As your local Shiloh handyman, we can help improve your business profile by enhancing your co-workers’ working environment as well as your customers’ experience.

In a commercial space, you will always experience early signs of wear and tear due to high traffic on floors and frequent opening and closing of doors. We pay close attention to aging materials before their decreased efficiency impacts your business. Put your trust in our highly skilled service providers to protect your business with commercial handyman services. Our preventative maintenance services are designed to help you avoid expensive repairs, as our goal is to help you minimize business disruptions.


Any home improvement project requires an adequate amount of time for planning, budgeting and material sourcing. It requires the homeowner to do their homework and research, creating Excel sheets and calling reliable contractors that can do the job. This is an excellent opportunity to get in touch with an experienced handyman who will help you create the best cost-saving strategy.


Trust your professional Shiloh handyman to provide the excellent service you need for your bathroom remodeling project. We’ll help you upgrade your tile system with something more personalized, whether it’s for your shower wall, bathtub or floors. Plus, we can replace fixtures, install new cabinets, and complete all the other important parts of your project. Learn more about planning a bathroom remodel to find out about all the little details that you can change and add!

A residential shower before and after it has been renovated with new tiles and fixtures installed by Mr. Handyman.


During a kitchen remodeling project, there are various do’s and don’ts that you should follow before jumping straight in. Depending on your type of project, it’s crucial to gather estimates for the cost of materials and inform yourself about their sources, especially when ordering cabinets. Feel free to check with your local Shiloh handyman about custom carpentry services. Otherwise, what we specialize in for kitchen remodels includes:

  • Backsplash installation
  • Ventilation
  • Drywall upgrades
  • Flooring upgrades
  • Cabinet installation
  • Lighting upgrades


Whether you have an unfinished or half-finished basement, there is always something that requires work. The main areas of focus include walls, ceilings and floors. Due to Shiloh’s high moisture levels, many homeowners have dehumidifiers in their basements to keep their lower levels as dry as possible. Having moisture-resistant materials is key in keeping a healthy basement if it’s part of your daily living space.

If your basement has high potential but you’re not sure where to start, get some ideas from your local handyman. Shiloh, IL property owners that undergo a basement remodel could gain an ROI of up to 75 percent, which means you could increase your home value if you ever decide to sell it in the future.

Falling Behind With Seasonal Maintenance? Trust Your Local Shiloh Handyman To Get The Job Done!

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